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Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Z A Nizami’s services eulogized

By Abdul Qadir Qureshi
(Pakistan News & Features Services)

The outstanding and unmatched services rendered by Engr ZA Nizami, particularly in the establishment of first-ever engineering university in the private sector named after the great reformer and educationist Sir Syed Ahmed Khan and development of Karachi as a real metropolis, would not be forgotten for all the times to come. 

"The book titled ‘The Journey Through Islamic Structure’ compiled by the late Engr Nizami is an asset not only for the present but also the coming generations, specially benefiting the engineering students for a long period."

This was stated by the Chancellor of the Sir Syed University of Engineering and Technology (SSUET), Jawaid Anwar, on the occasion of launching of the book at a grand ceremony held at KDA Officer's Club. 

The Chancellor said that Engr Nizami, who was the first Chancellor of SSUET, pursued the missionary vision of Sir Syed Ahmed Khan and laid the base of the traditions and values of the SSUET and its present administration was striving to improve the educational standard on the same principals. 

He pointed out that the Aligarh Muslim University served as a laboratory which produced great people, history-making persons, technocrats and scholars. 

Speaking on the occasion, former Federal Minister Haji Hanif Tayyab, recalled the services of the late Nizami and said that he was the one who started Karachi's development with the launch of on 36 projects while he was Director General of Karachi Development Authority (KDA). These projects, besides development of the city, led to creation of job opportunities for score of educated youth and also provided opportunities to poor and talented students for higher education. 

Engr Anwer Ali, Convenor, Aligarh Institute of Technology (AIT), described late Engr Nizami a person having fear of Allah and possessed a great sense of self-confidence. He was a world class Town Planner and it was for this reason that Saudi Government once invited him to seek benefit out of his experience and skills for use in the expansion project of Holy Kaaba. 

He said that his services will always be remembers particularly in the expansion and development of Karachi while he played the key role in the establishment of the SSUET. 

Recounting the life of Engr Z A Nizami, a former Provincial Minister Dost Muhammad Faizi said that he had great regard for traditions and desire for serving the poor recalling that during his tenure as DG KDA he used to extend loan from KDA fund to meet the financial demands of Sindh Government while now the same KDA was seeking funds for paying salaries of its employees. 

He transformed a department into a big development organization and provided low cost plots for residential facilities to citizens apart from parks, sports grounds, prayer places and educational institutions. 

Justice Feroze Yousuf, Rizwan Siddiqui, former Chancellor SSUET, Adil Usman, Tariq Nizami, Begum Qamarunissa Qamar, Farrukh Nizami and Hammad, a former student of Sir Syed University also spoke on the occasion paying glowing tributes to Engr Nizami and recalling his long list of achievements. 

The grand function was organized by the family members of the late Z A Nizami and the KDA Club. The pictorial book written in English has been compiled and published by his son Tariq Nizami. 

A large number of people from different walks of life, including the SSUET Vice-Chancellor, Prof Dr Jawed H Rizvi and the SSUET Registrar, Syed Sarfraz Ali, were present on the occasion.

Monday, April 11, 2016

Engr Zille Ahmed Nizami remembered

By Abdul Qadir Qureshi
(Pakistan News & Features Services)

The man who developed Karachi to its present day level, worked for promotion of scientific education, carried forward the mission of great educationist and reformer Sir Syed Ahmed Khan and above all a great human being was remembered at a ‘Nizami Day’ function held under the auspices of the Aligarh Muslim University Old Boys Association (AMUOBA) at the campus of Sir Syed University of Engineering and Technology on April 9. 

Engr Z A Nizami, who remained the Chancellor of Sir Syed University of Engineering and Technology (SSUET) for over 18 years after its establishment, had passed away three years ago, on April 7, 2013. 

The speakers on the occasion paid glowing tributes to Engr Zille Ahmed Nizami, former Director General KDA, former President Aligarh Muslim University Old Boys Association (AMUOBA) and first Chancellor of SSUET who held these coveted positions for record long periods. 

Presided over by the SSUET Chancellor and the AMUOBA President, Jawaid Anwar, the speakers on the occasion included noted scholar Prof Dr Waqar Ahmed Rizvi, Farrukh Nizami, former Chairman BISE Prof Anwar Ahmed Zai and former Director Public Relations KDA Rizwan Siddiqi who in their speeches recalled the services of late Z.A. Nizami as an Administrator, an engineer, an educationist and above all a true flag bearer of the mission of Sir Syed Ahmed Khan. 

In his presidential address, Chancellor Jawaid Anwar vowed to take SSUET from its present 20th position, as ranked by Higher Education Commission, to the level of a world class institution. 

He said that those nations don’t survive if they forget their benefactors and so is Mr Nizami who will always be remembered for his outstanding works and services, especially for the cause of education, particularly in the field of science and technology. 

He recalled his long association with Mr Nizami and said he had an outstanding power of decision making. Once he would take a decision it was bound to be executed and this was reflective from his 45 development schemes he launched during his eight-year tenure as DG KDA. 

He said this university came into being as a result of hard struggle by Mr Nizami, late Zakir Ali Khan, late Brig Qamarussalam and the cooperation of AMUOBA who founded Aligarh Institute of Technology (AIT) and it had the distinction of being the first engineering university in the private sector. 

Chancellor Jawaid Anwar recounted the measures which have been taken so far and are being taken for continuous up gradation of SSUET as a part of the AMUOBA’s resolve to carry forward the mission of Sir Syed Ahmed Khan. 

He said its positive effects have started surfacing. He said the best step to pay tributes to Mr Nizami and his compatriot Zakir Ali Khan is to carry SSUET to the highest position. 

The AMUOBA”s Vice-President, Anwer Ali, and General Secretary, Mohammed Arshad Khan, were recognized for organizing the Nizami Day. 

In his speech, Prof Dr Waqar Ahmed Rizvi described Mr Nizami an outstanding Administrator who had the ability and capacity to administer the institutions and this can be judged from the 45 development schemes he launched as DG KDA and not a single one planned after he retired. 

He said his life was a continuous struggle and his aim was to make Karachi an ideal society with Civic Center being an icon of his focus and later SSUET being the hallmark of his mission.. He was a kind person and hundreds of poor families today are surviving because of his God-gifted kindness. 

Prof Anwar Ahmad Zai said that Engr Z A Nizami was not a person but a personality and personalities are never forgotten. He said the late Nizami had a close relationship with Silsila-e-Tasawwuf and was a staunch follower of Silsila-e-Nizami.  He said that the establishment of SSUET was the outcome of that very Silsila-e-Tasawwuf. 

Farrukh Nizami recalled his memories about his great father and said that there would be only few people who may be having score of buildings, institutions, roads and structures named after them. He said a book on the life and achievements of his father is ready and will be launched soon. Besides, a postal stamp is also being issued in his memory. 

He said his father was a true reflection of ‘Aligarh Spirit’ which was fully infused in his soul. This Aligarh spirit can be defined in three words “unity, equality and character building” and this was religiously followed by him in throughout his life. 

Rizwan Siddiqi, who remained Director Public Relations KDA, during the DG ship of Mr Nizami, said that Mr Nizami performed the feats in Karachi like that of Sir Syed Ahmed Khan. What he gained in Aligarh University, he distributed it here. 

He said Mr Nizami was one of those personalities who never retire and keep performing feats for the welfare of people and SSUET is one such example from where thousands of students graduated and today bringing shine and fame for their homeland. 

On the occasion a beautiful documentary on the life, achievements and an interview of Engr Z A Nizami was also screened and applauded by the audience. 

Later the newly constructed 10-storeyed Academic Block was also inaugurated with the cutting of ribbon by a senior Aligarhian Mazhar Aslam Zuberi along with Chancellor Jawaid Anwar, Abdul asheed Khan, Farrukh Nizami, Rizwan Siddiqi, Vice-Chancellor Prof Dr Jawaid H. Rizvi and others.

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Vice-Chancellor speaks about SSUET’s phenomenal growth

By Abdul Qadir Qureshi
(Pakistan News & Features Services)

The Vice-Chancellor, Sir Syed University of Engineering & Technology (SSUET), Karachi, Dr Jawaid H Rizvi, has described the institution as the greatest project yet sponsored by the Aligarh Muslim University Old Boys’ Association (AMUOBA) who established it in 1994 in the domain of engineering education. 

“It was really a manifestation of their patriotism and concern for nation building, and the Aligarhian spirit,” he said in an interview. The start, he recalled, was modest with the annual budget of only Rs. 17.22 million, which over the time reached the level of Rs 861.50 million in the year 2013-2014, emphasizing that the admission policy of the University was based on the philosophy of Sir Syed Ahmad Khan. 

“We do not believe in restrictions in admission based on cast, creed or domicile. The admissions are given purely on merit and do not have any reservations or quotas,” he asserted. 

“The students, right from the mountains of the North West of Pakistan to the shores of Sindh and Balochistan, are getting benefits from the SSUET,” the Vice-Chancellor pointed out. This year, he informed, the university received 4679 applicants for 1600 seats with the result that it could not accommodate even some very good students, who had met the criteria of admission. 

He said that the enrollment in the university has already crossed 6,500 after it started with 222 students in 1994 and have produced more than 11,000 graduates since 1998. “In our first convocation in 1998, 197 students were awarded BS degrees while at the 2014 convocation over 1300 received their bachelors and masters degrees in six disciplines,” he stated. 

Dr Jawaid Rizvi opined that knowledge is expanding at tremendous pace and new areas of study in Engineering and related fields are emerging. This has given rise to the need for new disciplines in the Universities. The introduction of these disciplines is essential to keep pace with main stream of knowledge and compete in this knowledge based world. 

The SSUET, he observed, was fully alive to this scenario and has added three new disciplines Software Engineering, Bioinformatics and Architecture this year. 

“The university presently has nine disciplines in its BS Programme, while the MS Programme is in six disciplines while Ph.D. Programme was being offered in Computer and Electronic Engineering disciplines exclusively for faculty members. We take pride in the quality of our labs, which meet international standards,” he reckoned. 

About the SSUET’s library, the Vice-Chancellor said, it has over 90,000 books. The distinctive role of the library is in the maintenance of a Book Bank. The book bank provides textbooks to the students for a full semester. This is a special facility introduced by Sir Syed University to save students from the expenditure on text books. The library contributes to Research journals and magazines that help the researchers and innovators in the university. 

Dr Jawaid Rizvi reiterated that the university has a policy, which ensures that capable students are not deprived of education due to weak financial position. The scheme of scholarships and financial assistance provides help to the deserving students, who have financial problems. In the current budget, an amount of Rs 56.05 million has been allocated for scholarships and financial assistance to the students. 

He said that the university has a career planning department, which helps the graduates seeking jobs and also addresses their problems as well as arranging internships for students. The SSUET also has an active sports department which organizes teams for participation in various competitions. 

“We have a separate Forum; known as Brigadier (R) Qamar-us-Salam Khan, Literary Art and Culture Forum. It manages the cultural activities in the University and the Forum prepares students to take part in different competitions of debates, Qirat and Declamation. The students from the University have won First Prizes in many Competitions held at national and local levels,” the Vice-Chancellor said. 

The university has also facilities exclusively for female students and staff that provide opportunities to them to maintain our national traditions during studies and work in a co-educational institution. The girls have separate common rooms and a canteen to which entry is allowed only to the girls. Some events are organized for the girls to bring to light their special talents in cultural activities. 

Dr Jawaid Rizvi said that the university has continued to make steady progress to achieve its goals during this year. “We have not only overcome a financial crisis by strictly controlling our expenditure and overheads but also started the construction of E-Block with Basement and ground plus four floors in its first phase, scheduled for completion by September 2014,” he disclosed. 

He paid glowing tributes to the SSUET’s first Chancellor and founder, Engr Z A Nizami, who had passed away a few days after last year’s convocation, having devoted all his life for the university and despite his failing health, continued to work till the end. 

“He had remained the Chancellor of the university since the establishment of the university. We are all missing him today. The new Block-E has been named after the founder of the University as Z A Nizami Block. We pray Almighty Allah to rest his soul in eternal peace,” Dr Jawaid Rizvi concluded.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Sir Syed Tower to be built in heart of Karachi

By Abdul Qadir Qureshi
(Pakistan News & Features Services)

The Chancellor of the Sir Syed University of Engineering and Technology (SSUET), Karachi, Engr Adil Usman, has announced to start the work on the projects visualized by his late predecessor, Engr Z A Nizami, during his lifetime.

He made the announcement at the condolence meeting for Engr Z A Nizami organised by SSUET in collaboration with the Aligarh Muslim University Old Boys Association (AMUOBA) and the Aligarh Institute of Technology (AIT) at the university's convocation ground.

Engr Adil Usman, who is also the President of the AMUOBA, revealed that the foundation stone of 8-floor IT Tower at the SSUET will be laid soon while the work on the Sir Syed Tower at M R Kiyani Road will also start soon after the availability of funds.

He further said that the work on the IT Park and the SSUET's larger campus to be spread over 200 acres of land acquired by Engr Nizami for the university in ‘Education City’ will also start soon.

He declared that a memorial monument of the late Engr Z A Nizami will also be constructed at SSUET.

Monday, April 15, 2013

IEP holds condolence meeting for Z A Nizami

By Abdul Qadir Qureshi
(Pakistan News & Features Services)

Glowing tributes were paid to the late Chancellor of Sir Syed University of Engineering and Technology (SSUET), Karachi, Engr Z A Nizami at a condolence meeting held under the auspices of the Institution of Engineers at its Karachi Centre on April 13.

The emotionally charged speakers, on the occasion, highlighted the various facets of the life, achievements and the services of Engr Nizami for the development of the city of Karachi and particularly for the promotion of cause of engineering education in Pakistan.

Addressing the gathering, the newly elected President of the Aligarh Muslim University Old Boys Association (AMUOBA) and the Chancellor SSUET, Engr Adil Usman, described Engr Nizami as a person of unmatched and outstanding qualities.

He acknowledged having learnt a great deal due to his long and close association with Engr Nizami when the latter was Director General of KDA, President of AMUOBA and as Chancellor of SSUET.

Engr Adil Usman revealed that it was in 1986 when upon the request of the Aligarhians, Engr Nizami assented to become the President of AMUOBA and he turned it around with his unmatched to transform the Association into a dynamic and vibrant organization.

He recalled said an outstanding quality of Engr Nizami was that he always helped the less privileged people regardless of their cast, colour and creed and it was because their prayers for him that Allah granted him so much of respect.

Chancellor Adil Usman reckoned that Karachi as it is today was because of the vision of Engr Nizami and his services for rehabilitating the poor masses through various housing schemes will always be remembered.

He said it was an unprecedented that never in his life, Engr Nizami said “No” to anyone approaching him for help.

He pointed out that the Aligarh Institute of Technology (AIT) came into being in 1988 and it was raised on a plot earmarked by Engr Nizami for the purpose and also for a project which was literally translated to become an engineering university in 1994 which gives a true reflection of his unmatched vision.

The voice of Chancellor Adil Usman choked while stating that the 16th Convocation of the SSUET was the last official function attended by Engr Nizami notwithstanding the fact that he was so physically weak but only the love for the university made him not to miss the occasion.

Homage was paid to Engr Nizami by Engr Jamshed Rizvi, President IEP, and Engr Mian Sultan, Secretary IEP, who specially flew from Lahore to attend the meeting.

Engr Jamshed Rizvi recalled his as well as of his father’s association with Engr Nizami, observing that he had been the true follower of  great educationist and reformer Sir Syed Ahmed Khan.

He said that the establishment of an engineering university in the name of Sir Syed Ahmed Khan was an accomplishment of Engr Nizami which no ordinary mortal could have performed.

He described Engr Nizami an institution in himself and adding that his death has created a big void which cannot be filled in years.

Engr Mian Sultan described the SSUET as “Sadaqa-e-Jaria” for Engr Nizami and urged the upcoming engineers to follow suit to leave a legacy in their lifetime. He advised the IEP Karachi Centre to name one of their convention centres after Engr Nizami.

Engr Ayaz Mirza, Secretary, IEP Karachi, remarked that Engr Nizami was always willing and happy to be of help to the cause of the engineering community, having consistently extended moral and financial support to the IEP in carrying out its activities for the welfare of budding engineers.

He remembered Engr Nizami as a man of positive attitude and unmatched vision and it’s time for the young engineers to derive inspiration from him.

Speaking on behalf the family members of his father, Mr Farrukh Nizammi, shed light on various facets of the life of Engr Nizami as father, as an administrator and as an educationist and said they will not be able to come out of state of shock for a long time.

He said he was a loving father, an ardent administrator and a dedicated server of the cause of education.

Engr Mohammed Shafiq, a former Controller of Buildings and now a PEC Consultant for SSUET, turned emotional when he spoke about the loving and affectionate attitude of Engr Nizami. He believed that whenever the history of Karachi will be written, Engr Nizami’s name will be on the top.

Others who also spoke on the occasion included Zafar Zuberi, former President IEP, and Gulzar Memon, ex-Chief Engineer KWSB. At the end of the speeches, Dua-e-Maghfirat was offered for the departed soul.

The condolence meeting was also attended by the family members of Engr Nizami including his sons and daughter who came from Washington to take care of his father and remained with him till he breathed his last on April 7.

Monday, April 8, 2013

Baba-e-Karachi Z A Nizami passes away

By Abdul Qadir Qureshi
(Pakistan News & Features Services)

The man who gave a new development concept to the ever-sprawling city of Karachi breathed his last on April 7 at the age of 81.

Engr Z.A. Nizami, the Chancellor of the Sir Syed University of Engineering and Technology (SSUET), the President of the Aligarh Muslim University Old Boys Association (AMUOBA) and a former Director General of the defunct Karachi Development Authority (KDA), passed away after a brief illness.

Born on May 31, 1931 in Meerut, Engr Nizami has left behind five sons and a daughter besides grandsons and granddaughters to mourn his death. He lost his wife, a reputed short story writer, last year when she died in the US and was laid to rest in Washington on March 19, 2012.

Engr Nizami’s Namaz-e-Janaza was offered at Masjid-e-Umer near his Clifton residence while the burial took place at the Karachi Milk Plant graveyard in Gulshan-e-Iqbal.

The funeral and burial was largely attended by hundreds of his fans who included ministers, former elected representatives, bureaucrats, educationists, members of the civil society, members of AMUOBA and the officials and staff of the Sir Syed University of Engineering and Technology.

An acclaimed genius, Engr Nizami who rose from the position of an engineer to the office of Director General of KDA and steered the city of Karachi to new concepts of modernization having introduced 45 schemes which remained at the same number till his death as not a single new scheme was launched after his retirement.

Besides being a town planner of world class, the most outstanding achievement of Engr Nizami was Sir Syed University of Engineering and Technology which he established from AMUOBA’s platform in 1994 with four engineering disciplines in the initial stage and with a total enrolment of only 200 students. The university today has six engineering disciplines with an enrolment of over 5000.

He established this university on the land situated in the heart of Gulshan-e-Iqbal and with solo efforts also acquired 200 acres of land in the Education City.

Engr Nizami’s last official public appearance was at the SSUET’s 16thConvocation held on March 26 at the Karachi Expo Center where over 1100 passing out students were awarded degrees.

The last interview of Engr Nizami, done by this scribe, was widely published in print media just one day before the Convocation in which he spoke in detail about the progress achieved by SSUET in just 18 years and the future plans he had for it.

A remarkable and outstanding person, Engr Nizami had the reputation of being so considerate and sympathetic to poor people. He provided them jobs in SSUET to help them earn their livelihood.

He passionately promoted both academic and extra curricular activities at the university which won laurels nationally and internationally, particularly in the fields of sports, declamation contests and other social and cultural activities.

He remained the President of AMUOBA for seven consecutive terms and held the office of Chancellor of SSUET by virtue of this office ever since the university came into being.

“Who will now listen to our wows and grief and extend a helping hand,” said an unknown crying poor man.

“I was a newspaper hawker selling newspapers around Hotel Metropole and Mr Nizami made my son an engineer who is now earning handsomely in Dubai,” a weeping Iftikhar said.

Engr Nizami’s youngest son, Naveed, was in the US when he was informed about the worsening condition of his illustrious father. He dashed to Pakistan and met his father just four minutes before he expired. Engr Nizami saw his son, patted his hand and his eyes shut down for ever.

Meanwhile the soyem for the departed soul will be held on April 9 between Asr and Maghrib prayers at his Clifton residence.

The Sir Syed University of Engineering and Technology has announced a mourning session to pay homage to their late Chancellor at 10 am on April 8 and will close down after offering of fateha for the departed soul.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Engr Z A Nizami vows to continue Aligarh’s sporting spirit alive at SSUET

Pakistan News & Features Services

The Sir Syed University of Engineering & Technology (SSUET) has vowed to keep the Aligarhian spirit alive by continuing the policy of promoting sports in a big way. 

Engr Z A Nizami, Chancellor, SSUET, and President, Aligarh Muslim University Old Boys Association (AMUOBA), renewed the pledge while talking to a group of sports journalists at the University campus in Gulshan-e-Iqbal on December 10. 

Ali Zafar Khan Afridi, Joint Secretary (Sports), AMUOBA, who had secured admission in the Aligarh University in the 1940s on the basis of his all-round excellence in swimming, was also present on the occasion. 

“The legendary Sir Syed Ahmed Khan, who is credited to have played the pioneering role in enlightening the people of South Asia, laid great emphasis on education and sports. That’s why sports featured prominently in the list of priorities at the Aligarh University which he founded. The first-ever covered swimming pool of international standard in the entire region was built there,” Engr Nizami, who himself played tennis while studying at the famous Aligarh University, revealed. 

“The SSUET, founded by the AMUOBA in 1994, has been following the principles of Sir Syed Ahmed Khan and the university has carried forward the Aligarhian spirit of sports among its students. We are delighted to be the largest university of the country in the private sector with more 5,000 students enrolled,” the SSUET Chancellor observed. 

“Special consideration is given to the outstanding athletes at the time of admission where the sports certificates carry certain marks. The performance in sports also helps them in getting scholarships,” Engr Nizami, who also served as the Director General of the Karachi Development Authority (KDA), added. 

“We have developed sporting facilities at the ground, owned by the Karachi Hockey Association, which is just opposite our campus. We encourage and support our students to actively take part in sports and quite a few of our teams have fared well in many competitions across the country,” he elaborated. 

“We have planned even bigger things for sports in future. We have decided in principle to build a sports complex in our new campus which is to be spread over 200 acres. Besides providing facilities for indoor games at the sports complex, we will also make an athletics field and a swimming pool,” he revealed. 

“At present we have space constraints here. Otherwise we would have developed more facilities than we actually have at the moment. Since sports remains in the list of our priorities we will make amends by building infrastructure projects that would serve the generations to come,” he announced. 

“We have passion and determination to play a lead role in motivating the students to engage in healthy activities like sports. We fully understand its importance and significance,” the SSUET Chancellor said. “Among the other initiatives to be launched in the near future are instituting ‘Athlete of the Year’ award at the SSUET,” Engr Nizami concluded.