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Friday, December 23, 2011

IEEE International Multiple conference at SSUET

By Abdul Qadir Qureshi  
The three-day 14th IEEE International Multiple conference, being held at the Sir Syed University of Engineering & Technology (SSUET), Karachi, entered into its second day on December 23 and continued whole day with various technical sessions being attended by delegates from home and abroad.
The heavy schedule of three days of deliberations included 13 scholarly lectures, 68 paper presentations besides seven workshops. After the inauguration on December 22 the conference schedule included 2 lectures and two tutorials on first day.
On December 23 the morning and afternoon sessions included three lectures and three tutorials. On the concluding day, December 24, the deliberations would include 8 lectures and two tutorials. Besides, the ICT Research and Development Fund, will also be giving five demonstrations of various projects being financed by it.
The scholarly lectures are being delivered by Ahmed E Kamal from Lowa State University on the topic of advances in network coding-based self-healing in Autonomic networks; by Dr Faraz Zaidi from KIET Karachi, on “Fuzzy sets and visual analysis”; by Qamarul Wahab from Linkoping University NEDUET on “Graphene, the Noble Prize for 2010”, by Dr Zia Amavul from SUNY Fredonia, NY;  on “ block-sorting transformations with Pseudo-distance technique for lossless compression of color-mapped images”; by Dr Syed Khaliqur Rehman from KIET Karachi on “WBAN Protocols”; by Prof B.S. Chowdhry from Mehran University of Engineering and Technology, Jamshoro on smart structural health monitoring WSN based bridged monitoring as a example”; by Dr Junaid Zuberi from SUNY Fredonia, NY on “sensor network programming and applications”; by Dr Muhammed Moinuddin from Iqra University on “collaborative spectrum sensing for cognitive radio networks”; by Dr
Jawwad Shamsi from SUNY Fredonia, NY on “understanding cyber security”’ by Dr Rehan Qureshi from Iqra University on “adhoc interconnected mobile  networks”; by Dr Haroon Rasheed from Telecom Department SSUET Karachi on “next generation wireless technologies beyond 4 G.  
Among the seven tutorials to be held during the course of conference deliberations, one tutorial of importance and interest would be given by Dr Raziq Yakub from the University of Tennessee on the topic of “applications of communication technologies and controls in existing power grid in Pakistan for energy efficiencies”.
Other tutorials will be given by Dr Kashif M. Rajput from NUST, by Dr Jawwad Shamsi from FAST; by Dr Shoaib Zia Khan/Dr Khawaja Bilal Mahmood from NUST;  Prof Dr Quratul Ain Tariq from NEDUET Karachi,; Dr Syed Faraz Hasan from NED University.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Sir Syed University to organize IEEE International Multiple Conference in December

By Abdul Qadir Qureshi

Sir Syed University of Engineering and Technology (SSUET) will be organizing the most prestigious 14th IEEE International Multiple Conference -2011 (INMIC) in Karachi from December 22 to 24.

The three-day conference, to be held with Institution of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) as co-sponsor, will be attended by some 300 delegates from abroad and home.

The exhaustive arrangements being made for the forthcoming international moot were reviewed in depth at a meeting presided over by Chancellor Z.A. Nizami and attended, among others, by acting Vice-Chancellor Dr Jawed Rizvi, Registrar Shah Mahmood Hussain Syed, Dean Prof Dr Najib Ahmed, Chairman Computer Engineering Department, Director Planning and other concerned officials.

It was informed that the conference is being held every year for the last 13 years alternatively at Islamabad, Karachi and Lahore and this year it is being held in Karachi with Sir Syed University of Engineering and Technology – Pakistan’s largest private sector engineering institution.

The meeting was told that besides opening session on December 22, the conference will have four parallel technical sessions, a Ph.D symposium with papers to be presented by Ph.Ds, four tutorial sessions besides talks by invited speakers.

It was revealed that so far a total of 372 submissions received out of which 163 screened out and 209 sent to national and international reviewers with each paper having been sent to three reviewers. The meeting was told that so far 86 papers have been accepted.

Chancellor Z.A. Nizami directed that there should be no letup in the arrangements to be made for the forthcoming conference as the moot, because of its international importance, will send a positive image about Pakistan.

He pointed out that the conference will provide a good opportunity for national and international researchers and practitioners to present the mos advanced and future challenges in the fields of applied Information technology, computer engineering, electronic, communication etc.

Mr Nizami said the symposium will provide an opportunity to Ph.Ds to present their progress. He observed that all available resources will be employed to make the conference a grand success.