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Tuesday, June 16, 2015

ABAD’s initiatives for rehabilitation of Katchi Abadies appreciated

By Abdul Qadir Qureshi
(Pakistan News & Features Services)

The rehabilitation of Katchi Abadies was discussed in length in a meeting between the top officials of the Association of Builders & Developers (ABAD) and the government officials held at the ABAD House in Karachi.

Mohammad Nawaz Shaikh, Secretary Katchi Abedies & Special Development Board (SDB), Government of Sindh, exchanged views with the ABAD delegation comprising of its Chairman, Junaid Ashraf Taloo, Chairman Southern Region, Mohammad Hassan Bakshi, Vice Chairman, Mohammad Hanif Memon, and a few other senior members. 

Hassan Bakshi highlighted the plan and programme of the ABAD for the rehabilitation of Katchi Abadies though Special Development Board. 

He said that the laws of board have been passed by the Sindh Assembly and ABAD needed protection by the Government of Sindh for rehabilitation of Katchi Abadies. The ABAD Chairman added that the Special Development Board was designed as a local planning authority to provide all the requisite approval for redevelopment of Katchi Abadies under one roof. 

Hassan Bakshi observed that the majority of Katchi Abadies were being used as the hideout of criminals, pointing out that the crime was increasing and registering growth due to Katchi Abadies. 

Nawaz Shaikh, Secretary KA & SDB, appreciated the efforts of ABAD for their plan and programme about Katchi Abadies. He also appreciated ABAD’s initiatives to provide free medical and education facilities for the residents of Katchi Abadies. 

He disclosed that there were 564 Katchi Abadies who were thickly populated and the data of population was not available. 

He desired another meeting with the ABAD officials next week to exchange information and data available with them and also to maintain a robust relation between two bodies.