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Thursday, March 26, 2020

Photo Feature: Coronavirus brings world to standstill

Pakistan News & Features Services

The pandemic of Coronavirus (COVID-19) has rocked the entire world. The busiest of places have become deserted. The noisiest of spots have pin-drop silence now. 

There’s shock, gloom, grief, tension and apprehension in every nook and corner of the planet. 

As these photographs will explain, the once booming capitals have been massively hurt by the spreading virus. 

Beaches, hotels, golf courses, amusement parks, playgrounds, restaurants, movie theatres, shopping centres, tourist attractions, airports, railway stations, ports and harbours besides other recreational facilities, which remained crowded all along, look like haunted places these days.

Be it the Times Square or the World Trade Centre in New York City, the Lincoln Memorial in Washington DC or any square in Berlin or Munich they remain deserted. 

The historic Italian cities of Rome and Milan look vacant and unoccupied. The charming city of Paris doesn’t have visitors either. 

The Las Ramblas Street in Barcelona and the downtown London could be found empty during rush hours. 

The theatres in Moscow are as devoid of audience as the diners in the restaurants of Beijing. The magnificent beaches of Los Angeles and Sydney don’t have visitors now. 

There are very few people at the otherwise buzzing airports of Tokyo, Singapore, Seoul, Hong Kong and Dubai as there are travel bans in place at most destinations. 

Life has come to standstill in Iran following the massive outbreak while the Far Eastern countries like Indonesia and Malaysia have also been bruised. 

Coronavirus has crippled the life in Pakistan too with the preemptive lockdowns forcing the people to stay indoors.
                                                                Berlin, Germany 

Bogota, Columbia 

Caracus, Venezuela 

Hong Kong

Karachi, Pakistan

London, UK

Milan, Italy

Moscow, Russia 

Munich, Germany

New York, USA

Paris, France

Seoul, South Korea

Sydney, Australia

Tehran, Iran

Tokyo, Japan

Toronto, Canada

                                                            Washington DC, USA