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Friday, May 8, 2020

Aina Ayyam-e-Iqbal’s 2nd edition published

By Abdul Qadir Qureshi
(Pakistan News & Features Services)

The second edition of a book, chronicling the illustrious career of the legendary philosopher and poet, Sir Allama Muhammad Iqbal, titled ‘Aina Ayyam-e-Iqbal’ has recently been published by the Library Promotion Bureau (LPB). 

The book has been authored by Prof Dr Nasim Fatima, a former chairperson of the Library and Information Science department of the University of Karachi, while eminent intellectuals Dr Moinuddin Aqeel and Dr Farman Fatehpuri have contributed its foreword and preface respectively. 

The first edition of the book was published during the year of 1977 when the centennial birth anniversary was being celebrated with tremendous enthusiasm throughout Pakistan. 

The second edition of ‘Aina Ayyam-e-Iqbal’ is spread over 160 pages and the cover price of one copy of the book in Pakistan is Rs 350.

‘Aina Ayyam-e-Iqbal’ covers highlights of the personal, professional and political life of the Poet of the East and it has been regarded as a notable reference book about him.

Tuesday, October 22, 2019

New book on Dr Nasim Fatima published

By Abdul Qadir Qureshi
(Pakistan News & Features Services)

Another book on Prof Dr Nasim Fatima, a former chairperson of the Library & Information Science department at the University of Karachi, has recently been published under the auspices of the Library Promotion Bureau (LPB). 

The 132-page book titled ‘Dr Nasim Fatima: Bio-Bibliographical Study’ has been edited by one of her students, Huma Mannan Butt, with Abdul Qudoos and Saima Qadeer being the compilers while the foreword has been penned by Syed Khalid Mahmood. 

“She was my teacher and chairperson at Department of Library and Information Science, University of Karachi. She is an asset to the Pakistan librarianship. Widely respected, she has had the quality of respecting each individual to have come across her,” Huma Mannan, now working as Chief Librarian at PN Central Library in Karachi, wrote in her introductory remarks in the book.

“Dr Nasim Fatima has had a tremendous academic record throughout her life. She loves to read and write. She teaches others how to become writer and researcher. She readily has plenty of topics in her mind for research whenever she is approached. She helps each researcher by all means. She has written in English and Urdu languages but feels happier in transferring technical and scientific information in Urdu for the benefit of the masses,” she added. 

Huma Mannan had earlier done a book on her illustrious teacher titled ‘Dr Nasim Fatima: Shakhsiat wa Kam’ which was a compilation of views and opinions about her works. 

Her contributions in literature have been highlighted by Zain Siddiqi in his book ‘Aik Rag-e-Deeger’ which is a tribute to her illustrious writings. 

It may be recalled that Dr Nasim Fatima has been writing on a regular basis in 1975 after her appointment as lecturer in the Library Science department although her first article ‘What you read about Quiad-e-Azam’ was published in Akhbar-e-Khawateen in 1968. She wrote her first book on Allama Iqbal’s chronology in 1976. 

Dr Nasim Fatima has been bringing out a literary magazine ‘Adab-o-Kutub Khana’ since 1979, from the platform of Bazm-e-Akram, and it has become an acclaimed annual publication, of which she is chief editor. 

An author of more than 50 books already, her compilation ‘Faiz Huay Hain Mar Kay Amar’ which was brought out by Jumbo Publishing, has been hailed as splendid and authentic bio-bibliography of the great poet.

Friday, October 18, 2019

Foreword to Dr Nasim Fatima: Bio-Bibliographical Study

By Abdul Qadir Qureshi
(Pakistan News & Features Services)

Following is the text of the foreword, penned by Syed Khalid Mahmood, to the recently published book ‘Dr Nasim Fatima: Bio-Bibliographical Study’ highlighting the accomplishments of the prolific library scientist:

“No hard-and-fast rules about forewords, allowing room to be creative and even have some fun, makes the task of penning my maiden foreword simpler than it could have been otherwise for a firm believer and practitioner of out-of-box thinking! 

Indeed it’s a great honour to be asked to write the foreword to such a significant book, bringing to light the accomplishments of Prof Dr Nasim Fatima, the famed library scientist, teacher, scholar, researcher, writer, author, editor and mentor, yet one of the unsung heroes. 

Her multi-faceted personality has been talked about with great awe over the years but she hasn’t been granted the kind of recognition she so richly deserved. On the contrary, she has had to endure some terrifying moments in her long professional career. In fact, she still has to combat some unforeseen challenges from within which don’t make her tasks simpler.

No praise could be too high for her for having overcome the obstacles with the iron will and the never-say-die approach. 

She has fought her way to the top and she’s going to be remembered for her overwhelming contributions for the cause of librarianship in particular and education in general. 

Obviously this book is not going to inform the readers about the trials and tabulations which she had faced, and continues to tackle in achieving the various elusive landmarks. 

Since she seems to have pursued the policy of just letting her work do the talking, without engaging into controversies or making even a noise at the injustices meted out to her from time to time, I am not sure if she will ever take the time out to narrate her tales of horrors and the dream of her autobiography may remain unfulfilled.

Isn’t it surprising, and hints of ungratefulness too, that those so many individuals having been, taught, trained, guided and mentored by her over the decades, didn’t reciprocate by furthering her mission? 

The community of the librarians in particular should wake up before it becomes too late. You people are extremely fortunate to be blessed with such an adorable personality like Prof Dr Nasim Fatima who is ever willing, and smiling, to lend a helping hand to everyone and anyone seeking assistance or guidance. 

 As the founder of the Library Promotion Bureau (LPB), Prof Dr Ghani-ul-Akram Sabzwari, has publicly acknowledged repeatedly, the bureau and its flagship publication, the Pakistan Library & Information Science Journal (PLISJ), have survived for more than a half a century primarily due to her dedication and sacrifices.

I commend the joint efforts of the trio of Huma Mannan Butt, Abdul Qudoos and Saima Qadeer for having done this wonderful book which will surely be helpful in motivating the fraternity of the library professionals besides others. 

Now it’s your responsibility to play the due role in spreading the word and sharing it with the masses. You can pay your tribute to the living legend by promoting the book in your own circles. You will agree with me that this book merits a place in every library of the country.”

Friday, April 7, 2017

SSUET Chancellor greets eminent scholars

By Abdul Qadir Qureshi
(Pakistan News & Features Services)

Jawaid Anwar, Chancellor, Sir Syed University of Engineering and Technology (SSUET), Karachi, warmly welcomed Prof Dr Ghani-ul-Akram Sabzwari and Prof Dr Nasim Fatima, two of the most prolific library science scholars of the country, who called on him at the campus on April 6.

The SSUET Chancellor wholeheartedly congratulated the duo for their accomplishments in the field of library science, particularly their contribution in running the Library Promotion Bureau (LPB) for more than 50 years. 

“You have done an exceptional service to the nation. Your scholastic brilliance has inspired and motivated a lot of people of various generations. You have not only enriched the arena of library science but you have also made a significant contribution to Urdu literature. Your achievements merit wider recognition,” the Chancellor complimented. 

“It’s really marvelous that you have continued working with missionary zeal without caring for the support from the other stakeholders. That should be the spirit. We should do our best without waiting for others to do it. You have proved your selflessness by devoting your life to the cause of the profession without being materialistic at any stage,” Chancellor Jawaid Anwar added.

Prof Dr Ghani-ul-Akram Sabzwari and Prof Dr Nasim Fatima presented copies of their latest books to the SSUET Chancellor who gifted them a copy of his iconic publication ‘Muslim World Almanac’ to both the learned guests. 

The Chancellor shared the programmes being held in connection with the 200th birth anniversary of the legendary Sir Syed Ahmed Khan which is being celebrated during the current year by the Aligarh Muslim University Old Boys Association (AMUOBA) of which he is the President. 

Both the distinguished scholars appreciated the vision of the AMUOBA and they conveyed their best wishes for the success of the ongoing programmes aimed at educating the present generation about the monumental role of Sir Syed Ahmed Khan in the reawakening of Muslims of South Asia. 

“A lot has been written on Sir Syed over the years. But we need to keep reminding the youth in particular about the various aspects of his personality. More books should be published to highlight his contributions and the electronic and digital media should also be used for spreading the word,” they reckoned. 

The meeting was also attended by Arshad Khan, Secretary General, AMUOBA, and Dr Amna Khatoon, a member of Executive Committee of the Pakistan Library Association (PLA), Sindh Chapter.