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Thursday, February 26, 2015

Sindhi Language Day celebrated in Toronto

By Abdul Qadir Qureshi
(Pakistan News & Features Services)

The Sindhi Community of Toronto and its surrounding cities celebrated Sindhi Language and Indus Civilization Day with full enthusiasm and spirit of Canada’s multiculturalism, by marking the International Mother Languages day.

On this occasion the intellectuals and writers of different communities highlighted the significance of Sindhi culture, heritage and literature in Sindh language whereas the children presented musical tableaus and a Sindhi singer enthralled audiences with his live performance. 

A prominent Canadian intellectual and political leader, Omer Latif, presented a paper titled ‘Sindh and Human Rights Issues’ in which he regretted that the heritage of Sindh, a centre of great civilization, has not been given due recognition. 

Prominent poet of Urdu and Progressive Writers Forum Canada’s chairman Munir Perviaz Saami in his speech highlighted resilience and depth of Sindhi Literature. He noted that the Sindhi literature is rich with the spirit of resistance against tyranny and oppression and quoted Rumi a Persian iconic poet who in a well know verse recognized Sindhis as people of distinct culture and expression.

He added that at the same time the centuries old traditions of Sindhi literature are so deep that verse often less quote writers stand out as an evidence of that richness. 

He shared the example from the poetry of Sachal Sarmast, Saami and Tanveer Abbasi which encompasses the human suffering, mutual pain, and resilience to readers to bold face all hegemony. 

An intellectual and writer from USA Dr Tahir Qazi in his paper ‘Influence of Shah Latif and Sufism on Sindh’ observed that after reading Shah Abdul Latif Bhitai, one comes to know the real treasures of Sindh and Sindhi language.  
On this occasion, renowned poetess of Sindhi and Urdu, Professor Azra Kandher, stated that Sindhi is among languages rich with literature, art and culture but this language has not been given due recognition yet.

She urged upon the elders of Sindhi community living away from their motherland to teach Sindhi to their youth so that they remain linked with their culture and heritage. 

Professor Raza Ghaloo also addressed the gathering and elaborated the evolution of Sindhi and other languages. He suggested that Urdu was also funded in Jacobabad area of Sindh. 

A senior leader of Sindhi community in North America, Abdul Razzaq Khushk, lauded the efforts of event’s organizers and appreciated the input and research work of other languages and communities intellectuals on Sindhi language and heritage through this event. 

Another Sindhi community leader, Khair Mohammad Kolachi, also spoke and welcomed the participants of the event. 

The Secretary Sindhi Adabi Sangat, Zulfiqar Shaikh, said that celebrating day of Sindhi language and heritage at world level is just to impart the world that Sindhi speaking people are moderate and against all sorts of extremism due to their rich literature and heritage of Indus civilization.

The Joint Secretary, Peetamber Lohano, also addressed the audience and welcomed the participants. 

Two groups of Sindhi children presented tableaus and performance of Urooj Adwani, Piryanka Ukrani, Hina Ukrani and Anjali Ukrani on famous Sindhi songs was highly lauded by the audiences whereas Eiman Pirzada and Mohammad Shahkar Shaikh also gave presentation on depth of Sindhi music. 

The most memorable side of this event was the performance of Sindhi vocalist, Jagdesh Bajaj, who sung popular Sindhi songs and Urdu ghazals lively, and the participants remained dancing in groups all the time. 

During the event, the newly elected office-bearers of Sindhi Association of North America (SANA) GTA chapter were administered oath through senior Sindhi community leader Abdul Razzaq Khushk. They included President, Peetamber Lohano, Vice President (General), Prof Azra Kandhar, Vice President (Female), Fatima Khawaja, General Secretary, Sahib Khan Shahani, Joint Secretary Naeem Akhtar Khatri, Information Secretary, Suresh Hotwani, Treasurer, Asif Memon, and members Executive Committee Dr Rashid Pirzada, Aijaz Kolachi and Mrs Roshan Abbasi.