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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Karachi transporters to keep vehicles off the road

President of
Karachi Transport Ittehad,
 Irshad Hussain Bukhari
City transporters, fearing their vehicles would be impounded by law enforcement agencies for blocking intersections of MA Jinnah Road during the congregations and main processions of Muharram-ul-Haram, have decided to keep the vehicles off the road, The Nation has learnt here on Tuesday.
President of Karachi Transport Ittehad, Irshad Hussain Bukhari informed that law enforcement agencies would take over the buses and minibuses forcibly after 7th of Muharam and place them at sensitive places to block areas from where the Muharrram processions would pass.
He said if any driver or conductor offers resistance, they are immediately detained.
He said police have started to impound vehicles however he declined to give exact figures of how many vehicles have been taken over.
He said, last year the law enforcement agencies detained over 150 vehicles for security reason and used them for blocking roads.
He said to avoid such an occurrence and as safety measure it had been decided to withdraw vehicles.
Irshad Hussain Bukhari expressed serious concern about the safety of the public transport vehicles adding that last years, unidentified miscreants torched their 50 vehicles which were used as road blocks during the main processions of Aashura of last year.
He further said that Sindh Government did not give compensation to the affected bus owners and once again it had started holding vehicles forcibly. According to information available Karachi police every year on the crucial days of Muhram-ul-Harram get hold of the public vehicles, cargo containers, goods transport vehicles, in order to place them for the security purpose at different intersections of the main MA Jinnah Road from where the processions of the Muharram-ul-Haram would pass.(Nation)

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Karachi Transporters refuse to cut down fare

Despite a fall in the prices of petroleum products, the transporters have refused to lower fare vexing citizens all over the country, SAMAA reported Thursday.

Transporters in Karachi said that the fuel prices are not so low that the fare can be decreased. They said that the fuel prices have to come down by Rs 13 in order for them to lower fare.

For July, the Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority had decreased the price of petrol by Rs 1.9 and of diesel by Rs 4.14.

The price cuts were announced by OGRA spokesperson Jawad Naseem in a news conference in Islamabad.

The price of petrol stands at Rs 66.95 after a decline of Rs 1.9, and that of diesel is now Rs 71.58 after a decline of Rs 4.14.

The price of kerosene is slashed by Rs 0.11 only. The price of light diesel is now Rs 61.68 after a decline of Rs 0.95.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Administrator Karachi Fazlur Rehman has said that city government has initiated a study to make the modern transport facilities available in Karachi by 2030 under the cooperation and financial support of Rs370million from JICA for which Japan International Cooperation Agency has also formed a 24 member team of experts out of which 7 members have already started conducting study. The members of study team called on Administrator Karachi Fazlur Rehman at his office in Civic Center and talked about the study program.

Administrator Karachi on this occasion said that city government will provide all possible help in the study and implementation of Urban Transport Master Plan 2030 for Karachi. He said that considering the ever increasing population in Karachi and the international status of city it was mandatory to provide more facilities to citizens by conducting advance study in all sectors of civic life so that the problems could be solved under a thorough planning and implementation.

Administrator Karachi said that necessary measures will be taken regarding the requirements, problems and their solution under this study and it would make it easy for government to solve the transport problems of city by providing better public transport facility to citizens, adding that the Karachi Mass Transit Cell, Transport & Communication and E&IP Department will have to play active role in the study so as to make it possible for JICA to complete it during two year’s period and the same could be implemented at the earliest.

Administrator Karachi said that Mass Transit Cell of City Government has already provided the Karachi Strategic Plan 2020 to JICA; however it was further extending the plan up to 2030 by conducting the study. He said that he will try that the notifications of technical and joint steering committees of Government of Sindh could be issued on time which would help JICA to conduct its study on a timely basis and complete it as per schedule.

In a briefing on this occasion, the Administrator was informed that local experts including Arif Hasan, Nauman Ahmed of NED University, Syed Shabbar Ali and Farhan Anwer of “Shehri” have been coordinated for KUTMP 2030 after which the amended plan has been handed over to JICA. The project would give a comprehensive transport master plan to city. Japan International Cooperation Agency has allocated the financial support of Rs356million while the Sindh Government and City Government Karachi have also contributed with Rs14.7million for the study. The PC-II of the project has also been approved by the Central Development Working Party (CDWP) on 18th March and a total of 24 members were appointed for the study out of which 7 members have already reached Pakistan and the other one would also visit the country. The study team would submit one or two feasible plans and also prepare its feasibility. The briefing was given by Director General KMTC Malik Zaheer-ul-Islam. Administrator Karachi and the team members of JICA appreciated the work of Karachi Mass Transit Cell in the preparation of transport project for Karachi.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Motorway police start road users’ education drive

On instruction of Inspector General of Motorway Police Dr Waseem Kausar, the motorway police N-5 South Zone Sunday started a special campaign to educate the road users about traffic rules while traveling on the highway.
This one-day campaign was implemented from Karachi to Sukkur from 1500 to 1800 hours. It was supervised and commanded by DIG Motorway N-5 South Zone Dr Aftab Ahmed Pathan . During the campaign, all the sector commanders (SP), beat commanders (CPO) and patrolling officers displayed their presence with great endeavor. They informed and educated the road users the rules of highway and to taking precautions while travelling on it.
Violators of the highway law were briefed and warned about taking strict measures against them. All patrolling vehicles, education units, ambulances, tow trucks and mobile workshop displayed their presence on the highway during the drive.
Officer of the education unit briefed the drivers on the traffic rules at different locations on the highway, including hotels, petrol pumps and other places.

Saturday, January 30, 2010


City Nazim Syed Mustafa Kamal has said that card system has now been put in place in the CNG bus service after closing down case dealing. The new cards of Rs.50 and 100 denominations are now available at common shops and CNG bus booth. Despite of facing the loss of Rs75million annually in the CNG bus service the City Government has carried on this best and cheap transport service for poors, students as well as labour class. So far 75 buses have been run on different routes in the city while 20 more buses per month will be added in the fleet of CDGK dedicated CNG buses.

He expressed these views after inauguration of a new route of CNG bus namely route-III and the new bus terminal at Gulshan-e-Zia Orangi Town near Northern Bypass on Friday. Large number of people including MNAs MPAs Town Nazim of Orangi and SITE elected representatives and otheres were also present on these occasions.

Nazim Karachi on this occasion said that only a considerable addition in the CNG buses could replace the old transport system in Karachi with the new one. He said that the people demand end of old bus transport culture in Karachi but it could not be done immediately.

He said that four years ago we heard that the federal government had allocated Rs5 billion for CNG bus project in Karachi and the city government had also sent the PC-I for this three years ago but we have not received even a penny in this head nor any progress was made in the mass transit project for the city. Haq Parast leadership has instead of waiting for the action initiated a new model of public transport in Karachi which has never been introduced in the country.

He said that we have introduced a new system of e ticketing for this bus service and henceforth this system will be used for all the new buses in the city. City Nazim said that the bus service was aimed to provide best convenient and affordable transport to citizens of Karachi.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

City nazim on CNG bus trip with citizens

Passengers of CNG buses have lauded newly plied CNG buses that are being operated on two routes. The passengers have also offered their gratitude to the City Nazim Mustafa Kamal for his efforts to change the repugnant transport culture that has been tormenting millions of passengers, particularly women.

The passengers expressed these views while they found Kamal was travelling with them as a passenger early morning on Saturday.

After attending a ceremony held for distribution of certificates among CNG bus drivers on completion of their training at Surjani CNG Bus terminal on Saturday, he decided to oversee the experience personally. He bought tickets from a local boot and got on the bus. The passengers recognised him and interacted with him liberally. The best part of the new transport system is that there are no bus conductors, while the drivers are educated and behave modestly. There is no violation of traffic rules and regulations and the bus stops only on the prescribed stops throughout the trip, commented a passenger.

We have learned it is useless to ask the drivers for favours such as making a stop, which is not prescribed because it is contrary to the preset guidelines by the City District Government Karachi (CDGK) and Capital City Traffic Police Department, claimed many others.

However, a few of the passengers said that the existing number of CNG buses available to the citizens were less than one percent of the citizens’ needs while there are hundreds of routes in the city where the same operations are required on priority basis. It is also important that the CDGK has assured not to lay burden on citizens by increasing transport tariff once for every quarter. These buses are environment-friendly and comfortable.

Kamal said that he had dreamt of introducing a benevolent and civilised transport culture in the city and he has started it by launching ‘CNG Bus Pilot Project’ with 50 vehicles.

With the induction of further 1,600 CNG buses, the fate of the city would become more promising because the existing rotten transport culture would be entirely replaced because citizens of this mega city deserve facilities as per international standards, he commented.

A handful of notorious elements have tried to terrify the passengers of the CNG bus service as they had attempted to set ablaze and destroy some CNG buses. It is a clear message for such elements that they should not challenge the writ of the government, he warned. This transport service is launched with no u-turn and the fleet would be increased according to the needs of the citizens, he vowed. Kamal said that around 80 citizens can travel at a time.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

400 CNG buses in Sindh soon’

Sindh Minister for Transport Akhtar Jadoon told the Sindh Assembly members on Tuesday that around 400 CNG buses would be running in the province soon.

Replying to a supplementary query during the question hour, he said that the government was busy in providing high-pressure filling stations for this purpose and land has been provided for at least five filling stations in the city.

Responding to another question, the minister said that the provincial government has recommended a scheme to the federal government for shifting bus stations out of the city. According to him, the provincial government has also prepared an alternate plan under which the bus stations would be shifted to defunct KTC depots situated in different parts of Karachi.

He said that previously these depots were handed over to the City District Government Karachi but now the Sindh government was taking them back. At present, he added, these depots are in use of nazims, the police and Rangers. They have been issued notices to vacate these depots, he said. According to him, the property is worth billions of rupees.

He admitted that bus terminals set up for the buses arriving here from Baluchistan have no basic facilities although Rs 300 are charged for each bus.

Earlier, responding to questions regarding his department, Sindh Minister for Excise and Taxation Mukesh Kumar Chawla said that the luxury tax imposed on over 1500CC imported and local cars would be recovered from July this year. It would be a one time tax, he added. To another query he said that his department has set up seven check posts on two border points for checking narcotics smuggling.