Friday, January 9, 2009

Handicapped girl admitted in medical college

Aisha Paracha, 18, a member of an upper middle class family, always wanted to be a doctor. A resident of North Nazimabad, she got distinctive marks in F Sc (Pre-Medical) exams making her eligible to sit in the Dow University of Health Sciences (DUHS) entrance test.

Aisha, who cannot walk because she has been left handicapped by polio, has a dream to become a kind-hearted and popular doctor. Her disability did not hold her from following her dream, in fact, the only obstacles that were stopping her dream from coming true were the policies of the DUHS.

Her dreams and her family’s expectations came crashing down when they were told that there was no room in DUHS rules and regulations for a disabled candidate to sit in the entrance examination and get admission in MBBS.

Aisha’s story began when last June ended, when she went for the DUHS entrance test and wasn’t allowed to sit in it. A medical board was formed by the DUHS administration to review her case and still she wasn’t given admission in DUHS despite the fact that there were two reserved seats for special students.

Instead of losing all hope on being rejected, Aisha carried on her long search and hard work and has now managed to get admission in the Sir Syed College for Medical Sciences in MBBS.

Aisha revealed that she secured over 91 percent marks in intermediate medical subjects and her overall percentage was 88 percent. “Still the DUHS administration refused to give me admission arguing that with the wheelchair, it will not be easy for me to move around in the university,” she said smiling at the attitude of the DUHS administration. “However, here I am. I am really happy that I have got admission in a medical college and my dream of becoming a doctor will come true.”

39 dead in Karachi fire

A blaze in the slums of the Pakistani port city of Karachi left at least 39 people dead, local broadcaster GEO TV reported early Friday.

There were numerous women and children among the dead.

Sleeping residents were reportedly engulfed by fire, which spread so rapidly that many victims were unable to even flee the shacks in which they live. Some of the dead were burned beyond recognition.

Survivors including some with severe burns were brought to nearby hospitals.

Local reports said that the fire started when a power line fell onto the roof of a shanty.