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Monday, January 28, 2019

General Body meeting of PIA Retired Employees Association (PIAREA)

By Abdul Qadir Qureshi

(Pakistan News & Features Services)

The PIA Chief has assured the PIA's retired employees 
that their pension will be increased in near future'

This was disclosed by General Secretary PIA Retired Employees Association 
(PIAREA) while addressing the  General Body meeting of the association.

He informed the members of some of the PIAREA achievements gained after 
a long struggle which included increase in PIA pension in 2013, free medical 
facilities for disabled sons/daughters of Retirees, abolition of Federal Excise 
Duty (FED) on free tickets to issued to Retirees, extension of medical facilities etc. 

He said successful efforts were made against proposed  privatization of PIA,

Earlier, he informed that no one will be appointed as Association's office-bearer 
for whole of life in future whereas efforts while efforts will continue to seek more
facilities for retired employees..

At the meeting, presided over by Chairman, PIAREA Zulfikar Ali, the newly elected 
unopposed office bearers of PIAREA, also took oath as office bearers. 

On the occasion the General Body also approved the Annual Report unanimously. 
and expressed their full cooperation in the PIAREA's struggle for restoration of  their 
rights .

The newly elected office bearers who took oath were;
Senior. Vice President: Chaudhry Muhammad Azam, Vice Presidents: Parvez Farid
Muhammad Aslam Malik, Mohammad Khan Sial, General Secretary: Syed Tahir 
Hasan Chiefy. Organizing Secretary: Shaikh Abdul Majeed, Finance Secretary: 
Rehman Khilji, Welfare Secretary: Nisar Ahmed and  Joint Secretary: Muhammad Yousaf

Monday, January 14, 2019

New office bearers of PIAREA declared

By Abdul Qadir Qureshi
(Pakistan News & Features Services)

The Chairman, Election Commission of the PIA Retired Employees Association (PIAREA), Najamul Ghani, has announced the final list of the candidates upon the completion of the election procedure. 

According to the notification of the new office bearers of the PIAREA, having been elected unopposed for a term of three years, M Yunus Kakakhel will be the President and Syed Tahir Hasan will be the General Secretary. 

Chaudhry Muhammad Azam has elected as the Senior Vice President, Parvez Farid, Muhammad Aslam Malik and Mohammad Khan Sial are the three Vice Presidents while Shaikh Abdul Majeed has been elected as the Organizing Secretary.

Abdul Rahman Khilji, Nisar Ahmed and Muhammad Yousuf have been elected to the posts of Finance Secretary, Welfare Secretary and Joint Secretary respectively. 

The PIA Retired Employees Association (PIAREA) is a registered body of retired and ex-employees of all sections and departments of the Pakistan International Airlines (PIA), from Pay Group I to X and above.

Sunday, December 23, 2012

PIA achieves profit for third month running

By Abdul Qadir Qureshi  
(Pakistan News & Features Services)

National Carrier, Pakistan International Airlines (PIA), has achieved an operating profit of Rs.738 million in November 2012 after having suffered losses of Rs.1272 million in the corresponding period last year. 

The airline earned the profit despite difficult economic conditions, fierce competition, rising fuel prices, foreign exchange losses and law and order situation, PIA said. 

It was for the third month running that there was significant increase in the airline’s revenue income due to, what was described as, dynamic policies of the present management which made the airline to achieve operating income since September this year. 

Although the airline faced a tough year yet successfully pushed its business forward in different areas with the credit attributed to the employees who made the airline to leap forward despite challenging times. 

The Managing Director, Mohammad Junaid Yunus, described it a testimony of the efforts of everyone connected with the airline. 

Explaining, he said PIA made successful Hajj operation this year and carried 98,000 hajjis achieving 96 percent flight regularity and winning punctuality awards from Saudi Civil Aviation Authorities. 

PIA’s operational profits during the last two months, demonstrated that the airline is able to achieve higher levels of profitability, he remarked. 

Having a forward look for the next year, Junaid Yunus believed that opportunity exists to continue on improving the financial health of the airline and it is satisfying to see the airline making progress and the efforts being made laying the foundation for the company's future. 

He said the focus of the present management is on cost reduction, improvement, and expansion in network, yield and revenue. 

Robust business plan for transformation is the roadmap for going forward, he said adding that it will be a long, winding and difficult journey requiring unleashing of talents by all the employees with support and patronage from valuable customers. 

He hoped the business transformation plan will transform the airline into a strong, dynamic and vibrant institution, aggressively bracing new opportunities and absorbing external shocks. 

According to him, the induction of new aircrafts in PIA fleet would be the turning point for the airline as it will be the foundation of being able to deliver cost cutting on fuel and improve punctuality and regularity bringing back the confidence of the customers. 

He asserted that these aircrafts should have been introduced more than a decade back since the centre of PIA’s network is short haul operations (within four hours) which comprises 64 percent of total operations, the newer aircraft if brought earlier would have been cardinal for the airlines financial conditions revival.

Thursday, December 6, 2012

PIA acquiring new aircrafts through transparent tender process

By Abdul Qadir Qureshi  
(Pakistan News & Features Services)

The immediate goal before the PIA management is to bring down the average age of its fleet and improve reliability and punctuality with on time departures and arrivals besides providing world class customer service. 

A PIA Spokesman informed the PNFS on December 6 that the airline, under the present management which barely had few weeks, has started a process of fleet modernization and revamping of its entire service to achieve turn around in shortest possible time with its new business model. 

"Already the airline has entered the operating profit during the last two months-September–October 2012,” he disclosed. 

He clarified that PIA has not finalized particular type of aircrafts, adding that tenders have been floated for acquiring five narrow body aircraft with delivery of at least four in first and the fifth one in the second quarter of 2013 so as to cope with the capacity shortfall. 

PIA has received offers for both Airbus A320 and Boeing 737-800. However, A320 offers are larger in number as compared to Boeing 737-800. Presently, these offers are being evaluated and no final decision regarding induction of either narrow-body aircraft has been finalized. 

He made it clear that the tender for these aircrafts has not yet been awarded and the evaluation process was still not complete. It is, therefore, premature to assume which aircraft or engine type will be inducted. 

“Speculative reports create undue bias for evaluators and they may not be in the best interest of the national airline,” the spokesman felt. 

He said it was for the first time in PIA’s history that their Managing Director, Mohammad Junaid Yunus, invited Transparency International Pakistan to monitor the bidding process. 

In addition to TIP, representative of the Ministry of Defence, Employees’ Unions including SAEP were also present in the financial and technical bid opening process while TIP was taken onboard during the evaluation process relating to not just this tender but in fact all future tenders would be forwarded to TIP for scrutiny. 

According to him, PIA was spending 55 percent of its revenue on fuel. Newer an aircraft provided fuel savings up to 50% for a route flown as well as lower maintenance costs. 

PIA’s 63 percent operation is on short haul routes, within four hours of flight time. 

He said PIA is following a clear point-based system where points are awarded based on fleet commonality and availability of present apparatus for overhaul of engines. 

The spokesman said that PIA would not go for one criterion, especially with the rapid advances in technology in aviation. What matters is the cost benefit analysis of these aircraft and therefore financial cost and availability of these aircraft also play an important role, he said adding that PIA cannot afford to wait years on end to suit the schedule of a particular vendor or manufacturer. 

It is pertinent to mention that any further delay in the induction of new aircraft will result in the delay of the turn around of the airline, which was noted by the Board of Directors and Government Pakistan, he concluded.

Monday, November 12, 2012

PIA adjudged Best Hajj Airline Operator for third year running

By Abdul Qadir Qureshi  
(Pakistan News & Features Services)

The General Authority of Civil Aviation (GACA), King Abdul Aziz International Airport, Saudi Arabia, has declared the Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) as the best airline operator amongst the 74 international Airlines operating from Hajj terminal, flying more than 1.7 million Hajjis in 2012. 

The PIA spokesman, Syed Sultan Hasan presented the copies of the certification of 25 Zilhajj 1433H (November 10, 2012) mentioning PIA as the Best Hajj Airline Operator to a Pakistan media team visiting Saudi Arabia at Madinah. 

The GACA, in the certificate issued to PIA, has noted that they closely monitored the activities of all the airlines’ operating from Hajj terminal Jeddah and considered that PIA again proved itself the best operator on the basis of regularity as well as services provided. 

The GACA further said that PIA demonstrated exceptional value by overcoming the delay factor of departures during the initial two days of Post Hajj operation. 

This is the third consecutive year starting from 2010 that PIA has been chosen by the Saudi Arabia Civil Aviation as the best Hajj flight operator. 

The testimonial from the GACA should further motivate PIA would in order to continue serving the Hajjis with even greater devotion in the years to come.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

PIA ferried 14,850 Hajj pilgrims so far

Muhammad Junaid Yunus, MD PIA
By Abdul Qadir Qureshi (PNFS)

National carrier PIA has so far air lifted 14,840 intending Hajj pilgrims  by 34 direct flights to Jeddah.

Managing Director PIA, Muhammad Junaid Yunus, since the first Hajj flight left from Peshawar, Islamabad, Lahore, Quetta and  Karachi, is personally supervising to ensure that Hujj flights operated as per schedule.

According to the airline spokesman, PIA is carrying out its Hujj operation through its own fleet, without compromising the domestic and international schedule which is being maintained according to the expected time of departures (ETD) and arrivals (ETA).

Besides, maintaining the schedule of daily eight hajj flights from federal and provincial capitals,PIA is also ensuring its regular 125 flight departures and arrivals for its an estimated 13-14 thousand international and domestic passengers on daily basis.

According to PIA, so far four Hajj flights from Karachi have carried 2012 intending pilgrims; eight flights from Lahore carried 4024; nine flights from Islamabad carried 4527; nine flights from Peshawar carried 2961 and  four flights from Quetta carried 1316 to Jeddah.

However, quoting teachnical reasons, PIA said that to ensure safety of the aircraft and passengers and to make journey comfortable, there were some delays in the departure of regular flights which were allowed to depart as soon as the engineers confirmed the aircraft safety. 

As regards the Hajj flights, so far, only one from Peshawar suffered 27 minute delay due to passenger's scrutiny and  narcotic checking at the airport on Sept 20.

PIA engineering is also maintaining fitness of 32 aircraft out of fleet of 38 for safe air travel while five planes are under major maintenance due to Bird hits at Lahore and Karachi needing new engines. One ATR 42-500 that skidded off the main runway few days back due to torrential rains in Lahore is also undergoing repairs.  

Spokesman said that PIA's 204 pre-Hajj flight departures t Jeddah and 4 direct flights to Madinah-tul-Munawwara will continue till October 20. This year PIA is expected to carry over 95,000 pilgrims through Hajj and regular flights.