Sunday, July 1, 2012

Dr Mehtab Karim delivers lecture at SSUET

By Abdul Qadir Qureshi

Dr Mehtab S Karim, a distinguished Senior Fellow & Affiliated Professor,  School of Public Policy from George Mason University USA, visited Sir Syed University of Engineering & Technology (SSUET), Karachi, and delivered a lecture on Role of Youth in National Development: Examples from Karachi/Aspirations and Entrepreneurship potential among youth in Karachi”.

 In his lecture and presentation through power-point he explained that the youth plays a most important role in socio-economic development and growth of a country. 

“There is a dilemma that in most of developed countries, futility has declined in the last three or four decades that resulted reduction in proportion of youth population in total population and consequently old age population has increased. Old age population needs social security, health care, etc. that needs resources,” the visiting Professor from George Mason University pointed out. 

In Islamic countries, he continued, fertility has not declined to the extent as in other countries resulting that there is a bulge of youth population in age group of 10-29 years. The group is productive group and can contribute significantly to socio-economic development and political changes in the country. Recent upheaval and revolution in many Islamic countries like Tunisia, Egypt, Jordan, Bahrain, Syria and other countries are reflective of it. 

Talking about Pakistan, he said, this country has sizeable proportion of youth population and if properly guided can be a reservoir for socio-economic development in the country. However, for a number of reasons youth are divided on many considerations and grounds in the county that is not good for the country itself because extremism of any type results in hatred and violence, he observed. 

Dr. Mehtab Kareem also held detailed discussion with Engr Z. A. Nizami, Chancellor, SSUET, talking about the possible collaboration with universities in the country and abroad.   Engr Nizami informed him that the SSUET already has collaboration with any US and UK universities and would like to collaborate with the distinguished George Mason University. Mohammad Yahya Waliullah, Director IT & Statistical Bureau, SSUET will act as coordinator/focal person in collaborative efforts.