Monday, August 19, 2013

Action demanded against irregularities in homeopathy

By Abdul Qadir Qureshi
(Pakistan News & Features Services)

Former Acting President, National Council for Homeopathy, H.Dr Jawed Hussain Shah, has urged upon the concerned authorities to take immediate notice of rampant irregularities in Homeopathy and the falling standard of Homoeo education.

In a statement issued in Karachi on August 18, he called for initiation of immediate action against all colleges providing sub-standard education, conduct of sub-standard education and above all fake admissions.

He reiterated his demand that the authority for conducting Homoeo examinations be with drawn from the Council and entrusted to some Board or University to bring an end to ongoing irregularities and corruption.

He pointed out that the Homeo examinations which were due to start from June 20, 2013 had to be delayed because of the in fight going on for occupying the chairmanship of Examining Body of National Council of Homeopathy and now these are expected to commence from August 20.

H.Dr Jawed Shah observed that the quality of examinations has become sub-standard and non-transparent because of  acting Registrar and Acting Controller of Examination while the government-nominated Chairman was not allowed to function by a section of people having vested interests.

He said that majority of Council members are those who owns Homeopathic Medical colleges and are responsible for falling standard of homeopathic education.

He demanded of all the Provincial authorities to setup raiding teams to check use of unfair means during Homeo examinations as well as the activities of  ‘booty mafia.’

He said that those examination centres be sealed  where use of unfair means may be allowed and the colleges involved therein be black-listed.