Sunday, August 16, 2009

Lyari residents protest Rehman Dakait's killing

Thousands of people from Lyari gathered to protest the killing of Rehman Dakait Sunday in a massive rally that went from Pakistan Chowk to the Karachi Press Club.

The protest was organised in part by the Peoples Aman Committee.

Rehman Dakait, as he is commonly known, was killed in what the police have said was an encounter last week. Dakait was wanted in over 100 criminal cases and was known as one of Karachi's most dangerous gangsters. Just before his death he had begun to undertake charity work in his area, winning over many of the residents, who are mostly Baloch.

The people who took part in the protest shouted slogans against SP Chaudhry Aslam, the police officer whose men killed Rehman. They demanded his arrest and their arrests for the 'extra judicial killing'.

Some of the protestors, including women and children, showed up wearing Pakistan Peoples Party flags wrapped around their heads. Others held up black flags and shouted 'Jeay Bhutto' [Long Live Bhutto].

Some of them said that Lyari had been neglected and some ministers were to blame.