Saturday, April 18, 2009

Nasreen Jalil for registration of all those entering into Karachi

Karachi: Naib City Nazim Ms. Nasreen Jalil has underlined the need of registration of people and administering them vaccine at the entry points of Karachi so that correct data of the people entering into city could be collected besides controlling the infectious diseases.
The registration system should also be introduced in other cities of Pakistan, she suggested adding that no development could be beneficial without proper statistics and planning. Talking to an 11-member delegation of officials undergoing 66th pre-service training course at provincial services academy, Peshawar, at her office on Friday, Ms. Jalil said owing to growing population of Karachi, it was imperative for the federal government to focus on the issues of this city. The delegation led by Sardar Muhammad Nawaz Khan, Consultant Instructor of the academy, and currently on a weeklong visit of Karachi, agreed to the contention of Naib City Nazim and stated that registration of citizens would greatly help resolving various problems.

Ms. Jalil highlighted the role of Pakhtoon community in the development of Karachi and said the city government was endeavoring to provide them with all the basic facilities. She said all those living in Karachi should own it and indulge themselves in the development of this city. Nasreen Jalil said all the elected representatives of Karachi were from the masses while those ruling the other cities of country belonged to certain dynasties and had always enjoyed power. Pleading that the police in Karachi should be under the control of city government, she said such a system works all around the world. She also talked of granting provincial autonomy to strengthen the system.