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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Karachi gang rape shocks Karachiites

It took the gang rape survivor less than 24 hours to realise that she was better off withdrawing her statement, so badly did the government and police manage the case.
Twenty-something K and her acquaintance S, in her mid-30s, were driving in a blue Suzuki Alto on Khayaban-e-Qasim in DHA Karachi when three to four men in a car rammed into them from the back. The small car dived into a ditch, the women were dragged from the car, abducted and K was gang raped while S was beaten. They were then dumped back at the spot. M, one of K’s friends, took them to hospital from where the case was taken up.
DIG South Iqbal Mehmood confirmed that the medico-legal report stated that rape had indeed taken place. “The report has been reserved for now and will only be released on Tuesday,” he said. S was beaten and needed 17 stitches, added Citizens-Police Liaison Committee chief Ahmed Chinoy. He told The Express Tribune, “Since there was no medico-legal officer (MLO) at Jinnah hospital they were then taken to Services hospital where the MLO examined the girl and also took samples for DNA testing. The initial report does say that she was raped.” Police Surgeon Dr Hamid Parhiyar said K’s clothes have been handed over to the police. DNA samples have been dispatched as well. Dr Sumayan, who carried out the chemical examination, has declined to comment.
K’s friend M registered the First Information Report (FIR) No. 585/10 under Sections 365-A (kidnapping) and 375/34 (gang rape) of the Pakistan Penal Code at Darakshan police station. It states that there were three to four unidentified men who committed the crime. The complaint was, however, withdrawn late Monday night.
At the Darakhshan police station, where the statements were recorded, a veritable media circus had broken out. Not one to be left out, information adviser Sharmila Farooqui arrived and after attempting to speak to K, met the media at about 7:30 pm. Against all internationally adopted procedures, the adviser not only named the rape survivor but went on to express scepticism and describe K as extremely “hyper” and “rude” as she did not want to speak to anyone. “She’ll beat you with a stick if you go meet her!” Farooqui exclaimed.
The adviser told the media that K had said that she would think about giving names and addresses after mulling over them through the night. Amid a rash of questions, Farooqui discussed M’s statement that led to the FIR. M’s statement was automatically assumed to be K’s version of the events, that she went to a “party” and was raped after she emerged from it. “But this is her version,” said Farooqui. She went on to make the judgement that K’s statements had been “contradictory” because her friends had given different statements and locations.
“You will understand it later [after investigations are through],” Farooqui answered to further badgering from the media. “We’ve understood it a little… Uss [her statements] mein jaan nahi he. Thora sa he.”
Farooqui said that K was blaming the police and politicians for inviting the media. “A perfectly normal person would panic with so much media around,” the adviser admitted.
K was not willing to share details of where she lived, the address of the supposed party she had attended and other information. S was also not keen on divulging any details.
Adviser Farooqui and the CPLC’s Chinoy went on to stress that the rumours of a gang operating in DHA were not true. “There is no such thing. It is an individual, isolated case,” Farooqui said. She expressed sympathy for the police. “The bechara DIG has been sitting here for four hours,” she remarked.
Chinoy, who also spoke to K, said, “She was calm. However given the amount of media present, given what happened, she was disturbed and said that she had not been treated fairly [mere sath insaaf nahi hua he].”
While officials admitted that the medico-legal report showed that K had been raped, the prevailing consensus at the police station was that the women were at fault and were ‘blackmailing’ someone by filing the FIR. When asked about K’s profession, DIG Iqbal Mehmood huffily replied, “She says she is a model.” He then went on to disclose personal biological details about her.
At the police station, there appeared to be an effort to portray that the alleged victims were ‘call girls’ and one of them was involved in ‘trafficking women’. Much was made of the “fact” that the women had reportedly attended a party and that one of their statements did not match.
“The victim is not ready to inform the police about the culprits and she is not even answering when the police ask her from where she was returning home at midnight,” said SHO Rana Amjad. “We did not register the case on the complaint of the victim but we lodged the FIR over media pressure.” The women had not spoken to any media personnel and had left the police station while reporters were amassed outside.
The small car, which had been hit by the alleged perpetrators’ car, stood in the parking lot at the police station. Its front and rear ends had received extensive damage and the windshield was smashed.
Speaking to The Express Tribune on the condition of anonymity, a female police surgeon with 15 years of experience, who works with rape survivors admitted at Jinnah hospital, Civil hospital and Abbasi Shaheed Hospital, said: “We keep asking the (alleged) victim questions and slowly take them into confidence in order to get the whole story. Every now and then we revert to the same questions in order to check for continuity… In some cases the woman may be severely traumatised and when questioned by the police may succumb to pressure.” Dr Mubarak Ali, a medico-legal officer at Civil hospital, also said a victim’s story changes if they get scared of the police.
PPI reported, however, that both women came to the police station on Monday at about midnight and informed the police about the case.
According to this report, the police took them to Civil Hospital Karachi (CHK) for medico-legal formalities. CHK MLO Dr Qarrar told PPI that the initial report suggested that the woman was raped.
Clifton SP Tariq Dharejo told The Express Tribune that the DIG was forming a special investigation team to investigate the matter. The mobile phone records are being pulled as well.
with additional input by mahnoor sherazee
Published in The Express Tribune, December 21st, 2010.

Friday, July 2, 2010

SHO Nasirul Hassan , guard killed in attack near German Chowk

SHO Nasirul Hassan
A station house officer (SHO) associated with the Brigade police, and his guard, were gunned down on Thursday night in an incident reported merely yards away from the cops’ station of responsibility.

SHO Nasirul Hassan and and Head Constable Khurram Butt had completed a round of snap checking and were on their way back to the police station when they were attacked, narrated Deputy Inspector-General (DIG)-South Iqbal Mehmood.

Around 10.05pm, however, some armed men riding on motorcycles intercepted their vehicle near German

Chowk — about 200 yards away from the Brigade police station — and opened fire at the two men, before fleeing the scene of crime.

Inspector Hassan and Head Constable Butt were taken to the Jinnah Postgraduate Medical Centre (JPMC), where they were pronounced dead.
Relatives of SHO Nasirul Hassan mourning over his death.

The DIG said told The News that 48-year-old Hassan was one of the officers who had taken part in the Karachi operations during the decade of the 1990s.

Hassan had also conducted an operation against a gang of criminals in Lyari, and had worked under the now-defunct Lyari Task Force, the DIG said.

Mehmood said that more than 240 officers who had taken part in the Karachi operation of the 1990s had been killed so far, but none of their killers could be arrested.

The DIG said that the deceased had received multiple bullet wounds. He said that the assailants had used Kalashnikovs, TT and 9mm pistols.

The inspection of the vehicle of the deceased policemen was telling: about 10 bullets were fired through the front windshield, and a number of others through the side doors.

Inspector Nasirul Hassan, who hailed from Gujrat, left behind a widow and seven children.

In yet another incident of targeted killing, an activist of the banned religious outfit Sipah-e-Sahaba Pakistan (SSP) was gunned down in Khokrapar police limits.

Qari Noor Muhammad, 35, a Peshimam of a mosque, and his friend Muneer, also 35, received bullet wounds when four armed men riding on two motorcycles opened fire at them in Khokrapar No-2 while they were sitting outside the mosque.

After the incident, residents of the area and the police shifted the injured to JPMC, where Qari Noor Muhammad breathed his last.

According to the police, the deceased was an SSP activist, while the murder is believed to be a targeted assasination.

Later on, supporters of the SSP blocked the main road of the area, and ordered shop owners to close their businesses in protest against the killing.

However, the police and personnel of the Rangers rushed to the spot and controlled the situation.(TN)

Friday, May 14, 2010

Sinister shakedown

‘Not even two police mobiles can protect you from our wrath’ was the threat given to shopkeepers who had protested against extortion at Nursery furniture market day earlier.

Fed up with forking over money each month, a group of angry shopkeepers blocked Shahrah-i-Faisal near Nursery on Wednesday to protest the alleged harassment and extortion by men they described as Sunni Tehreek (ST) activists. The shopkeepers burnt tyres, suspending traffic for around 45 minutes till the police and rangers officials promised them that they would act against the culprits. Barely 24 hours later, the businessmen at E-market in union council No 6 Mehmoodabad, alleged that the men they nominated in FIRs on Wednesday have threatened them with ‘serious consequences’.

For its part, however, the Sunni Tehreek has denied all allegations that the ‘extortionists’ are affiliated with their party. “The central leadership of the party talked to the president and general secretary of the association of shopkeepers and assured them that no party worker was involved in this crime,” said Shahid Ghauri, central leader of the ST, while talking to The Express Tribune on Thursday. “After they identified the culprits, we said the shopkeepers could take whatever action they want against the criminals, none of them belonged to our party.”

According to Ghauri, his party only collects “donations” in the months of Ramazan and Rabiul Awal. “We request all the shopkeepers to inform the central leadership of the ST in case someone collects money from them in the name of the party,” he said. Wednesday’s protest ended only after the Ferozabad police registered an FIR under sections 384/85/86/34 against Rehan Qadri, Faisal Qadri, Qadri Baba and eight unidentified men. “I received a call in the morning from Qadri baba, threatening me that the police cannot protect us,” alleged Irshad Ahmad, who is the chairman of the E-market Shopkeepers Association.

According to Ahmad, the activists has been extracting money from them for the last one year and despite their complaints, the authorities have done nothing to stop them. For his part, however, Ferozabad SHO Azam Baloch told The Express Tribune that this was the first time they had received such a complaint. He confirmed that the suspects were affiliated with the ST. “We have been conducting raids to arrest them since morning,” he said, before he left for another one.

The association’s Irshad Ahmed said that the shopkeepers had been giving monthly ‘bhatta’ to alleged ST workers out of fear but when the “gangsters” misbehaved with some elders on a routine collection trip this Wednesday, the shopkeepers lost their cool. “We could not fight them at that time since they had weapons,” said Muhammad Qasim, a furniture shop owner. “So we decided to protest.” The ‘extortionists’ have a complete list of shops and shopkeepers of union council No 6, Mehmoodabad, and every shopkeeper is charged according to his income. The money is collected allegedly in the name of Ahle Sunnat Khidmat Trust, ST Mehmoodabad.

The collectors issue receipts to paying shopkeepers. Each receipt is numbered and is issued in the name of an individual. The collector signs the receipt before collecting the money and also writes the amount of money received. A note at the end of the receipt says, “you allow that your money can be used in any good work”. E-market consists of more than 350 shops and the amount of extortion money collected from each shop ranges between Rs 50 to Rs10,000. About the receipts distributed among the shopkeepers as proof that the money was going to the ST coffers, the ST leader said party leaders would investigate the matter.

“We will try to find out how the receipts reached the criminals and we will take action after the investigation,” said ST central leader Shahid Ghauri. Nonetheless, the shopkeepers said they have finally decided to take a stand. “We are going to face them whatever happens,” said Jibran, a shopkeeper. “We cannot bear them any more.” According to the E-market association’s leaders, police officials have assured them of help and security. Shopkeepers from G-market were however, not feeling as secure. “Better pay them money instead of risking our lives,” said one shopkeeper on condition of anonymity. He has been paying Rs5,000 per month in extortion money.

According to him, the police would not arrest the culprits even if they were identified. He feels that the police and the extortionists have some sort of “understanding”.

Published in the Express Tribune, May 14th, 2010.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Man arrested by Quaidabad Police for killing wife

A man was booked for stabbing his wife to death over suspicion of illicit relations at Rehri Road, Muzaffarabad Colony in the limits of Quaidabad police station on Friday night.

Police said the incident occurred at a slum locality where victim Aneela, 22, used to live with her husband Asad.

Station House Officer (SHO) Irfan Meo said the deceased got married to Asad two years ago and had no children, adding that her husband with the help of relatives killed the victim. Police found the body after the local residents of the area informed them, he added. Her body was shifted to Jinnah Postgraduate Medical Centre (JPMC) for legal formalities.

Police said that the victim may be killed over suspicion of illicit relations however, a case 253/10 was registered under section 302/34 against Asad and his relatives.

The victim hailed form Hazara while Asad is from Mardan. Further investigations are underway.

Separately, police found a body of a person from the bushes who had died by an overdose of heroin at Ghareeb colony in the limits of Malir City police station. The body was shifted to JPMC for legal formalities after which it was shifted to Edhi Morgue for identification. (DT Report)

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

KESC cuts power supply to police stations

The Karachi Electric Supply Company (KESC) Monday disconnected power supply to over a dozen police stations and their adjoining residential quarters and installations for non payment of dues.
The disconnected police installations included Garden police Headquarters, Baldia police lines, Elite force, Artillery police lines, DIG office, Saddar and Jamshed Quarters. Residents of some of the police line came out on roads raising slogan against KESC management and demanding restoration of power.

Friday, January 8, 2010

No connection of MQM activists and Urdu speaking people with the Lyari gang wars: Muttahida calls on security agencies to act on Karachi situation

Muttahida Qaumi Movement today said that there was no connection of MQM activists and Urdu speaking people with the Lyari gang war and ongoing incidents of violence in Karachi.

In a statement issued here, the MQM’s Rabita Committee said that a bloody fighting took place between Lyari gangs on Jan 7, resulting in the killing of several people. However, he said that criminal people of Lyari gang wars first kidnapped MQM workers and Urdu speaking people, and then later martyred them on Jan 8.

“The killing of the innocent MQM’s workers has become a routine matter now, it said.

The committee said that despite the fact that MQM has been informing the federal and provincial governments about the gruesome incidents, no positive outcome has surfaced so far.

The coordination committee further said that no action was taken against any murderer.

Therefore, the MQM appeals to the responsible and honest officers of rangers, police and secret agencies that they should come forward to protect the life and property of innocent people.

According to the MQM, it is the legal and constitutional obligation of law enforcement agencies to protect innocent people from getting killed.

Sunday, December 27, 2009


City administration has been facilitated greatly due to the availability of Command & Control Center and surveillance cameras in its monitoring the area from Nishter Park to Tower during Muharram-ul-Haram. So far city government has installed 275 video cameras on different locations and 100 more will be installed within a week. No one can abolish this system in future as any such attempt would be resisted by the people who have owned this system.

This was stated by City Nazim Syed Mustafa Kamal while talking to media representatives on Saturday at Command & Control Center. Earlier he reviewed the city condition specially the situation at Nishter Park and M.A Jinnah Road during the 9th Muharram procession and afterwards attended the procession at M.A Jinnah Road and met with the organizers and religious leaders.

The CCPO Karachi Waseem Ahmed along with SSP Dr. Aamir Yousuf Zai and other police officers were also present on this occasion and inspected the main procession from the screens of command and control room.

City Nazim said that the present day challenges could not be dealt without using latest technology. City Government has provided this facility to administration that has helped and enabled them to monitor the condition of city during Muharram-ul-Haram. He said that the Nishter Park was now regarded as the key place for holding of religious and other people’s gatherings. This system was not specific to Muharram and has been established on permanent basis. All the entrance routes of Nishter Park and its internal area were being monitored completely.

City Nazim said that not only this system was helping the police but was also used to control the fire brigade, ambulance service 1122 and city wardens who are also on the ground. He said that the system could record the data for next 10 years and its capacity was being enhanced on regular basis. The area from Airport to Metropole Hotel and from Saddar to Safoora Chowk(Corridor III) will also include in the coverage area within a week.

The CCPO Karachi Waseem Ahmed on this occasion said that the city government’s command and control system was supported by latest technology and has been proved effective and helpful for Karachi Police. He said that the surveillance system could save the city from any possible terrorist act and the police and other law enforcement agencies could be informed instantly in case of any emergency situation. He also acknowledged the help and coordination received by police from the town nazmeen and the town administration in Karachi.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Security put on red alert across Sindh

The security across Sindh especially Karachi has been put on "red-alert" following the terrorist attack on the General Headquarter Rawalpindi (GHQ), while the security agencies have been ordered to remain alert in order to avoid any untoward incident.
The police sources revealed here on Sunday, the law enforcing agencies have prepared the lists for the arrest of the activists of the banned organizations.
Sources said that these organizations include banned Sippah-e-Sahaba-e-Pakistan, Lashkar-e-Jhangvi, Sippah-e-Muhammad, Jash-e-Muhammad, Harak-ul-Jihad-e-Islami, Jindullah Group (Haji Mumtaz alias Hamza Group), Jandullah group (Amjid Farooqi Group), Harakat ul Mujahideen and several others banned organizations.
Sources added that the security agencies have been ordered for the search of the workers of the above mentioned banned organizations in Landhi, Malir, Korangi, Model Colony, Shah Faisal Colony, Sherpao Colony, Future Colony, Millat Colony, Mungho Pir areas of Karachi.
While on the other hand, the security has been put on red alert of all sensitive building and installations including Sindh Assembly, Sindh High Court including Red Zone, Corps Commander Office, Navel and Air Force Office, Sindh Home Department, Central Jail Police Office, Garden Headquarter and Police Training Centre.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

2 Policemen among 4 killed in Lyari firing

Four people were shot dead including two policemen in firing between police and criminal gangs in Lyari Kalakot area of Karachi on Sunday. Armed men attacked the police with hand grenades and killed four people among two policemen. Police recovered heavy weapons from criminals’ possession. Police also captured large quantity of weapons during raid at a godown in the locality. Police conducted raid at a godown on a tip-off, during which criminals lobbed a hand grenade and opened firing at the police party, leaving two cops dead on the spot.

Firing is still continued between the police and criminals, echoing the area with the sound of heavy firing. Armored carriers and Rangers contingents have reached in the area to assist the police. Police have seized a light machinegun, seven Kalashnikovs, two repeaters, two pistols, a grenade, eight walkie-talkies and hundreds of bullets from the godown. A bus was burnt at Rashid Mihas road by unknown men.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Over 300 flour sacks seized in Karachi

The secret information Karachi police sought on late Thursday helped them raid and recover over 300 sacks of flour meant to be sold on cheap prices under the Prime Minister Scheme from Mosa Colony area. The flour bags were hoarded in a private godown, a private TV reported.

According to SP Gulberg Town Naveed Khwaja raided a godown located in a house and recovered as many of 300 sacks of flour of 10-kg bag each, while arresting the owner identified as Khizir Hayat. The arrested person claimed to have had close links with a political party while police said they have launched investigation having registered case against him.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Lyari gangster Rehman Dakait killed

By Kamil Arif

KARACHI: Hundreds of Baloch residents of Lyari attended the funeral of legendary gangster Rehman Dakait Monday evening.

Dakait and Aqeel were buried in Mawach Goth and Aurangzeb and Nazeer were laid to rest in Mewa Shah after their funeral prayers were offered at Cheel Chowk's nearby Eidgah, Lyari. Charity pioneer Abdus Sattar Edhi and the Lyari town nazim attended the funeral.

Most of the day Baloch-dominated areas Malir, Gadap and Pak Colony stayed shut and protests sporadically erupted after Dakait and his three accomplices were shot dead Sunday night in Steel Town.

The seemingly invincible Rehman Dakait, whose legend as a Lyari gangster was so strong that the word ‘dacoit’ had become his surname, was shot dead with three of his men in Steel Town Sunday night at Kathore Morr on Link Road. The bodies, which were being kept at the Edhi Morgue at Sohrab Goth, were finally released after a large crowd protested outside the morgue. The protestors, many of who were women, were family and Dakait supporters who arrived in buses and vans in large numbers. A heavy contingent of police was deployed.

The bodies were taken to Lyari via Mauripur in a procession that passed the Lyari Expressway, escorted by the police, to keep traffic flowing smoothly.

After the shooting, the bodies were taken to Jinnah hospital for a post mortem and so far, the only report that has been released is that each of the dead had been shot three or four times. There has been no report on approximately when they were shot, or from what range. The full report on the post mortem is expected later.

No FIR has been lodged yet, confirmed the Steel Town SHO. The police cited this as the reason for not releasing the bodies to their families. However, the bodies were released after a large crowd protested.

SP Chaudhry Aslam confirmed the news of the encounter to the media at Jinnah hospital along with police chief Waseem Ahmed.

Dakait was notorious as Karachi's most feared gangster who ruled a sprawling network of guns and drugs out of the congested neighbourhood. His main rival Arshad Pappu is in jail.

According to CCPO Waseem Ahmed, Rehman Dakait was wanted in more than 100 cases, including the murders of some 80 policemen and the kidnapping and torture of Inspector Nasir Ali. Ahmed added that Dakait had previously been arrested but had escaped. He termed Dakait’s death an achievement for the police and said that the Sindh governor and the Sindh home minister had announced rewards of Rs 1,000,000 each. The sum will be divided among the members of SP Aslam’s party, according to their involvement in the encounter.

He claimed that with Dakait gone, the police will be able to bring law and order to Lyari and create a sense of normalcy for the residents of the town. SAMAA

Monday, July 13, 2009

Chief of Capital City Police suspends DSP, 5 SHOs

The Capital City Police Officer, Karachi, Waseem Ahmed suspended a DSP and five SHOs for failing to stem target-killing and other crimes in the city.

According to a spokesman, the suspended police officers include DSP Ferozabad, SHO Ferozabad, SHO Gulshan-e-Iqbal, SHO Taimuria, SHO Aziz Bhutti and SHO Shah Faisal.

It merits mention here that earlier, the city police chief addressed the police officers at Arts Council Auditorium and said that the incidents that occurred in the past three days in Karachi, are a mark of shame for the police force.

Monday, June 8, 2009

TTP man with Qaeda link held in Karachi

* Police seize suicide jackets, weapons and other equipment used in terror activities

KARACHI: The Crime Investigation Department (CID) of the Sindh police has arrested an Al Qaeda operative here who is associated with the Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP), and claimed to have seized suicide jackets, weapons and other equipment used in terror activities.

The arrested Taliban was identified as Mohammad Naeem Rehmani, son of Qadir Bux Rehmani and was arrested on June 5 in Lyari Town following intelligence information received by the CID.

CID Additional Inspector General Javed Bukhari while speaking at a press conference said during initial investigation, the arrested person revealed that he and his associates were planning to carry out major terror activities in Karachi, including suicide attacks, and therefore they had stocked a huge cache of weapons and explosives.

Offices of intelligence agencies, top government officials, CID officials and high-profile personalities were among their targets.

The CID official further said that Naeem was associated with TTP chief Baitullah Mehsud. Five suicide jackets containing 60 kilogrammes of explosives, five unprepared suicide jackets, ten hand grenades, two Ak-47 assault rifles, six detonators, ten fuse detonators and 200 bullets were recovered after the arrested men identified various locations where they had hid the weapons.

The arrested terrorist confessed that his group sent its associates to Afghanistan for training. “Several of them are receiving training in Afghanistan,” the official added.

Investigators also revealed that the arrested Taliban had links with Al Qaeda and was working as its operative in Karachi.

He is an expert in making suicide jackets, the official said.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Darakshan police station gets ‘adopted’

By Faraz Khan

KARACHI: The Zindagi Trust has ‘adopted’ the Darakshan police station located in Clifton Town.

Now the trust, in collaboration with some schools that are located near the police station, is responsible for running the police station and also for catering to the problems faced by the police personnel. There are 125 police personnel deputed at the station, out of which, 110 belong to the operational division, while the remaining are a part of the investigation division. The operational division has 55 Police Constables (PC), 13 Head Constables (HC), six Sub Inspectors (SI) and 18 Assistant Sub Inspectors who are working under the supervision of Station Head Officer (SHO) Raja Tariq.

The police station is located in a posh area of the city and has many important places within its jurisdiction including the Seaview area, Country Club, the Florida Homes apartment complex, 30 banks, various commercial areas including Badar Commercial, Saba Commercial, Bukhari Commercial and Shahbaz Commercial. There are various projects under construction within its jurisdiction, including a power plant and a water filtering plant.

It is pertinent to mention here that seven policemen of the Darakshan police station have lost their lives while performing their duties. However, the fact that the trust has adopted the police station has increased the responsibilities of the police personnel. Sindh Inspector General of Police Salahuddin Babar Khattak and Karachi Police chief Wasim Ahmed said that the station was adopted two weeks ago and its renovation is almost complete. It would be inaugurated by South Zone DIG A D Khawaja on Saturday, April 11.

“Such measures will boost the confidence of the police and, therefore, help in tackling crime more efficiently,” SHO Raja Tariq told Daily Times, adding that separate budgets have been allocated for everything by the Zindagi Trust. The Darakshan police station has also been provided with two generators. A canteen is also being set up within the premises of the police station, which will provide food of the highest quality, while the detainees in the police lockups will be provided food free of cost.

“Now we can get good quality food and a bottle of water for just Rs 15,” said the officer, adding that a 24-hour clinic is also being set up there.

Specialists for diseases such as cancer, hepatitis, eye and skin infections will be available in the clinic. Police uniforms will also be provided to them and a laundry is also being established there, which will wash uniforms free of cost.

For now, three police mobile units have also been deployed at the station with the promise of more to come. In exchange, the trust has requested the police high-ups to beef up police patrol in the area.

A programme offering loans for police personnel may also be introduced, while efforts are being made to provide free of cost education to the children of police personnel, along with a health policy. (DT Report)

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

City Police vehicles continue to bear irregular number plates

The News Report

Most police cars in the city sport illegal or irregular number plates, and even the top brass of the police is guilty of violating their own laws in this regard, investigations by The News have revealed.

The traffic police on their part are adamant that the problem is not as bad as it was some months ago, as action is now being taken against errant police vehicles. “Illegal number plates have been removed from police cars on the order of the Inspector General,” claimed Wajid Ali Durrani, DIG Traffic, when asked why police vehicles were allowed to go around with such plates. Durrani said that not only has the usage of such police mobiles been curtailed, but a campaign was initiated against VIP vehicles in this regard. Durrani added that a squad had been organised and dispatched to the Sindh Secretariat to remove illegal plates from police and official vehicles.

On the other hand, however, interviews with the security staff and police officers on duty at the Secretariat revealed that such a squad only exists on paper. In fact, official cars and police vehicles bearing such plates are seen routinely parked at the Sindh Secretariat and Civic Centre, where most of the local and provincial government offices are housed. Durrani said that nearly 40,000 vehicles have been fined for bearing illegal number plates and six million rupees in fines (Rs150 per vehicle) have been collected since the ban was imposed.

— By Mehroz Sadruddin

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Karachi police on killing spree

The way the City Police murdered four businessmen from Balochistan just hours before the advent of 2009 and the way police killed a youngster on the new year’s eve, it is obvious the police has secured license to kill innocent people and this government did not want to stop this unabated killing spree.

This is unfortunate state of affairs and the blame squarely rests on the shoulders of talkative Zulfikar Mirza, the right hand man of President Asif Ali Zardari. There is a genuine feeling among those who know Mirza who seldom cares for the worsening law and order in the metropolis. The new wave is dangerous as city police showed no remorse and claimed those who were killed they fired first at the police party then the police shot them dead in self defence. This is unbelievable and unacceptable.

Four young traders from Balochistan were shot dead by police in Karachi. Similarly a young man was killed on the New Year’s eve who was coming out of a fast food outlet.

The police repeated the similar story and claimed to recover three bottles of whisky from his car. If this is the basis to kill him then I am afraid every second minister in Sindh could become target of such wanton killing. In most of the cases they are religiously involved in fun and frolic and the chief minister seldom bothers to take strict action. Why they use so much booze whenever they manage to secure power is anybody’s guess.

Apart from this, six citizens lost their lives who were celebrating the New Year in style. This is unpardonable again. (The Nation)