Thursday, September 8, 2016

US diplomats meet Sindh Governor

By Abdul Qadir Qureshi 
(Pakistan News & Features Services)

The Governor of Sindh, Dr Ishrat-ul-Ebad Khan has reckoned that peace has been fast restored in Pakistan particularly in Karachi due to Zarb-e-Azb and the Sindh government was endeavoring to further strengthen the law and order situation and the forces and political leadership were acting under short middle term and long term plans in this regard.

He said that foreign investors can take full benefit of restoration of law and order and in order to eliminate poverty and elimination of factors through which crimes come up. 

"A strong Pakistan is inevitable for maintenance of peace and development in the area. He said that restoration of law and order and development in Pakistan is dependent on peace, tranquility and development in Karachi", the Governor said in a meeting with newly posted US Counsel General, Grace Shelton, and the outgoing CG Brian Heath who called on him at the Governor House. 

 The Governor gave a detail account of the steps taken for maintenance of security and law and order and to ensure success of the steps taken in promoting foreign investment in Pakistan. 

He asserted that targeted operation against terrorists, target killers, extortionists and criminals involved in kidnapping for ransom would continue till complete elimination of crimes from the province particularly from Karachi. 

He said that military and political leadership in this regards are on one page and altogether to end all types of crimes from the country. He pointed out that there is no doubt that democracy is the only solution to resolve public issues but the continuance of democracy is that the act of accountability should continue ob permanent basis. 

He said that the action of armed forces against terrorism is worth appreciable and an open truth that Pakistan worst affected in war against terrorism. He said that financially and economically strong Pakistan is in the area and the world. He said that enhanced foreign investment is need of time. 

He said that very attractive sectors in Pakistan and Sindh Province are present for foreign investment. He said that America has extended help in many sectors of Pakistan for which Pakistani people are thankful to American people. 

He said that American investors can take much benefit of best investment in score of appropriate sectors in Pakistan and Sindh.

The Governor said that America under the US AID program has commenced score of projects of public welfare, which include Institute of Health Sciences at Jacobabad, gynea ward at Jinnah Hospital Karachi and projects of health and education those are seen by public with appreciable sight. 

The US Counsel General Brian Heath said that Sindh Province has vast opportunities and it require attention to take benefit and American investors are diverting in this regard. 

He said that during his posting he worked for the strengthening of Pak-America relationship and strengthening Pakistan financially and economically and would continue to do so in future also. 

He said that during his posting at Karachi he received love and affection, the people were caring, and he never felt that he was out of America. 

The newly posted Counsel General Grace Shelton expressing views said that she would endeavour to further strengthen the relations between America and Pakistan. 

She said that it's her desire to attract the foreigner investors to invest in Pakistan especially in Sindh Province, adding  that the cooperation of Governor in this regard would be beneficial. The Sindh Governor extended his full cooperation to Counsel General in this regard.