Monday, March 28, 2016

First phase of Sir Syed Tower inaugurated on Pakistan Day

By Abdul Qadir Qureshi
(Pakistan News & Features Services)

The first phase of the iconic Sir Syed Tower was completed and inaugurated with the soft opening of the offices of the Aligarh Muslim University Old Boys Association (AMUOBA), the promoters of the multi-million rupees and multi-storeyed project.

A ceremony was held to celebrate the occasion in the constructed portion of the Tower, coinciding the Pakistan Day thus making it a historic moment. 

The Sir Syed Tower was described as an icon because of its location in the very heart of the city just opposite the Arts Council of Pakistan and Sindh Assembly, Sindh High Court and Governor House in its vicinity. 

Giving his presidential speech on the occasion, the Chancellor of the Sir Syed University (SSUET) and President of the AMUOBA, Jawaid Anwar, remarked that March 23 enjoyed a great significance in the history of Pakistan when the Pakistan Resolution was passed and as a result thereof an independent homeland for the Muslims of the sub-continent was carved out. 

He highlighted the role of Aligarh Muslim University in the Pakistan movement and recalled the words of Liaquat Ali Khan that if there had not been Aligarh University, Pakistan might not have come to existence. “The former students of the Aligarh Muslim University feel proud for their participation in Pakistan Movement and later in the development and progress of Pakistan.”

Chancellor Jawaid Anwar highlighted the importance of education in the development of nations and said that it was Sir Syed Ahmed Khan, the great visionary and reformer who carried forward his mission in this respect. 

He declared that Sir Syed University is striving for further propagating the very mission of Sir Syed Ahmed Khan because it is our firm belief that muslims can regain their past glories only through educational power. 

He said that first phase of Sir Syed Tower has completed and work on second phase commenced. He referred to a suggestion from the chief guest, Sardar Yasin Malik, and said AMUOBA will consider making use of the Tower for some educational purposes as well. 

He said that AMUOBA is employing all resources to make SSUET the best institution and in this regard the best brains have been included in its Board of Governors. He added that in its recent meeting, the Board constituted a committee which will work how to improve the university’s educational standards. 

He complimented Sardar Yasin Malik for his valuable services in various strata of life and now focusing on the cause of education keeping in view the fact that education guides in solving manifold problems. 

The AMUOBA chief reminded that Sir Syed Ahmed Khan gave the Muslims a new direction and our Association is striving to achieve the cherished objectives of development of education. In this regard he particularly mentioned the expansion of Career Planning department and activation of Quality Enhancement Cell. 

Besides, the SSUET is going to sign a MoU with HEJ Institute of Karachi University for undertaking joint research in the field of bio-medical. At SSUET, he said, the employees’ salaries are being increased along with their medical insurance.

Jawaid Anwar said that in order to increase the university’s financial resources, regular evening classes are being started specially the one for preparing student for CSS examination. Besides courses in BBA and MBA are also being started and increased admissions to be given for Masters and Ph.Ds. 

In his speech chief guest Sardar Yasin Malik lamented that Pakistan’s younger generation had little or no knowledge about the importance of March 23, August 14 and similar other historic days which were being treated as mere holidays. 

“It is high time that everyone, who has love for Pakistan, should give serious thought to this serious issue,” he said adding that credit goes to AMUOBA which not only been maintaining the philosophy behind the creation of Pakistan but today we are sitting under its roof at this iconic project. 

He referred to the unmatched importance of Sir Syed Tower and said no other university or organization had such structure in the heart of the city. 

He suggested that since the Tower is in the heart of the city with every kind of offices all around, it would be appropriate if it is also used for educational purposes for those working in these offices and wanted to seek further education and this location will serve as an easy access to them for the purpose. 

Recalling the glimpses of Pakistan Movement, Sardar Yasin Malik said that if Pakistan had not come into existence, most of us would have been doing modest jobs somewhere. 

“For what we are today here we should be indebted to Pakistan, but we did not recognize its worth and value.” 

He mentioned about his close association with AMUOBA and said it is a big achievement that it is constructing Sir Syed Tower. 

Sardar Yasin Malik said that AMUOBA has adopted a positive approach that it is giving membership to SSUET’s passing out graduates as the number of old students has already reduced. 

In his speech, Prof Dr Waqar Ahmed Rizvi dwelt upon the journey of Pakistan Movement in an eloquent manner while Prof Dr Arshad Syed Karim spoke on Pakistan Resolution and establishment of Sir Syed University. 

The Vice-President AMUOBA, Tariq Sabzwari, paid poetic tributes to the promoters of the SSUET, particularly Zakir Ali Khan and Z.A. Nizami. 

The event was largely attended by senior Aligarhians and people belonging to different walks of life. The ceremony ended with a vote of thanks proposed by AMUOBA's General Secretary Arshad Khan.