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Monday, March 8, 2010

Motorway police start road users’ education drive

On instruction of Inspector General of Motorway Police Dr Waseem Kausar, the motorway police N-5 South Zone Sunday started a special campaign to educate the road users about traffic rules while traveling on the highway.
This one-day campaign was implemented from Karachi to Sukkur from 1500 to 1800 hours. It was supervised and commanded by DIG Motorway N-5 South Zone Dr Aftab Ahmed Pathan . During the campaign, all the sector commanders (SP), beat commanders (CPO) and patrolling officers displayed their presence with great endeavor. They informed and educated the road users the rules of highway and to taking precautions while travelling on it.
Violators of the highway law were briefed and warned about taking strict measures against them. All patrolling vehicles, education units, ambulances, tow trucks and mobile workshop displayed their presence on the highway during the drive.
Officer of the education unit briefed the drivers on the traffic rules at different locations on the highway, including hotels, petrol pumps and other places.