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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Glowing tributes paid to Z A Nizami on death anniversary

By Abdul Qadir Qureshi
(Pakistan News & Features Services)

Glowing tributes were paid to Engr Z A Nizami, who was referred to as Baba-e-Karachi and Sir Syed Saani, at a big gathering organized by the Nizami family at KDA Officer’s Club, Karachi, to observe his first death anniversary.

Administrator KMC
Rauf Akhtar Farooqi
The speakers, on the occasion, who included Administrator, Karachi Metropolitan Corporation (KMC), Rauf Akhtar Farooqi, former Sindh Governor, Lt Gen (Rtd) Moinuddin Haider, former Ministers Haji Hanif Tayyab, Dost Mohammed Faizi and Wasim Akhtar, Chairman Pakistan Engineering Council (PEC) Abdul Qadir Shah, AMUOBA members Ali Zafar Afridi and Arif Raza, former Director KDA, Rizwan Siddiqi, fiery Muslim Leaguer Azad Bin Hyder and finally Farrukh NIzami, recalled the services and the accomplishments of the late Engr Nizami in the field of education and development of Karachi. 

An emotional Dost Mohammed Faizi recalled that Engr Nizami had paid the debt he owed to Sir Syed Ahmad Khan by establishing the Sir Syed University of Engineering and Technology (SSUET) in Karachi and now we owe a debt to pay by establishing the Z A Nizami University in his memory.

Dost Mohammad Faizi
His call in this regard was wholeheartedly supported by Haji Hanif Tayyab who offered his services and available resources in this regard saying that Engr Nizami had been the Hatim Tai of his era as well as Baba-e-Taaleem and Sir Syed Saani. 

In his discourse the KMC Administrator, Rauf Akhtar Farooqi, described Engr Nizami a complete personality and an institution in his right and said what he did for this ever sprawling city in his life time will remain unmatched so much so he launched 45 development schemes and no one could bring till to date the 46th scheme. 

He pointed out that those 45 schemes were not mere development schemes but establishment of 45 small towns with provision of all basic infrastructure facilities, a challenging task which no one else could do. He said that the younger generation of engineers must know about his achievements so that they could follow his footsteps. 

Rauf Farooqi said that Engr Nizami's vision can be judged from the fact that as Director General for eight years he steered Karachi to its highest peak besides introducing new departments like Building Control Authority, Traffic Engineering Bureau, Mass Transit, water wing which later turned into Water Board besides streamlining the Master Plan department on most modern lines and introduced Karachi's first Master Plan. 

Moinuddin Haider
Former Governor of Sindh and a member of SSUET’s Board of Governors, Gen Moinuddin Haider, considered Engr Nizami a torch-bearer of the eastern traditions who set very high standards for himself and his team. 

He referred to establishment of the SSUET and observed that since its inception over 15,000 engineers have passed out from here and serving in various parts of the world. He said that the town planning of Karachi was an unmatched example of his God-gifted vision. He said he was a true educationist and his memories will always remain alive. 

A former Provincial Minister, Karachi will be referred to and as an educationist when SSUET comes to limelight. 
Waseem Akhtar
Waseem Akhtar, described Engr Nizami as a towering personality and a multi-faceted figure who, he said, will be remembered whenever the development of

He said that Engr Nizami was the one who contributed the most to the cause of promotion of education and the university established by him was fulfilling his mission of producing high-quality engineers. 

 Chairman PEC, Syed Abdul Qadir Shah, recalled his association with Engr Nizami, stating that he found him having the cause of SSUET students very dear to his heart as if they were his own children.

“He was a true legend and Karachi of today is because of his development vision. He was an all-round engineer, who stood taller than anyone else in the country,” Qadir Shah complimented.

Haji Hanif Tayyab
Noted Aligarhian, Ali Zafar Qadri, talked about his and other members of the AMUOBA association with Engr Nizami and said that besides being a high quality planner, developer and educationist, he was above all a high quality human being having a good sense of humour. 

Arif Raza, another Aligarhian recalled that Engr Nizami’s services for the AMUOBA and said it was a triangle of Engr Z A Nizami, Engr Zakir Ali Khan and Brig Qamarussalam, whose dynamism led to establishment of the SSUET.

Dost Mohammed Faizi appreciated the family members of Engr Nizami for maintaining the noble traditions of their illustrious father. 

He said the nations, who forget their benefactors, go into oblivion and the best way to keep the memory of Engr Nizami alive was to establish a university in his name like the Sir Syed University he established after the name of great educationist Sir Syed Ahmed Khan. 

He said that old students of the SSUET can play a significant role in this regard. Haji Hanif Tayyab, a former Federal Minister, recalled the achievements of Engr Nizami, particularly the development of a garden within the precinct of Quaid-e-Azam mausoleum. 

He shared that Engr Nizami truly followed the Hadith of Prophet Hazrat Mohammed (Peace be Upon Him) that when cities become big and congested, small cities be developed nearby and he developed 45 such small towns around Karachi

Rizwan Siddiqi pointed out that the life of Engr Nizami could be encompassed by taking Aligarh, KDA and Sir Syed University into account. 

On the occasion Azad Bin Hyder presented his 1200-page book titled “From Sir Syed to Quaid-e-Azam” to the Nizami family and said it was Engr Nizami who inspired him to write the historic book. 

In his remarks on the occasion, Farrukh Nizami, son of Engr Z.A Nizami, gave an outline of the future plans for their illustrious father which included the establishment of Z A Nizami Educational Society, issuance of a postal stamp, compilation of book containing clippings and photographs relating to Engr Nizami besides publishing the book titled “Architecture in Islam” which their father wrote in his life time and was eagre for its launch in Saudi Arabia. 

He called for naming a city road after the name of Engr Z A Nizami and hoped that if he had done something valuable, the Aligarh Muslim University Old Boys Association (AMUOBA), too, should play its role in keeping the memories of Engr Nizami alive, who remained its President for so long and served as first Chancellor of SSUET which today enjoys a big name in the world. The proceedings, which were largely attended by people belonging to various walks of life, concluded with singing of “Tarana Aligarh”.

Sunday, June 16, 2013

KDA Officers Club Association remembers Engr Z A Nizami

By Abdul Qadir Qureshi
(Pakistan News & Features Services)

Various facets of the life and achievements of the late Engr Z A Nizami were highlighted at a condolence meeting organized by the KDA Officers Club Association.

The meeting, chaired by Commissioner Karachi, Shoaib Ahmad Siddiqui, was held in the newly constructed Club’s hall named after Engr Z A Nizami.

The speakers, who included two former Director Generals of the Karachi Developing Authority (KDA), paid glowing tributes to Engr Nizami for his vision and above every thing else his relationship with humanity.

In his speech, Commissioner Shoaib Siddiqi said that living nations do not forget their benefactors and Engr Nizami is one of them. He said the condolence references organized for the departed soul fully endorses that his memory in hearts will always remain alive.

He said that Engr Nizami was a person whose dictionary was without the word “No” and that was why he earned prayers of people in thousands having earned their prayers not only when he was the Director General of KDA but also when he became the Chancellor of the Sir Syed University of Engineering & Technology (SSUET).

Shoaib Siddiqi said that when people retire from their position, they are generally not remembered but in the case of Engr Nizami there was a difference  as he always remembered those who worked under him in KDA and kept resolving their problems.

He said that it was his management skill which earned KDA a unique place in the comity of development authorities throughout Pakistan and led Karachi to an unprecedented path of progress and development.

He said although Engr Nizami was no more with us but spiritually he will always remain in our hearts.

Speaking on the occasion Shah Mohammad Misbah, an ex DG KDA remarked that achievements made by late Engr Nizami will remain unmatched, particularly when it will be the question of either modern development or education.

He said that he was the true emancipator of poor and middle class people and he earned their immortal good wishes and prayers by providing them a roof to live under.

Sabahat Ali Khan, another former KDA DG said that hours will be required to recount the achievements of Engr Nizami but one of his biggest achievement in the development sector was construction of 10,000 quarters in Korangi in just six months.

He recalled that KDA had become bankrupt in 1980 but it witnessed a major turn around when Engr Nizami took over and emergence of Civic Centre, KDA Club and KDA Officer’s Housing Society were classical examples.

Rauf Akhtar Farooqui, a former Chief Controller of Buildings, said that late Engr Nizami was one of those big personalities whom we can call as a “great man” in real sense. He described Engr Nizami having extraordinary achievements to his credit.

Besides being a world class Town Planner Engr Nizami brought a revolution  in the field of education and established the biggest private sector engineering university which today stands as a symbol of his wisdom.

Mohammed Zakir, who served as Director Land in KDA and later became DG of Quetta Development Authority, described the departure of Mr Nizami a colossal loss for this city.

Farrukh Nizami, son of Engr Nizami informed that during his tenures of Director General, KDA, and Chancellor, SSUET, the two organizations were visited almost every head of the state and top functionaries of the Government of Pakistan.

Rizwan Siddiqi, a former Director Public Relations in KDA, who conducted the proceedings, said that Engr Nizami was a true benefactor of poors and he was earning their prayers even today.

Earlier Sultan Ahmed, Secretary of the Association welcomed the guests and said that this newly constructed hall has been named after Engr Nizami who was the founder of this club. The meeting concluded with offering of fateha for the departed soul.

Friday, April 26, 2013

Sadaat-e-Amroha holds condolence meeting for Z A Nizami

By Abdul Qadir Qureshi
(Pakistan News & Features Services)

The Chancellor Sir Syed University of Engineering & Technology (SSUET), Karachi, Engr Mohammed Adil Usman has said that people of Pakistan and for that matter of Sindh and specially Karachi are greatly indebted to late Chancellor SSUET and former DG KDA, Engr Z.A. Nizami who gave this city the status of a world class metropolis and established an engineering university and an Institute of Technology in this great city.

“It is a ‘Sadaq-a-Jaria’ for he accomplished a task which was assigned to him by Almighty Allah,” he said while speaking as chief guest at a condolence meeting organized for late Z A Nizami at the Sadaat-e-Amroha in Karachi.

He said that the demise of Engr Nizami has created a huge vacuum which will be difficult to fill but as new Chancellor of SSUET and President of Aligarh Muslim University Old Boys Association (AMUOBA) he will leave no stone unturned to carry forward the mission undertaken by the late Chancellor.

“The university will continue to remind us of the services rendered by Engr Nizami and his memories will always refresh our hearts and minds,” he remarked.

Engr Adil Usman stated that it’s not possible for any human being to comprehend the “hikmat” of Allah who is the creator of this universe. It is He who selects His creation for the accomplishment of a task.

Recalling his old association with Engr Nizami, the SSUET Chancellor described him as his ideal and said he learnt a lot from him and he always found him very supportive and sympathizer who would meet every one without consideration of his/her cast, colour and creed and oblige them.

“I have score of examples before me when I found him helping the poor and destitute persons,” he added.

He said that Engr Nizami was a world class town planner who also gave suggestions to the Saudi Government with regard to expansion plans of Harmain Sharifain and Masjid-e-Nabavi (SAWW) and keeping their floors cool.

He said it was upon his request that Shah Faisal had ordered opening of the route reserved for Princesses during Haj for pilgrims-a task which Allah had approved to be taken through Engr Nizami.

Engr Adil Usman remarked that even after retirement as Director General of KDA, Engr Nizami did not sit idle and used his God-gifted vision for the welfare of “Khalq-e-Khuda”.

He said that Engr Nizami procured the land for the SSUET, getting it allotted from the then President and today this institution has so far produced over 10,000 engineers.

Keeping his services in view he was elected as President of AMUOBA for seven terms and held this office till his death.

He said that Engr Nizami was blessed with a very attractive and charming personality and he was particularly helpful to the needy students and would exempt them from payment of fee.

Engr Nizami, he said, made this university a “center of excellence” and students passing out from here were today serving in the USA, UK, Canada and Middle East and many of them were there for still higher education.

The Chancellor said that due to the efforts of Engr Nizami SSUET today has affiliation with many US and UK universities while in Karachi it’s also holding courses for Masters and Ph.D.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Homage paid to late SSUET Chancellor Z A Nizami

By Abdul Qadir Qureshi
(Pakistan News & Features Services)

Speakers belonging to various walks of life paid rich tributes to the late SSUET Chancellor, Engr Z.A. Nizami, for his services and highlighted various facets of his life as a world class town planner, educationist and as a friend of the less privileged.

The condolence meeting, organized by the Sir Syed University of Engineering and Technology (SSUET), Karachi, with the collaboration of the Aligarh Muslim University Old Boys Association (AMUOBA) of which he was the President, was held at the Convocation Ground of the Aligarh Institute of Technology (AIT).

The speakers on the occasion included former Sindh Governor Lt Gen (Rtd) Moinuddin Haider, Vice-Chancellor Ziauddin University Pirzada Qasim Raza Siddiqi, Prof Dr Waqar Ahmed Rizvi, Dr Taufiq Ahmed Nizami, younger brother of Engr Z A Nizami, having arrived from Aligarh, Chancellor SSUET Engr Adil Usman,  Senior Aligarhian Ali Zafar Afridi, Vice-Chancellor SSUET Prof Dr Jawaid H. Rizvi, Registrar Shah Mahmood Hussain Syed, Honorary Consultant Art, Literary and Culture Forum besides Farrukh Nizami, son of late Z A Nizami.

Gen Moinuddin Haider remarked that the name of Engr Nizami will always be remembered because of the services he had rendered for the development of Karachi and specially the establishment of an engineering university of international standard.

He pointed out that after the creation of Pakistan, the Aligarhians with their talent and vision steered Pakistan to the path of progress and name of Engr Nizami will remain on the top.

The former Sindh Governor recalled Engr Nizami’s meetings with him for the acquisition of 200 acres of land where he wanted to establish bigger SSUET’s campus.

He called for continued growth of the tree planted by Engr Nizami for propagation of engineering education so that the university could continue to meet the ever changing world standards in various fields of engineering.

Prof Dr Waqar recalled that late Engr Nizami always used to invite him speak on Sir Syed Day and Iqbal Day which used to be observed every year without a break by the AMUOBA.

He said he didn’t find any match of Engr Nizami in administrative affairs which he demonstrated when he developed this city as DG KDA and proved himself as the world’s best Town Planner. He said his life was full with continuous struggle.

Pirzada Qasim Raza Siddiqi, recalled Engr Nizami’s association with his father and later with him and said he is the one for whom condolence meetings are being organized by scores of organizations across Pakistan highlighting his vision, greatness and various facets of his fascinating life.

He said that Engr Nizami always kept even those, who were not Aligarhians but possessed natural Aligarhian spirit, along with him for the accomplishment of his vision. He was the one who always thought about carrying the youth forward and establishment of SSUET was a step towards the said direction.

Pirzada Qasim reckoned that Engr Nizami was rich with Aligarh spirit and establishment of this university in the private sector was his major achievement of life – an achievement which will never allow us to forget him ever. He said he was a man of positive attitude so much so he always helped in the establishment of institutions like Delhi College and School and Hamdard University.

In his speech the SSUET Chancellor and the AMUOBA President, Engr Adil Usman,  recalled his old association with Engr Nizami and said throughout his life he worked with all dedication. He said he along with late Zakir Ali Khan steered AMUOBA to dynamic functioning and it was he who managed the allotment of plot on which AIT and SSUET are functioning today.

He said that despite his falling health, would never miss to come to the university. He never accepted defeat from life and kept working till his death. Although today he is not among us but has become part of history.

He vowed that now the responsibility has been entrusted to him and he will make unabated efforts to accomplish the mission undertaken by late Engr Nizami and expand this university to provide best education to students.

Senior Aligarhian Ali Zafar Afridi described Engr Nizami, an epoch-making personality and said that although today he is not among us but his name will remain immortal on the pages of history.

He said that Engr Nizami was a man with dimensional personality having far sighted vision and speedy decision making capability.

He pointed out that the university established by him had so far produced over 10,000 engineers in various engineering disciplines and they are proving their feat in various countries of the world.

Vice-Chancellor Prof Dr Jawaid Rizvi said that Engr Nizami was the founding spirit behind the establishment of AIT and SSUET and this university which started with an enrolment of 200 students today has over 6000 students.

He said that Engr Nizami’s services for the cause of education will always be remembers and his popularity can be judged from the fact that he remained President of AMUOBA for seven terms and Chancellor of the University since 1994 till his death. He said the discipline which is witnessed in this university is because of him.

Registrar Shah Mahmood said that the dynamism of Engr Nizami and his love for SSUET was reflective from his presence at the 16thConvocation of the University which he attended despite serious illness and physical weakness.

He said that it was unbelievable of him that he attended the SSUET 14th Convocation a couple of years back despite having received the news about the death of his spouse in Washington just a night before and he did not allow the grief to show up on his face until the convocation ended and he left for his home.

Dr Tafuiq Ahmed Nizami said that he and members of Nizami family are not prepared to believe that he has left the world, but we have to bow our heads before the will of Allah.

He said the way the people from various walks of life have spoken so high about him is a matter of solace for us.

He said that Engr Z A Nizami was an ardent follower of Sir Syed Ahmed Khan and at the age of seven and he used to pursue his grand father Khaleeq Nizami to read to him the letters he used to write to Sir Syed

Khumar Farooqi said that throughout his life Engr Nizami took care of the less privileged mortals and if on one hand he allotted plots to builders for city’s development, he established big housing colonies where poor were allotted houses at negligible prices.

He described the establishment of SSUET a “Sadaqa-e-Jaria” and “ahsaan” over nation and country.

Farrukh Nizami said they always saw their “papa” at work and which ever organization he worked in, he led it to success. He said he always provided jobs to needy and never made any one jobless in his career and that was why he was paid tributes to employees of KDA even after 25 years from retirement.

Earlier Muhammed Umer Khan, a university student paid glowing tributes to their late Chancellor and described him as Sir Syed Saani”. He said he was a great benefactor of students of this university.

Another student recited the naat “Mustafa Jaane-Rehmat pe lakho salam”, a naat which will make Engr Nizami to drown into deep thought. The meeting concluded with Dua-e-Maghfirat for the departed soul.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

SSUET Board of Governors appreciative of Convocation practice

By Abdul Qadir Qureshi
(Pakistan News & Features Services)

The Board of Governors of Sir Syed University of Engineering and Technology (SSUET), Karachi, met on March 25 under the chairmanship of Vice-Chancellor Prof Dr Jawaid Hasan Rizvi.

In its 44th meeting, the Board granted the formal approval to the program of SSUET’s 16th Convocation scheduled to be held on March 26 at the Karachi Expo Center to be presided over by Chief Justice of Sindh High Court, Justice Mushir Alam.

The Board appreciated the University for holding its convocations regularly every year, considering it a worthy tradition.

The Board approved the minutes of its 43rd meeting which was held on October 20, 2012 and reviewed the action taken on the minutes of the meeting.

The Board also considered and approved the Audit Report/Financial Statement for the fiscal year having ended on June 30, 2012.

The meeting was attended, among others, by Board members including Dr. Abdul Qadeer Khan, Lt. Gen. (R) Moinuddin Haider, Prof Dr M.D. Shami, Engr. Mohammed Adil Usman, Cdre. (R) Salim A. Siddiqui and Dean Basic and Applied Sciences besides Registrar Shah Mahmood H Syed.

Monday, March 25, 2013

SSUET to continue its role towards promotion of education: Chancellor Nizami

By Abdul Qadir Qureshi
(Pakistan News & Features Services)

“The Sir Syed University of Engineering & Technology (SSUET) has  achieved a significant place among the top institutions due to the excellence in teaching domain and its students, after getting equipped with knowledge and skills, are serving in the national and international institutions with devotion and dedication.”

This was stated by Engr Z A Nizami, Chancellor, SSUET, in an interview prior to the university’s 16th convocation scheduled to held on March 26 in which Chief Justice of the Sind High Court, Justice Mushir Alam will be the chief guest.

Over 1000 graduates, besides those having done masters, in the disciplines of computer, electronics, civil, teleom and bio-medical engineering will be receiving degrees in their respective engineering disciplines at the convocation.

Pointing out that the outgoing students will embark upon a new phase of life as they are at the threshold of practical life the Chancellor wished all of them a glorious career.

He stated that holding of convocations has been a permanent feature since 1998. “Our convocations have the honour of having been graced by the presence of Presidents, Prime Ministers, Governors and other dignitaries of the country,” Engr Z A Nizami recalled.
“The SSUET has been imparting quality education in the most modern disciplines, which are constantly revolutionizing the human life and adoring it with beauty comfort and ease. The intake of the university has steadily increased from 200 students to the present strength of more than 6,000 students,” he added.

“We have a galaxy of 490 intellectuals in the form of our faculty. Their guidance and extensive knowledge are real strength of this university. The functionaries of the university, with their professional performance, are also playing commendable role in managing its affairs,” he remarked.

“We are fully aware of the highly dynamic global markets, where employers require intelligent dynamic and enthusiastic engineering graduates. This calls us for a role that helps equip the students with knowledge and skills that are commensurate with the demand of the job markets.  The university has already incorporated the modification in teaching methodology that addresses the new demands. This is evident from the employment record of our graduates,” the Chancellor reckoned.

The convocation, he continued, has a significant feature in the sense that the outgoing graduates of the university carry a sense of achievement and fulfillment as they depart from their Alma Mater and it marks the completion of an important phase in their academic life.

He said despite being a technical institution, the university is fully alive to the importance of Islamic teachings.

“The Islamic studies are part of our syllabi. Besides, the Islamic character of the university dominates in its every function. Our Holy Prophet Hazrat Mohammad (PBUH) had been emphasizing the significance of education. He had advised the Muslims to acquire knowledge from cradle to grave. We impress upon the mind of our students the importance of knowledge in the light of this saying of the Holy Prophet (PBUH),” he added.    

He said that the SSUET strives to discover and disseminate knowledge and to produce young graduates of high caliber, who are able to run the wheels of the country to an enviable destination, through the innovative and modern techniques of teaching.

“In this regard the SSUET has already opened up new avenues and vistas of development in the field of higher education,” the Chancellor believed.

This convocation, he said, has a special significance for all and particularly for the graduating batch, it marks the completion of an important phase and as they enter the next phase, they will look back and feel that the years spent at the SSUET were the best years of their lives.

Chancellor Nizami informed that the SSUET has been offering master programme in the fields of electronics engineering with specializations in telecommunication since 2000, in computer engineering with specializations in computer networking and software engineering since 2001, in civil engineering with specialization in structural engineering started in 2009, ms in biomedical engineering was added in 2009, ms in mathematics was introduced in 2009, ms in computer science was started 2009.

The university, since the commencement of the MS programme, admitted in total 675 students out of which 209 have passed their MS while the SSUET has also been offering Phd programme in computer engineering and electronic engineering disciplines since 2005.

Replying a question the Chancellor pointed out that SSUET is a completely self-reliant institute of learning. The university is recognized by the Higher Education Commission of Pakistan while all engineering degree programmes of the university are accredited by the Pakistan Engineering Council.

He mentioned that the SSUET is a member of the Association of Commonwealth Universities and also a member of UNESCO sponsored International Association of Universities.

“The SSUET graduates have been accepted into postgraduate programmes in many reputable universities of the world including Imperial College UK, California State University, USA, Dalhousie University, Canada, and University of Florida, USA. The university has strong links with the local and international industry leaders. These include our programmes of collaboration with siemens, CISCO systems USA, Lockheed Martin, USA, and many other universities,” he revealed 

Chancellor Nizami recalled that the SSUET attained another milestone by getting the prestigious ISO 9001:2013 certification for quality management.

He said to provide the opportunities for delivery of academic programmes in partnership with leading foreign universities that lead to undergraduate and postgraduate degrees, MoUs have been signed after the course-matching exercise with Coventry University UK, Hertfordshire University UK and London Metropolitan University UK.

The MoUs provided the facilities of advance entry of our university students into degree courses with credit transfer facilities involving first 2 years study at the SSUET and subsequent two years in UK, first six months class work for MS students in UK and subsequent six months for preparation of thesis/projects in the SSUET under the local supervisors and staff exchange and collaborative research projects.

The Chancellor said that the recently chartered inspection and evaluation committee has placed SSUET in “five-star” category which was another feather in their cap.

To a question Engr Nizami said that he believes that no deserving student be deprived of education due to financial hardship and in this regard the university is very liberal in awarding scholarships to deserving students. Since its inception, the university has awarded more than 13,906 scholarships amounting to Rs 237 million while during the current fiscal year, Rs 45 million allocated for scholarships.

He also spoke at length about the university’s central library having over 75,000 books on latest research and applied engineering and modern engineering, a motivating career planning and placement bureau to guide the students to get suitable job after graduation.

He said the HEC after a thorough evaluation of the working, progress and achievements, holds a very positive view about the university having awarded the SSUET the highest category while being regarded very highly in academic circles as well as the corporate community.

“The most pivotal decision of our life is selection of right career. When the choice of career is to be an engineer than a center of excellence in engineering education is the SSUET known nationally and internationally for its outstanding educational facilities,” he opined.

Engr Nizami emphasized adding that promotion of research culture was always an objective of a university and the SSUET was successfully moving in that direction.

He said that the university faculty members are engaged proactively in research work which has been published in the prestigious journals of international repute.

“We believe, without strict adherence to the parameters of quality education, remarkable progress cannot be achieved. Besides academic activities, the university has shown outstanding performance in extra curricular activities like declamation contests, sports etc and won coveted awards,” he concluded.

Friday, November 9, 2012

SSUET to bring out alumni directory of women graduates

By Abdul Qadir Qureshi
(Pakistan News & Features Services)

The Sir Syed University of Engineering and Technology (SSUET), Karachi, is set to become the country’s first university to prepare a directory exclusively of its women alumni.

The directory has been compiled by the university’s Girls Affairs Committee which has collected the data of SSUET’s women graduates since their first batch passed out in 1998 and the last batch passed out in 2008.

The SSUET Chancellor, Engr Z A Nizami, was briefed about the progress of the preparation of the directory at a meeting held at his chamber on November 7. The meeting was attended, among others, by Vice-Chancellor, Prof Dr Jawed H. Rizvi, Registrar Shah Mahmood Hussain Syed besides officials of examination and other departments.

The Incharge Girls Affairs Committee, Mrs Attiya Abid, informed the meeting that some 1234 female students passed out from the SSUET during the period 1998-2008 and as of the current position some 682 as against 500 last year, who were studying in various engineering disciplines.

These girls form a big chunk of 6194 students studying in seven various engineering disciplines at this university.

The Chancellor was informed that Girls Affairs Committee is responsible to look after the day to day problems of the female students including activities of their five common rooms.

Chancellor Engr Nizami directed that any problem, if pinpointed by girls, should be solved immediately on priority. He instructed that social activities by girls should be promoted and 3-month programmes be chalked out for this purpose.

He assured that the university will provide every assistance in providing due facilities to girls under-going education engineering studies.

The Chancellor was informed that a programme is being prepared in relation to health of girls’ health.
Engr Nizami directed the committee to chalk out an extensive program that may produce visible impact in relation to activities of girls at the campus and hectic activities be generated thereof.

He advised that a report be submitted to him for up gradation and refurbishment of girls’ canteen and common rooms.

Sunday, November 4, 2012

SSUET admission deadline remain unchanged

By Abdul Qadir Qureshi
(Pakistan News & Features Services)

The admission 2013 process is going on apace with November 10 being the last date for submission of admission forms at Sir Syed University of Engineering and Technology (SSUET).

The Chancellor SSUET, Engr Z A Nizami, reviewed the progress made so far at a meeting and directed that the process should be completed by November 10 as per check list.

It was informed that so far 3913 prospectus had been sold, much higher than the prospectus obtained during admission process in 2012, and of them 2161 eligible students had got themselves registered until October 30.

It was pointed out that as per analysis of the registered candidates, the admission has been sought in this university by students with marks as high as 89.5 percent.

The meeting was told that this year the highest number of students (867) have applied for admission in civil engineering followed by 672 in Electronics, 259 in Computer engineering and 228 in Computer Science. Besides, so far only 59 candidates had applied for admission in Bio-Medical and 76 in Telecommunication engineering as being their first choice.

The meeting was informed that out of total number of applications registered, 317 were submitted with marks above 80 percent and above whole 970 applications with marks of 60 percent and above.

In the Electronic Engineering discipline, the applicants had 73.91 percent and above of marks while it was 89.5 percent in the discipline of Computer Engineering.

It was pointed out that this year there was much higher pressure for admission in this university as compared to last year.

The Chancellor directed that admissions should be granted strictly on the basis of merit as well as the result of tests to be carried out on November 18 followed by interviews.

The Chancellor was told that like the last year, admission test will be carried out at Expo Center in view of very high number of applicants as well as keeping the security considerations into view.

The meeting also discussed university matters relating to Pakistan Engineering Council (PEC) and defaulters of university dues.

It was informed that no examination form was being entertained with out clearance of outstanding dues by students appearing in the examination.

The meeting was attended, among others, by Vice-Chancellor Prof Dr Jawed H. Rizvi, Dean of Engineering Prof Dr S.M. Makhdoomi, Chairman Electronics department Dr Prof Najib Siddiqi besides chairpersons of various departments.

Friday, October 19, 2012

AMUOBA observed Sir Syed Day with traditional enthusiasm

By Abdul Qadir Qureshi
(Pakistan News & Features Services)

Distinguished speakers paid rich homage to the great reformer and educationist, Sir Syed Ahmed Khan, on the occasion of his 195th birth anniversary observed under the auspices of Aligarh Muslim University Old Boys Association (AMUOBA) with a call by President AMUOBA and Chancellor, Sir Syed University of Engineering & Technology (SSUET), Engr Z A Nizami, for acquisition of the latest knowledge in the field of science and technology.

“Acquiring scientific and technological knowledge is the only solution for the problems being faced by the Muslims,” he observed in his Presidential address, declaring that the arduous task which was undertaken by Sir Syed Ahmed Khan for emancipation of Muslims of South Asia must continue with the same missionary zeal.

Engr Nizami described the establishment of Sir Syed University of Engineering and Technology as a big step towards the desired direction. He said that today SSUET was regarded as the top engineering university of Pakistan having collaboration with top 11 universities of USA.           

He reminded that Sir Syed’s aim was not just to establish a college at Aligarh but pursue the Muslims to acquire modern education to lift them up from a precarious position, having devoted whole of his life for this purpose.

Speaking on the occasion, Azad Bin Haider, a renowned politician of his prime days and a writer and researcher of eminence now, stated that it was the great reformer Sir Syed who gave a new direction to the Muslims of South Asia and it was mainly due to his movement that many more new movements for Muslim’s renaissance started in South Asia.

He said that the observance of Sir Syed Day by AMUOBA every year is a highly fruitful act and Pakistan can be led to the path of progress if the motives behind Pakistan Movement are remembered.

He thought of Sir Syed a real motivator who launched a movement for Muslims to acquire modern education and created a wave of awakening in them. He urged the youth to focus on their education which is the only solution to every problem.
Prof Dr Waqar Rizvi, a religious scholar and writer, presented a paper on Pakistan Movement and Sir Syed Ahmed Khan and said that it was the national spirit behind the mission undertaken by him which can truly be regarded as the foundation for the creation of Pakistan.

Renowned scholar, columnist and Pakistan Movement Gold medalist, Saeed Siddiqui, remarked that the past of nation is the pride of nation.  He said those nations who forget their history are bound to be eliminated.

Sir Syed Ahmed Khan, he said, was a great visionary, statesman and Muslim reformer of the 19th century who worked tooth and nail to make the community progressive and lead them to the cherished objective.  

He said that Sir Syed was the first Indian Muslim to contribute to the intellectual and institutional foundation of Muslim’s modernization in South Asia.

He recalled that in 1862 he formed a scientific society, and 13 years later he assisted in establishing the Mohammadan Anglo-Oriental College, which prospered and became the key intellectual center for Indian Muslims - The Aligarh Muslim University. The success of the college was largely due to his leadership and a curriculum embodying both Western and Oriental studies.

Ali Zafar Qadri, a senior Aligarhian presented a detail chronology of the life and accomplishments of Sir Syed Ahmed Khan while Khumar Farooqi, a renowned poet and writer, paid poetic homage to the great reformer and educationist and drew a big applause.

A significant feature of the function was highly impressive speeches on the life and achievements of Sir Syed Ahmed Khan by SSUET students Umer Khan in Urdu and Umer Ali Kazmi in English. The audience highly appreciated their knowledge about the great reformer.

Another feature of the well-attended function was singing of Tarana-e-Aligarh” sung by boys and girl students of Sir Syed University.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Sir Syed, University of Karachi host National Conference on Space Sciences

By Abdul Qadir Qureshi
(Pakistan News & Features Services)

The first-ever National Conference on Space Sciences, spread over a couple of days, concluded in Karachi on October 9 with the Chancellor of the Sir Syed University of Engineering & Technology (SSUET), Engr Z A Nizami, calling upon the engineers to keep pace with the fast changing technologies.
The conference was organized by the SSUET with the collaboration of the University of Karachi, the Higher Education Commission (HEC) and the Pakistan Space and Upper Atmosphere Research Commission (SUPARCO) as a part of World Space Week-2012.
The opening session was inaugurated by the Sindh Education Minister, Pir Mazhar-ul-Haq at the University of Karachi while the concluding session was held at SSUET on the second day with Chancellor Z A Nizami being the chief guest on the occasion.
Engr Nizami remarked that the technologies are witnessing rapid changes every moment and one can take advantages of the latest development only by keeping pace with the same.
He referred to his visit to the Harvard University some time back and said the chief speaker on the occasion, a Nobel Prize winner, while giving his remarks had stated that he is making speech exact at 4.30 but cannot say what will be a change in the very next moment.
At SSUET, the Chancellor said, a system has been worked out to introduce all important aspects of the engineering disciplines being taught here keeping the technological changes taking place so rapidly in view and it is here for the engineers to keep pace with the same if they want to progress.
He informed that in India engineering subjects are taught in consonance with the employment related survey which is carried out every year and released only two months before the start of admissions. He desired similar practice in Pakistan.
“We are faced with lot of challenges in space technology and we have to address them efficiently and promptly,” he asserted.

He pointed out that over a hundred projects in various engineering disciplines are developed here at this university every year and he is introducing a system to make these projects self-financing. In this regard he assured all out support, whatever required from the university, to project developers.
He considered the conference very fruitful and a laudable effort and said that new upcoming technologies will have to be pursued to achieve success in various engineering fields.
Earlier Dr M. Jawed Qamar, Founder Director, Institute of Space and Astrophysics, University of Karachi, presented some of the recommendations formulated at the conference asking for introduction of astronomy at school level, introduction of astronomy and space science at degree level in simple term and labs, observatory etc at science level; focusing importance on basic sciences mainly Astrophysics in developing countries, specially Pakistan.
Another recommendation called for maintaining peaceful conditions, necessary for continuous research, particularly in space sciences.
The Vice-Chancellor SSUET, Prof Dr Jawed H. Rizvi, said the conference brought new problems and issues to lime light, which needs to be considered by international bodies like the UN.
The conference, he said, has also helped in promoting personal contacts between scientists and engineers, attending the 2-day moot.

Dr Jawed Iqbal, In charge Institute of Space, University of Karachi, spoke highly about the outcome of the conference and thanked KU, SUPARCO and HEC for their valuable coordination.

Dr Syed Faisal Ahmed Bukhari, Chairman, Department of Computer Engineering and Convener, Organizing Committee, SSUET, presented the vote of thanks and said this conference was a contribution towards World Space Week 2012 on the theme of ‘Space for Human Safety and Security’ and it produced valuable results.

At the conference space engineers and scientists made over a dozen technical presentations. The session concluded with distribution of certificates among chairmen of various sessions of the conference and shields to session secretaries.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Z A Nizami inaugurates Durrani Institute of Computer Technology

By Abdul Qadir Qureshi
(Pakistan News & Features Services)

“Sir Syed University of Engineering & Technology (SSUET) has achieved remarkable success in developing information and communication technology, having emerged as a modern educational technology hub contributing significantly to both knowledge acquisition and knowledge creation.”

This was stated by the SSUET Chancellor, Engr Z.A. Nizami, while inaugurating Durrani Institute of Computer Technology established under the auspices of Nashrah Foundation.

Engr Nizami pointed out that despite the difficulties of various magnitudes, new initiatives have to be taken up in order to ignite and accelerate the creative and research potential of students and offered his full support for the divine cause.

Earlier in his speech, Junaid Ahmed Mukhtar, President, Nashrah Foundation, observed that little drops of water make mighty ocean.

“The Nashrah Foundation, which started with a little space, is now progressing in leaps and bounds to accomplish its cherished goal of becoming a great institution of international repute,” he stated.

Badaruddin Fakhri, another speaker, pointed out that any act of kindness is an eternal deed and the establishment of welfare organizations like Nashrah will prove a great legacy for future generations.

Earlier in his welcome address Syed-un-Nabi stated that the opening of the Durrani Institute is a befitting tribute to late Engineer Durani and has been founded to promote the thought and philosophy of Baba Obaidulla Durrani.

Friday, September 28, 2012

Z A Nizami re-elected as AMUOBA President

By Abdul Qadir Qureshi
(Pakistan News & Features Services)

Engr Z A Nizami, a renowned educationist, was re-elected as the President of the Aligarh Muslim University Old Boys Association (AMUOBA). He was once again elected unopposed as President of this august body of Aligarhians for yet another three-year term.

Engr Nizami has continued to be the President of the AMUOBA after Khawaja Waheed and Z H Lari headed the body in the 1960s.

The AMUOBA will be having its fresh elections on September 29 upon the completion of the three-year term of the present office-bearers.

The candidates for the posts of Honorary Treasurer, Honorary Joint Secretary, Honorary Joint Secretaries (Sports, Publicity and Academic) have already returned unopposed with Masood Alam, Dr Jaffar Nazir Usmani, Ali  Zafar Khan Afridi and Shajar Ali Hashmi, respectively having been elected to these posts without any opposition.

The contest on September 29 will be for the offices of Vice-Presidents for which five candidates are in the field and Honorary General Secretary with two candidates as the contestants.

For the election of 18-member Executive Committee, now there are 23 candidates left in the contest after withdrawal of intending nominees on September 26.

Engr Z.A. Nizami is the Chancellor of the Sir Syed University of Engineering and Technology (SSUET), Karachi, since its establishment in 1993 by virtue of his being the President of the AMUOBA.

The SSUET was the first engineering university to be established in the private sector and starting with a few hundred students initially in four engineering disciplines then, it today has about 5500 students in six engineering disciplines of Computer Engineering, Electronics, Civil, Telecommunication, Bio-Medical besides Computer Science.

Besides the SSUET, the AMUOBA is also running Aligarh Institute of Technology (AIT) which has about a thousand students on roll.

Saturday, September 22, 2012

SSUET to launch book on legendary Ali brothers in January

By Abdul Qadir Qureshi

The voluminous book on the lives and accomplishments of the legendary Ali brothers, Maulana Mohammed Ali Jauhar and Maulana Shaukat Ali, is set to be launched on January 4, 2013 under the auspices of the Sir Syed University of Engineering and Technology (SSUET), Karachi.

This was announced by the SSUET Chancellor, Engr Z A Nizami, following his meeting with the visiting noted peace activist, writer and critic from London, Sayeed Hasan Khan, on September 20.

Chancellor Nizami pointed out that the launch of the book on January 4 will coincide with the ‘Jauhar Day’ which the SSUET observes every year.

A book of about 600 pages been written by Khalid Alig, a prominent former diplomat, writer, journalist and thinker and a grand son of the Ali brothers, who now resides in the US.

“Even at the age of 90, Khalid Alig still drives his car and goes to the gym,” Sayeed Hasan Khan informed Chancellor Nizami during their meeting at the SSUET.

He was of the opinion that no one else other than Khalid Alig can throw light on the lives and achievements of the Ali brothers in a more better and authentic way and its launch at a venue named after the great reformer and educationist Sir Syed Ahmed Khan would be the most appropriate occasion.

Sayeed Hasan Khan, who is a most close friend of Khalid Alig, lives in London for the last 50 years and as a writer he has produced two books namely ‘No Clear Hands” and ‘Kurt Jacobsen – Parables of Permanent War.’

Now-a- days he is writing a book based on his memoirs relating to the period of his migration from Breli (India), association with Muslim Students Federation in his teenage and the events which occurred before shifting to UK in 1961 and as a peace activist.

During his meeting with Chancellor Nizami, he also had an exchange of views with prominent Aligarhians and members of the Aligarh Muslim University Old Boys Association (AMUOBA).

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Sir Syed University taking initiatives to develop research methodology

By Abdul Qadir Qureshi

“The strategically planned research does have positive impact on socio economic aspects of the lives of people as well as on the physical environment,” Prof Dr Javed Hassan Rizvi, Vice-Chancellor, Sir Syed University of Engineering and Technology, SSUET, remarked while chairing a meeting with the Ph.D faculty of the university on September 1.

“The outcome and findings of the research can be achieved through presentations at scientific and professional conferences and meetings, publishing research and professional journals and magazines,” he stressed.

Reviewing the SSUET’s research development activities, the Vice-Chancellor was of the view that research activity enhances quality of education and such an approach will can be of immense benefit for the career of PhD students.

“It is imperative for the university to conduct research and explore possibilities for utilization of innovative research for industry development,” he emphasized

It was proposed in the meeting that sufficient funds be allocated as incentive for the faculty members to promote research culture at the campus.

The meeting also discussed organizing symposium and seminars on various topics to promote research-friendly environment at the campus.

The Sir Syed University of Engineering and Technology (SSUET), under the dynamic leadership of its Chancellor, Engr Z A Nizami, has been promoting research-oriented activities and encouraging its students and faculty to be a part of it.