Tuesday, June 11, 2013

AIT holds career guidance seminar

By Abdul Qadir Qureshi
(Pakistan News & Features Services)

The students of theAligarh Institute of Technology (AIT), an affiliate of the Sir Syed University of Engineering & Technology (SSUET), Karachi, were briefed in detail about selection of their career after they pass out, at a seminar on career guidance organised by the AIT for the graduating diploma holders.

The objective was to guide the graduating diploma holders in various technical fields, to choose a career and explore job opportunities. The seminar was addressed by heads of departments of the AIT besides the representatives of various private companies and multinational NGO’s.

The keynote speaker for the session was Muhammad Yahya Waliullah, Director, Information Technology and Statistical Bureau of the SSUET, and ex Secretary, Sindh Planning & Development Department.

In an hour long presentation he guided and advised students as how to choose a career and go up on the ladder of professional life. He identified path to success and emphasized that students will have to work hard in their area of specialization, as professionals have high demand in the market.

"Professionalism comes from education, training and social network", he pointed out adding that command over the subject in which one has obtained diploma has to be supplemented with advance communication and presentation skills.

He threw light on the methods for searching a job and deliberated on the sources and preparing an effective CV that may catch attention of HR officials or employer and should focus on practical work done by students during their education, project preparation and internship.

He emphasized that CV should be as short as possible without leaving any information that may help in getting employment or job. He said major companies identify prospective employees on the basis of written test to determine knowledge base that includes some questions on I.Q. level and behavior of potential employee.

Once this stage is successfully crossed, he stated, selected candidates have to face by HR and Technical Department of the company. These interviews usually focus on subject knowledge and candidate knowledge about the company, his approach on how can a otential employee enhances production level, profitability and elevating image of the company.

That requires knowledge about the company and its competitors in the market, which can be obtained either through websites or printed material of the company.

Continuing, he said, important thing now a days is social networking like Facebook, Youtube, LinkedIn, Twitter which are powerful social media instruments and helps a candidate in many ways.

The seminar was attended by 150 students and professionals and was followed by a question and answer session that resulted in clarification of some points and further guidance given to students and professionals.

Muslim Abbasi, Vice Principal, and Shahid Jameel, Head of Computer Information Technology organized the seminar while Dr Hilal Qureshi Principal of AIT in his concluding remarks emphasized upon the students to work hard as world has opened up and there is fair competition not among natives but across globe as well.

He thanked heads of departments, Vice Principal for making arrangements and recognized YahyaWaliullah for giving a useful presentation and guiding students.