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Saturday, October 20, 2012

Pak Railways to operate Eid Special Trains despite lack of resources

By Abdul Qadir Qureshi
(Pakistan News & Features Services)

Despite the acute resource problems, the Pakistan Railways will be operating two Eid Special Trains from Karachi to Peshawar and Rawalpindi on October 24 and 25.

A Pakistan Railways spokesman has announced that the first Eid Special Train will leave the Karachi Cantonment Station for Peshawar at 11 am on October 24 while the second one will operate also from the Cantonment Station for Rawalpindi at the same time on October 25.

The Peshawar-bound train will be running via Lahore while Rawalpindi-bound special will run through Faisalabad.

The Divisional Superintendent, Anzer Ismail Rizvi, informed PNFS that strict measures have been taken to control black marketing of tickets in view of great rush of people intending to go to upcountry destinations to celebrate Eid-ulAzha with their families.

He said that the vigilance teams are in place who are keeping eye on elements habitual to coming out on such occasions to mint money through black marketing.

Anzar Rizvi warned that anyone nabbed trying to sell tickets in black market will be dealt with strictly.

He stated that the two Eid Special Trains are being run to clear the surging rush of the upcountry bound passengers.

Meanwhile the Divisional Commercial Officer, Shoaib Adil, has advised the travelling people to ensure to take up their journey on a ticket issued in their own name and also keep their NC with them.

He made it clear that if any one found travelling on a ticket issued in the name of some other person would be considered as being ‘without ticket’ and will be penalized accordingly.

Friday, September 14, 2012

Pak Railways Karachi Division earns Rs 580 m from freight despite resource limitations

By Abdul Qadir Qureshi

Despite acute resource constraints, the Karachi Division of Pakistan Railways operated as many as 25 goods trains during August 2012 which earned revenue of Rs 82.294 million to the cash-strapped organization

Besides this, a special campaign was launched under special directives of the government to transport Furnace oil for Lal Pir and Muzaffargarh Power Houses to avoid looming power shortage.

“Despite all odds, the campaign  continued for 40 days during which the railway operated 50 oil specials as a result of which some 1800 tank wagons carried 35,580 tons of oil which kept the power houses functional and helped overcome ever increasing load shedding,” Divisional Superintendent, Anzar Ismail Rizvi, revealed in an interview on September 13.

He claimed that the Karachi Division can operate up to 10 freight trains daily provided the locomotives were made available for the same, adding this can put the Railways back to its financial track.

On an average, he pointed out that the Division earned freight revenue of Rs 577.847 million with a daily average of Rs 2.110 to Rs 4.705 million per day from January to August in 2012.

The DS stated that the during these months, the freight earning stood at Rs 65.415 million in January 2012, Rs 88.250 million in Feb., Rs 66.990 million in  March, Rs 52.995 million in April, Rs 76.526 million in May, Rs 29.107 million in June, Rs 136.432 million in July and Rs 62.132 million in August.

On the Passenger side, Anzar Rizvi said, the Division earned revenue of Rs 1960.650 million during January-August 2012 with a daily average ranging from Rs 6.623 to Rs 8.948 million.

According to the DS the Railways earned revenue of R 205.300 million in January, 229.700 million in February, 276.800 million in March, 268.455 million in April, 250.200 million in May, 268 million in June, 242.900 million in July and 219.300 million in August 2012.

He mentioned that keeping aside the resource limitations the Railways operated two Ed special trains on August 6 and 17 and earned revenue of Rs 205 million during the period from August 14 to 24 from current reservation alone.

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Pakistan Railways operate Eid trains despite resource constraints

By Abdul Qadir Qureshi

The second Eid Special Train, with 890 passengers on board, left Karachi Cantonment Station for Rawalpindi at its schedule departure time of 11 am on August 17. The Pakistan Railways will be operating three special trains on Eid-ul-Fitr.

The first Eid special train had left Karachi Cantonment Station on August 16 with 780 passengers on board while the third Eid special train will operate from Peshawar to Lahore on August 18 which would be of economy class to cater to the rush.

The Pakistan Railways, General Manager (Operation), Junaid Qureshi, saw off the train on August 17, stating that the organization operated three special trains this year despite difficult conditions and resource constraints.

Talking to the media at Cantonment Station, the GM explained that Railways was being run under heavily odd conditions and that even in such circumstances the work of the operational, commercial and other staff merited appreciation.

Later chairing a meeting of some Principal Officers from Lahore and Divisional officers, Junaid Qureshi reviewed the railway’s problems of mechanical nature, locomotives and rehabilitation of track.

The Pakistan Railways, Divisional Superintendent, Karachi, Anzar Ismail Rizvi, categorically denied black marketing of tickets as reported in a section of the press.

He said that unlike the previous years, this year more stringent measures had been taken to check black marketing of tickets and it was due to this  that not a single such complaint as well as excess fare payment was received.

He remarked that in both the Eid special trains, the railways has provided better facilities of light, water and washrooms and travelling people appreciated the same.

In the context of alleged report of black marketing of tickets, the DS Railways said that reservation for two Special trains had started on August 11 with booking of 313 seats at city station reservation office, 388 on 12th, 401 on 13th, 150 on 14th, 116 on 15th and 275 on 16th. He said even left over seats were purchased by intending passengers from Cantonment Station’s current reservation counter even before the departure of trains.

At Cantonment Station’s current booking office, the railway earned a revenue of Rs 1.4 million on August 12, Rs 1.5 million on 13th, Rs 1.65 million on 14th, Rs 1.965 million on 15th and a record Rs 3.293 million on 16th.

He contended that these figures were self-explanatory to negate the report of black marketing of tickets.

Meanwhile in a major operation the Pakistan Railways Karachi Division retrieved its 18 acres of precious land near Shah Latif Town which had been occupied by powerful land mafia.

The Divisional Superintendent, Anzar Ismail Rizvi, disclosed that  this 18 ares piece of land was part of 357 acres of land located in Jumma Goth near Shah Latif Town and was meant for rehabilitation of people who would face dislocation during execution of Karachi Circular Railway project.

He revealed that the land was reoccupied by the railway authorities after an operation carried out with the help of the district administration.

Friday, August 10, 2012

Railways to start campaign against ticketless travelling menace

By Abdul Qadir Qureshi

The Pakistan Railways Karachi Division has warned that passengers travelling on tickets not issued their own name would be treated as ticketless and charged with actual fare along with penalty.

The warning has arrived in a set of guidelines issued on the directives of the Divisional Superintendent, Anzar Ismail Rizvi, to facilitate the genuine passengers.

The DS Railways revealed that the step was taken as part of measures adopted to check black marketing of tickets which is believed to be at its peak in the season of Eid-ul-Fitr and Eid-ul-Azha when a large number of people prefer commuting on trains.

Millions of Karachi residents, settled in the commercial capital of the country to earn their livelihoods, try level best to travel to their respective native towns and villages. Even by running additional Eid Trains, the Railways authorities find it difficult to cope with the massive numbers of upcountry-bound passengers.

The Pakistan Railways, however, has decided to facilitate the passengers by controlling the menace of ticketless travelling as well as curbing black-marketing of the tickets.

Anzar Rizvi disclosed that the Divisional Commercial Officers have been deputed to check passengers travelling without ticket or on tickets issued on fake names, adding that strict checking in this regard will start from August 10 and will continue till Eid days.

He further stated that besides commercial staff, the non-commercial staff will also be deputed to check ticketless travelers and for this purpose they are being imparted a special training.

The DS Railways hoped that intending travelers would follow the guidelines issued for passenger’s facilitation and thus play their due role towards bringing improvement in the service.

As per guidelines issued, any one coming on reservation counter for booking of  seat, will have to carry the NIC of the actual traveler and while having a reservation also leave his/her mobile telephone number with the counter clerk.

The intending passengers have been advised that before leaving the counter compulsorily check that the ticket issued to them does carry their name besides checking the name of destination station and date of departure.

The passengers have been told that before leaving the counter, must take the balance amount and in case of any excess payment, make a complaint to concerned officer or Station Manager so that proper action could be taken in the matter.

Anzar Rizvi admitted that the Pakistan Railways was passing through a very difficult phase of its history and he appealed to the travelling public to exercise patience in case a train suffered late departure and extend their cooperation to staff on duty at the railway station.

He urged that in such a case, the staff on duty should not be subjected to violence and also to avoid causing damage to facilities provided for public at the station.

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Aftab Memon appointed Managing Director of PRACS

By Abdul Qadir Qureshi
 Aftab Memon, a Grade 20 Officer of Pakistan Railways Service, has been appointed as Managing Director of the Pakistan Railway Advisory and Consultancy Services (PRACS) upon the completion of National Management Course at Staff College, Lahore.
 He has served Pakistan Railway at various senior positions including Office of Divisional Superintendent Lahore and Karachi besides holding various positions at the Railway Headquarters.
 He has a vast experience in railway operations particularly in freight operations at Karachi besides administration and management. He has also served in Sindh Government as Director General Local Government.
 As DS Railway Lahore and Karachi, he was instrumental in curbing the menace of black marketing of tickets and ticketless travelling, mismanagement of reservations of seats besides achieving highest revenue earning records.
 Soon after taking charge as MD of the PRACS he revealed that his priorities will be to acquire more projects for the PRACS in Pakistan and also outside besides improving the service of trains being run by his organization.
 His appointment as the helmsman of the PRACS has been hailed and it’s being expected that the organization will benefit immensely from his expertise.
 It may be recalled that the Pakistan Railway Advisory & Consultancy Services Limited (PRACS) was incorporated in 1976 as a private limited company under the repealed companies Act, 1913. In the year 2002, it was converted to a public limited company under the Companies Ordinance, 1984. 
The Chief Executive of the company is the Managing Director who has full autonomy, subject to the control of Board of Directors, of running and operating day to day business affairs.
The PRACS provides a wide range of services in the fields of civil Engineering, commercial management of passenger trains as well as passenger reservation and ticketing, Rail Cuisine, Mechanical engineering and Electrical engineering.
Since its inception, the PRACS has successfully completed over 200 assignments pertaining to the said disciplines, including feasibility studies, projects management, providing services, coordination, field surveys and consultancy at national as well as international level.

Monday, May 21, 2012

Effective measures help increase revenue of Railways' Karachi Division

By Abdul Qadir Qureshi 

Despite ongoing resource constraints, Pakistan Railway Karachi Division, succeeded in making a leap forward with an increase in its revenue income during the months of March and April. 

The Division earned a revenue income of Rs 9 million per day in passenger sector only during these two months, an increase of Rs 2 million per day as compared to revenue generated during January 2012. 

According to Divisional Superintendent Railway, Anzer Ismail Rizvi, Karachi Division earned a revenue income of Rs 550 million during the two months under review. 

"The revenue increase was achieved mainly because of strict vigilance and monitoring against ticket less traveling,” the DS Railway stated. He said that black marketing of tickets has also been effectively controlled with passengers being facilitated in reservation of seats in various upcountry bound trains. 

He said effective measures were also taken to ensure that passenger could board a train without valid traveling document at entry points of three major stations of Karachi, Cantonment and Hyderabad Railway stations. 

Anzer Rizvi pointed out that speed restrictions at various points have been made normal by about 40 kilometers between Karachi and Tando Adam as a result of which the punctuality of trains have improved and now the trains were running at normal speed of maximum 105. 

He said that an additional train service has been started between Hyderabad and Mirpurkhas, restoring a previously closed service. This service was closed after railway sources started depleting. 

The restoration of service has greatly facilitated the commuters between Hyderabad and Mirpurkhas. Meanwhile the Divisional authorities also restored the Lower AC coach service between Karachi and Sukkur on alternate day for which power generating unit was arranged through local resources. 

The DS Railway informed that a schedule of repair of 28 locomotives out of 111 allotted to Karachi Railway Division has been prepared whereby four locomotives will be repaired and brought on track every month from January 2013. 

However, he said it will depend on arrival of spare parts either imported or made available locally. To a question, he said, that freight trains, which are a main source of revenue, have again been made operative with an average one train per day with containerized goods for Premnagar dry port and Furnace oil for Lal Pir Power station. He said that efforts were underway to run two freight trains daily from Karachi within a fortnight. 

Thursday, May 17, 2012

GM Railways visits loco shed

By Abdul Qadir Qureshi

The General Manager Pakistan Railways, Junaid Qureshi, paid a detailed visit to Locomotive workshop at Karachi cantonment Station and reviewed the availability of locomotives.

He was accompanied by Chief Mechanical Engineer, Mubinuddin and other Principal Officers from Railway headquarter Lahore and Divisional Superintendent Anzar Ismail Rizvi. During visit, he found 28 out of a total of 111 locomotives allocated for Karachi Railway Division, out of order.

On arrival at Loco shed, Junaid Qureshi was warmly welcomed by workers who assured him of their full cooperation in his efforts for revival of railway’s glory. He also discussed with the workers their problems and assured to solve them within the available resources.

He noticed that these locomotives can be repaired at the very loco shed and ordered immediate transportation of necessary parts from Rawalpindi to Karachi.

After taking over as General Manager earlier this month, Junaid Qureshi has started a series of visits to various railway divisions to review their working and performance in a bid to bring improvement in the railway operations.

He started his visits to these Divisions with first visit to Karachi Division during which he held meetings with the officials, staff and railway unions. He has planned similar review visits of Sukkur Division and Multan Division during the next few days.

The GM has decided that he will always travel by train to have an indepth study of railway installations, infrastructure facilities as well operational problems.

Junaid Qureshi has vowed to take Pakistan Railways to another level by mobilizing all the resources at their disposal.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Junaid Qureshi commits to bring improvement in the railway working

By Abdul Qadir Qureshi

The newly appointed General Manager Pakistan Railways, Junaid Qureshi, has stated that railway’s 60 percent problems can be resolved by overcoming mismanagement while the remaining 40 percent relate to financial implications.

He made the observation while talking to media after chairing meetings with Divisional officers and office-bearers of various workers’ unions in the office of Divisional Superintendent Railways.

Besides some Principal Officers from Railway headquarter Lahore, who accompanied the General Manaer during his maiden visit to Karachi, the meeting was also attended by Divisional Superintendent Anzar Ismail Rizvi.

Junaid Qureshi said he told the officials to spare no effort in resolving the related problems which they can do at their own level 

In this regard, he said, he issued various directives to them and hopefully these would result in bringing improvement in the railway’s working including control on late running of trains which emanate from Karachi.

He said that plans were underway to restart the freight trains on priority basis, which in real term are the real revenue backbone of the railway.

“Railway certainly suffered a revenue setback with the closure of freight operation”, he observed and pointed out that Karachi Railway Division has only 89 working locomotives out of a total strength of 111.

He said that he will be visiting the loco shed at Cantonment railway station on Tuesday to assess the possibilities for repair of defective locomotives and for this purpose the railway will release necessary funds as well.

He said that railway will start operation of two freight trains from Karachi from next week

To a question, the GM Railways informed that talks were in final stages for obtaining Rs 6 billion commercial loan from National Bank of Pakistan. He said this amount will be spent on the repair of 80 locomotives and will be repaid from the income generating from freight and other operational trains.

Junaid Qureshi informed that international tenders have been floated for purchase of 150 locomotives. He said the tenders will be opened in June.

Replying a question, the GM said that railway is going to run six more trains on public-private participation during the next 30 or 45 days.

He told a questioner that for the present the railway’s revenue was 30 percent below the target. But the situation will improve by next month when freight trains will be operational.

Meanwhile, the General Manager railway has under taken a visit to various railway divisions starting with Karachi Division He will be visiting Sukkur Railway Division on Tuesday and Wednesday and Multan Railway Division next week.

Junaid Qureshi said he is taking a team of senior officers along with him for resolving various issues on the spot.

He said he himself will under take journey to various destination on trains and has issued same directives to his officers to follow his suit in an effort to bring improvement in the railway’s working.