Sunday, February 17, 2013

SSUET nominee selected for Best University Teacher Award

By Abdul Qadir Qureshi
(Pakistan News & Features Services)

The Higher Education Commission (HEC) has selected Prof Dr Syed Faisal Ahmed Bukhari, Associate Professor, Department of Computer System Engineering, Sir Syed University of Engineering & Technology (SSUET), Karachi, for the Best University Teachers Award for the year 2011. 

Prof Dr Bukhari’s nomination was approved in the meeting of the HEC’s Main Awards Committee held in Islamabad. 

The Award consists of a certificate and cash prize of Rs 100,000 and will be conferred upon awardees in an award ceremony to be held shortly, HEC said. 

The parameters considered for the award included minimum five years of continuous service as a regular teachers in a recognized university; minimum qualification MS/M.Phil degree from a HEC recognized university, not more than 65 years of maximum age and that the nomination was received through Vice-Chancellor and Selection Committee. 

The HEC said that the evaluation for selection was done keeping in view the above parameters and weightage to qualification, teaching, research and co-curricular activities and these were fully met by Prof Dr Bukhari from amongst the nominations received from SSUET.

SSUET students invent device for advance payment of power usage

By Abdul Qadir Qureshi 
(Pakistan News & Features Services) 

A group of students of Electronics department of Sir Syed University of Engineering and Technology (SSUET) have devised a system of payment of electricity bills in advance through application of GPRS system. 

The system will bring reduction in the human resource, the expenses incurred on meter reading and ward off public complaints regarding issuance of bills not matching the meter reading. 

The ‘Pre-paid Digital Energy Meter’ has been devised by the six-member group consisting of Zohaib Saleem Abbasi, Syed Arif Raza, Mohammed Aqib, Nabeel Tariq, Kashif Hameed and Afnan Ahmed. 

According to the group members they used Ethernet Module USRTCP 232T, PCB designing, Discreet components, Power Supply, LCD Digital Analogue Meter, Micro Controller Censers, Internet Device besides other component parts in the project preparation. 

They considered the project  fully micro-controller thatcan easily be installed in any house. Besides making payment of electricity charges in advance, one can determine through IPS address on an interne the balance of electricity to be used and to plan saving. 

The consumer will get a warning through alarm as to the exhaustion of the amount paid for power consumption and thus would help get power supply as per need and budget requirement. 

Through an innovation, advance payment could also be made through scratch card which would help overcome utility interference. The group said the project has cost them an amount of Rs 21,000 which they paid from their own pocket. 

They said they will continue to give demonstration of better performance, provided they get government cooperation.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Railway official leaves for Japan to attend JICA Urban Transport training programme

 The Divisional Superintendent Railways, Karachi, Anzer Ismail Rizvi, has left for Tokyo, Japan, to attend 15-day Urban Railway Development, Operation and Management Training Programme being organized by Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) from February 14.
 The programme will be attended by a total of 13 Pakistanis including seven from the Pakistan Railways.
 In a brief interview, prior to catching a connecting flight to Bangkok, Anzer Rizvi pointed out that the further development of Karachi, the largest city of Pakistan with its population of over 18 million, will be the focal point of discussion in the upcoming programme. 
 “The city is the centre of economic and trade activity. However since Urban Mass Transportation system has not been properly managed here, it is facing traffic congestion as well as air pollution. The JICA has been working on the preparatory study to revitalize the Karachi Circular Railway (KCR) with an aim of improving current urban transportation system,” the Divisional Superintendent remarked.
 “Based on the JICA’s evaluation of past railway projects in other countries, it was found essential to ensure appropriate operation and management of the railway and have a well established organizational structure  that will be the in charge of the railways,” Anzer Rizvi explained.
 To assist the project, he added, the JICA proposed capacity development of professionals as well as their organizations that will be involved in the KCR project.
 He recalled that Japan has its long history of running various successful urban railways and the training program will be implemented with the purpose to provide participants with opportunities to learn specific knowledge concerning urban railways and contribute to the introduction of urban public transport and the solution of the urban transportation problems by administrative management in their respective organization.
 Meanwhile, the Federal Government has promoted Anzer Rizvi into Grade 21 and he received the information hours before starting his journey to Japan.

Sunday, February 10, 2013

SBCA Chief Manzoor Qadir grieved

By Abdul Qadir Qureshi
(Pakistan News & Features Services)

The soyem of mother of Manzoor Qadir, Director General, Sindh Building Control Authority (SBCA), was held at his Clifton residence in Karachi on February 10.

As the funeral on February 8, the soyem was largely attended by people belonging to various walks of life including government officials, builders, developers, professionals and city's elite. 

Eminent ulemas in their sermons on the occasion highlighted the importance of mother in one's life, the relationship between human body and soul and the need for making preparations for the world hereafter. 

Earlier Quran Khawani and Dua-e-Maghfarit were offered for the departed soul.

Prominent among those present in the gathering were Provincial Ministers Agha Siraj Khan Durrani, Pir Mazharul Huq, Sharjeel Inam Memon, former Minister Zulfikar Mirza, Advisor to Chief Minister Rashid Rabbani, Special Assistant Waqar Mehdi, Political Advisor Abu Bhai, former Minister Pappu Shah, General Manager Administration KPT Rauf Akther Farooqui, DG LDA Agha Maqsood Abbas, Director Master Plan Iftikhar Qaimkhani, former Director Master Plan Ateeq Baig, Chairman ABAD Anwar Gagai, Arif Habib, Dost Mohammed Faizi, former Chairman ABAD Hafiz Butt, Naveed Zubairi, Special Secretary Local Government Suleman Chandio, Masroor Ahsan, Mohammed Asim and Haider Bhai.

Eid Milad-un-Nabi celebrates at SSUET

Haji Hanif Tayyab

By Abdul Qadir Qureshi 
(Pakistan News & Features Services)

Eminent scholars participated in the gathering organized by the Sir Syed University of Engineering & Technology (SSUET) to celebrate Eid Milad-un-Nabi at the university’s Bashir A Malik Auditorium on February 9.

Prof Dr Abdul Rahman Bukhari, Haji Mohammad Hanif Tayyab, Prof Abbas Hussain and Allama Dr Kaukab Noorani, delivered enlightening speeches on life and message of Holy Prophet Hazrat Mohammad (Peace be Upon Him). 

Noted poet Khummar Farooqui and famous Naat Khwans, Mahmood-ul-Hasan Ashrafi, Haris Kamal and Waqas Tariq Sherwani recited Naats while the university students recited verses from Holy Quran, Hamd and Darood Shareef. 

Prof Dr Abdul Rahman Bukhari threw light on the virtues of humanity and the unique position bestowed to Hazrat Mohammad (PBUH) by Almighty Allah.

Haji Mohammad Hanif Tayyab mentioned that Hazrat Mohammad (PBUH) had advised the world more than 1400 years ago to set up new cities because the existing cities would continue growing and become more and more populated in future. 

Prof Abbas Hussain recalled that Hazrat Mohammad (PBUH) graciously participated in the household work with the members of the family besides visiting the ailing persons and personally offering condolences to the grieved families. 

Allama Dr Kaukab Noorani touched the subject of Shab-e-Mairaj, the blessed night when Hazrat Mohammad (PBUH) was spiritually transported to heaven and he reached a high stage of nearness to Almighty Allah, beyond ordinary human comprehension. 

The ceremony, conducted by Mehwish Patel, began with the recitation of Holy Quran by Hafiz Mohammad Ali, was largely attended by the faculty members and students of the SSUET.