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Saturday, March 28, 2020

Aziz Memon urges people to stay home, follow advice for fighting Coronavirus

By Abdul Qadir Qureshi 
(Pakistan News & Features Services)

Aziz Memon, the National Chair of Pakistan National Polio Plus Committee (PNPPC) and a former Governor of Rotary International in Pakistan, has urged the people to stay indoors and follow the advice of the government in order to control and eradicate Coronavirus (COVID-19).

“The number of patients contracted by Coronavirus has exceeded one thousand in Pakistan and the number of cases is increasing every day which suggests that our preventive measures are not upto the mark. A lot of people are not staying at home. Many people are not following the instructions being advised to them. The safety protocols are being ignored,” he observed in a televised message. 

“My dear friends it has become mandatory now to wash hands for more than 20 seconds regularly. It should be for a minimum of 20 seconds. The longer you are able to do it is more to your benefit,” he emphasized. 

“Please don’t touch your eyes, nose or ears with your hands. If you need to sneeze then please use a tissue paper. Even if you don’t have a tissue at that time then do it on your sleeve but avoid sneezing in the open,” Aziz Memon advised.

“If you can afford sanitizers then try to use it as often as possible. The virus doesn’t attack you randomly. It doesn’t come by itself but it comes by invitation only. As they say this virus has an ego. It will not come to you by itself. So it won’t reach you if you follow the precautions,” he continued.

“We are one nation and we stand united. We must follow the advisories of provincial and federal government. I will urge you to stay at home and perform your religious duties from there. Social distancing is essential. As no vaccine is available right now you have to take all this precautionary measures for yourself and your loved ones,” he explained. 

Later, talking to PNFS, Aziz Memon reminded that he had been pleading for these very things for several years to eradicate polio. 

“The world is polio free but we are not free from polio yet. Sometime religious leaders became a hurdle. Sometimes it became victim of politicians and at times NIDs were postponed to play cricket matches,” he regretted.  

“We have always stated that if eradicate polio we will strengthen our health system to fight a catastrophe like Coronavirus. We will win our battle against Coronavirus and one day make Pakistan polio free. Our real challenge is to strengthen our routine immunization in order to build immunity in children,” Aziz Memon reckoned.

Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Polio kiosks set up at airports

By Abdul Qadir Qureshi
(Pakistan News & Features Services)

Rotary, one of the largest voluntary service organizations of the world, has a visible presence at the various airports of Pakistan as it has facilitated in setting up polio kiosks at departure as well as arrival lounges. 

The National Chair of Pakistan National Polio Plus Committee (PNPPC), Aziz Memon, also a former Governor of Rotary International in Pakistan, informed PNFS that the polio kiosks have been set up at all major airports of the country to cover the children in transit, as per directives of the government. 

According to details, the PNPPC was requested by national and provincial authorities to provide polio kiosks at all visible points of airports. Because of its location, the polio kiosks are easily visible and accessible. 

The World Health Organization (WHO) was then advised to arrange for the polio vaccinators at each kiosk. These polio kiosks are installed at outside of departure and arrival lounges of the airports. 

The PNPPC has set up as many as polio kiosks at the Jinnah International Airport, Karachi, as per specification provided by the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA). These polio kiosks have been installed just outside of domestic and International departure and arrival lounges. 

There are three polio teams at each kiosks working round the clock at the airport and the average vaccination coverage is close to 350 children per day. 

Besides Karachi, the PNPPC has set up two polio kiosks each at Multan, Peshawar and Quetta airports to cover transit children.