Tuesday, March 26, 2013

SSUET Board of Governors appreciative of Convocation practice

By Abdul Qadir Qureshi
(Pakistan News & Features Services)

The Board of Governors of Sir Syed University of Engineering and Technology (SSUET), Karachi, met on March 25 under the chairmanship of Vice-Chancellor Prof Dr Jawaid Hasan Rizvi.

In its 44th meeting, the Board granted the formal approval to the program of SSUET’s 16th Convocation scheduled to be held on March 26 at the Karachi Expo Center to be presided over by Chief Justice of Sindh High Court, Justice Mushir Alam.

The Board appreciated the University for holding its convocations regularly every year, considering it a worthy tradition.

The Board approved the minutes of its 43rd meeting which was held on October 20, 2012 and reviewed the action taken on the minutes of the meeting.

The Board also considered and approved the Audit Report/Financial Statement for the fiscal year having ended on June 30, 2012.

The meeting was attended, among others, by Board members including Dr. Abdul Qadeer Khan, Lt. Gen. (R) Moinuddin Haider, Prof Dr M.D. Shami, Engr. Mohammed Adil Usman, Cdre. (R) Salim A. Siddiqui and Dean Basic and Applied Sciences besides Registrar Shah Mahmood H Syed.

Monday, March 25, 2013

SSUET to continue its role towards promotion of education: Chancellor Nizami

By Abdul Qadir Qureshi
(Pakistan News & Features Services)

“The Sir Syed University of Engineering & Technology (SSUET) has  achieved a significant place among the top institutions due to the excellence in teaching domain and its students, after getting equipped with knowledge and skills, are serving in the national and international institutions with devotion and dedication.”

This was stated by Engr Z A Nizami, Chancellor, SSUET, in an interview prior to the university’s 16th convocation scheduled to held on March 26 in which Chief Justice of the Sind High Court, Justice Mushir Alam will be the chief guest.

Over 1000 graduates, besides those having done masters, in the disciplines of computer, electronics, civil, teleom and bio-medical engineering will be receiving degrees in their respective engineering disciplines at the convocation.

Pointing out that the outgoing students will embark upon a new phase of life as they are at the threshold of practical life the Chancellor wished all of them a glorious career.

He stated that holding of convocations has been a permanent feature since 1998. “Our convocations have the honour of having been graced by the presence of Presidents, Prime Ministers, Governors and other dignitaries of the country,” Engr Z A Nizami recalled.
“The SSUET has been imparting quality education in the most modern disciplines, which are constantly revolutionizing the human life and adoring it with beauty comfort and ease. The intake of the university has steadily increased from 200 students to the present strength of more than 6,000 students,” he added.

“We have a galaxy of 490 intellectuals in the form of our faculty. Their guidance and extensive knowledge are real strength of this university. The functionaries of the university, with their professional performance, are also playing commendable role in managing its affairs,” he remarked.

“We are fully aware of the highly dynamic global markets, where employers require intelligent dynamic and enthusiastic engineering graduates. This calls us for a role that helps equip the students with knowledge and skills that are commensurate with the demand of the job markets.  The university has already incorporated the modification in teaching methodology that addresses the new demands. This is evident from the employment record of our graduates,” the Chancellor reckoned.

The convocation, he continued, has a significant feature in the sense that the outgoing graduates of the university carry a sense of achievement and fulfillment as they depart from their Alma Mater and it marks the completion of an important phase in their academic life.

He said despite being a technical institution, the university is fully alive to the importance of Islamic teachings.

“The Islamic studies are part of our syllabi. Besides, the Islamic character of the university dominates in its every function. Our Holy Prophet Hazrat Mohammad (PBUH) had been emphasizing the significance of education. He had advised the Muslims to acquire knowledge from cradle to grave. We impress upon the mind of our students the importance of knowledge in the light of this saying of the Holy Prophet (PBUH),” he added.    

He said that the SSUET strives to discover and disseminate knowledge and to produce young graduates of high caliber, who are able to run the wheels of the country to an enviable destination, through the innovative and modern techniques of teaching.

“In this regard the SSUET has already opened up new avenues and vistas of development in the field of higher education,” the Chancellor believed.

This convocation, he said, has a special significance for all and particularly for the graduating batch, it marks the completion of an important phase and as they enter the next phase, they will look back and feel that the years spent at the SSUET were the best years of their lives.

Chancellor Nizami informed that the SSUET has been offering master programme in the fields of electronics engineering with specializations in telecommunication since 2000, in computer engineering with specializations in computer networking and software engineering since 2001, in civil engineering with specialization in structural engineering started in 2009, ms in biomedical engineering was added in 2009, ms in mathematics was introduced in 2009, ms in computer science was started 2009.

The university, since the commencement of the MS programme, admitted in total 675 students out of which 209 have passed their MS while the SSUET has also been offering Phd programme in computer engineering and electronic engineering disciplines since 2005.

Replying a question the Chancellor pointed out that SSUET is a completely self-reliant institute of learning. The university is recognized by the Higher Education Commission of Pakistan while all engineering degree programmes of the university are accredited by the Pakistan Engineering Council.

He mentioned that the SSUET is a member of the Association of Commonwealth Universities and also a member of UNESCO sponsored International Association of Universities.

“The SSUET graduates have been accepted into postgraduate programmes in many reputable universities of the world including Imperial College UK, California State University, USA, Dalhousie University, Canada, and University of Florida, USA. The university has strong links with the local and international industry leaders. These include our programmes of collaboration with siemens, CISCO systems USA, Lockheed Martin, USA, and many other universities,” he revealed 

Chancellor Nizami recalled that the SSUET attained another milestone by getting the prestigious ISO 9001:2013 certification for quality management.

He said to provide the opportunities for delivery of academic programmes in partnership with leading foreign universities that lead to undergraduate and postgraduate degrees, MoUs have been signed after the course-matching exercise with Coventry University UK, Hertfordshire University UK and London Metropolitan University UK.

The MoUs provided the facilities of advance entry of our university students into degree courses with credit transfer facilities involving first 2 years study at the SSUET and subsequent two years in UK, first six months class work for MS students in UK and subsequent six months for preparation of thesis/projects in the SSUET under the local supervisors and staff exchange and collaborative research projects.

The Chancellor said that the recently chartered inspection and evaluation committee has placed SSUET in “five-star” category which was another feather in their cap.

To a question Engr Nizami said that he believes that no deserving student be deprived of education due to financial hardship and in this regard the university is very liberal in awarding scholarships to deserving students. Since its inception, the university has awarded more than 13,906 scholarships amounting to Rs 237 million while during the current fiscal year, Rs 45 million allocated for scholarships.

He also spoke at length about the university’s central library having over 75,000 books on latest research and applied engineering and modern engineering, a motivating career planning and placement bureau to guide the students to get suitable job after graduation.

He said the HEC after a thorough evaluation of the working, progress and achievements, holds a very positive view about the university having awarded the SSUET the highest category while being regarded very highly in academic circles as well as the corporate community.

“The most pivotal decision of our life is selection of right career. When the choice of career is to be an engineer than a center of excellence in engineering education is the SSUET known nationally and internationally for its outstanding educational facilities,” he opined.

Engr Nizami emphasized adding that promotion of research culture was always an objective of a university and the SSUET was successfully moving in that direction.

He said that the university faculty members are engaged proactively in research work which has been published in the prestigious journals of international repute.

“We believe, without strict adherence to the parameters of quality education, remarkable progress cannot be achieved. Besides academic activities, the university has shown outstanding performance in extra curricular activities like declamation contests, sports etc and won coveted awards,” he concluded.

Monday, March 18, 2013

Justice Mushir Alam to preside over SSUET’s Convocation-2013

By Abdul Qadir Qureshi
(Pakistan News & Features Services)

About a thousand students having passed out in various disciplines at the Sir Syed University of Engineering & Technology (SSUET), Karachi, will receive their degrees at the 16th Convocation of the university to be organized on March 26. 
Justice Mushir Alam, Chief Justice of the High Court of Sindh, will be presiding over the Convocation-2013 to be held at the Karachi Expo Centre. 

The arrangements for the coveted event were reviewed and finalized at a meeting held under the chairmanship of Vice-Chancellor Prof Dr Jawed Rizvi on March 16. The meeting was attended, among others, by Registrar Shah Mahmood Hussain Syed, Deans, chairpersons of various departments besides office-bearers of the AMUOBA. 

The passing out students will be receiving their degrees in their respective engineering disciplines of Computer, Electronics, Civil, Bio-Medical and Telecom besides Computer Science and those having passed their Masters examinations. 

Prior to the convocation, the Board of Governors of the SSUET will meet again on March 25 to oversee the final arrangements.

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Arif Bukhari calls on Chancellor Schroeder

By Abdul Qadir Qureshi
(Pakistan News & Features Services)

Arif Ali Shah Bukhari, Chancellor of KASBIT and Chairman of KASB Foundation, called on former Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder of Germany, on the sidelines of the recently held YPO-WPO Global Leadership Conference in Istanbul, Turkey.

Arif Bukhari apprised the German Chancellor about the successful implementation of the FATA Children Scholarship Programme that was run by the KASB Foundation with the support of the German Foreign Office to educate the children who were displaced because of the violence in the FATA region. 

Realizing the importance of Pakistan, which will serve as the transit point in the new business order of the world to connect the Middle East, Afghanistan and the former Soviet Bloc countries, East Asia and more importantly China with the rest of the world, Chancellor Schroeder looked forward to the timely development of infrastructure in Pakistan to meet the challenges that would have to be met for the prosperity of Pakistan in particular and the South Asian Region in general.

Arif Bukhari, who is also the Chairman of the Pakistan China Business, Cultural and Social Society, which serves to develop the social-cultural, economic and people to people contacts between Pakistan and China, invited Chancellor Schroeder on behalf of the society to visit Pakistan as a special guest speaker to inform its members about the vision he holds for the South Asian Region and the supportive role he could play on behalf of his country to which the Chancellor responded that he looked forward to do so whenever the right opportune allowed him to visit Pakistan.

The German Ambassador to Pakistan, Dr Michael Koch, having taken very keen interest in the running of the FATA Children Scholarship Programme, was also appreciative of the KASB Foundation initiative.

SSUET’s Convocation-2013 on March 26

By Abdul Qadir Qureshi
(Pakistan News & Features Services)

The Convocation-2013 of the Sir Syed University of Engineering and Technology (SSUET), Karachi, will be held on March 26 at the Karachi Expo Centre.

The arrangements for the 16th convocation were reviewed at a meeting chaired by Chancellor Engr Z A Nizami and attended, among others, by Vice-Chancellor Prof Dr Jawed Rizvi, Registrar Shah Mahmood Hussain Syed, Engineering Consultant Mohammed Shafique, Director Finance and other officials.

It was informed that this year about 1000 students including those graduating in Masters will be receiving their degrees in the disciplines of Computer, Electronics, Civil, Bio-Medical and Telecom engineering besides Computer Science.

The Vice-Chancellor stated that all the final year results have been compiled and the University’s Board of Governors will meet on March 25 prior to the convocation.

In the meeting, the Chancellor also reviewed the Admissions-2013 process and was informed that it was completed and now regular classes were being held.

Monday, March 4, 2013

Blair suggests study for education pattern suiting Pakistan

By Abdul Qadir Qureshi
(Pakistan News & Features Services)

Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair has suggested that a study be conducted to evaluate the type of education that would be effectively suited for Pakistan and an urgent action be taken to implement it.

He made the suggestion in a meeting with Arif Ali Shah Bukhari, Chancellor of KASBIT and Chairman of KASB Foundation, on the sidelines of the recently held YPO-WPO Global Leadership Conference in Istanbul, Turkey. 

Arif Bukhari, who attended the conference as Member MENA Regional Board of YPO-WPO, revealed that in the meeting with Tony Blair the geo-Political issues of Pakistan also came under discussion and he explained to the former British Prime Minister that there was great potential for improvement and modernization in Pakistan for which the way forward was through the prioritized provision of education to its masses through which the evils of illiteracy and violence would gradually be overcome. 

The former British Prime Minister agreed with the viewpoints of the KASBIT Chancellor having remarked there was also an urgent need to develop direct people to people contact for which finding of right partners between Pakistan and Britain was must to achieve real and sustainable growth. 

He also stated that the world’s growth and prosperity had always come through the private sector and that the government’s work was to give the right policies and to create conducive environments for educational growth. 

Tony Blair also informed Arif Bukhari that the British High Commission was trying its best to implement several programs that would directly benefit the people of Pakistan for which he look forward to the support of Pakistani business community to play a positive role for the realization of these programs.

Pak Railways promote 500 ticket examiners

By Abdul Qadir Qureshi
(Pakistan News & Features Services)

The General Manager Pakistan Railways, Junaid Qureshi, has promoted over 500 Special Ticket Examiners, Special Ticket Examiner Group Inspectors and Divisional Inspectors to the next grade.
He signed the summary of promotion of the Railways employees on March 1 and the notification in this regard was also issued later in the day, sending a wave of delight among the staff. 

As per notification the Grade 11 Special Ticket Examiners have been promoted to Grade 14, Grade 12 Special Ticket Examiners Group Inspectors to Grade 15 and Grade 14 Divisional Inspectors to Grade 16. 

It may be mentioned here that a Special Ticket Examiner Mohammed Suleman had moved to court a couple of years ago seeking promotions which was allowed by the court with the order for carrying out the required promotions. 

However, the implementation of the court order was delayed because of ongoing financial crisis in the railway which led to protests and strike by railway employees. 

Meanwhile the leaders of Railway’s Special Ticket Examiners Group Association, Shahabuddin Lakho, Haji Naimuddin Abbasi, Abdul Majeed Abbasi, Syed Asif Ali Shah and Al-haj Liaquat Ali Khilji have expressed their gratitude to the GM Railway, Junaid Qureshi, and other senior railway officials for issuance of notification of their promotions having described the issuance of notification the victory of righteousness.