Saturday, May 30, 2009

KESC partners with Engro Polymer and International Industries under Captive Power Policy

As part of the continued efforts to provide maximum relief to its consumers, KESC is moving ahead with introducing short term and long term solution that could benefit Karachi. Apart from adding permanent power and rental power to its grid, KESC also launched a Captive Power Policy lately to utilize the excessive available power capacity of industrial units. This program has created interest among Captive Power Producers & quite a few are advancing to finalization. The first company to join this programme was Engro Polymer & Chemical Ltd (EPCL), which signed an agreement with KESC recently to supply 18 MW to KESC by mid-year 2009. This was yet another break through that was carried forward by a second agreement signing between International Industries Limited (IIL) and KESC.

According to this contract, IIL will supply 4 MW to KESC within the next two weeks. Naveed Ismail CEO KESC says, “Industrial partnership is a critical short and medium-term solution to Karachi’s energy challenges and a key part of how KESC now works. We are very committed to a strategy that balances our supply requirements to KESC’s cost of delivery. We will be announcing a series of arrangements like these and partnering with Engro and IIL is a powerful place to start”.For Further Details, please contact: KESC Corporate Communication Syed Faraz Ahmed, Media Manager at 0301 828 6193 Email: cc@kesc.com.pk

Youthful offenders at Central Prison get beds

KARACHI: It was for the first time in the 62 years of the national history that inmates below 18 years were provided with beds at the Youthful Offenders’ Industrial School, Karachi Central Prison.
A local philanthropist had donated these through Legal Aid Office and Deputy Speaker of the Sindh Assembly, Shehla Raza was invited to hand these 300 beds to the young inmates.
The SA Deputy Speaker addressing the ceremony jointly organized by LAO and office of the Inspector General Prisons of Sindh said President Asif Ali Zardari is also keen to improve the general conditions at the prisons. “As per his directives special funds are being available to improve conditions at the jails,” she said.