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Sunday, March 7, 2010


Foundation for a Drug Free World is an International non- profit organization, working globally to raise awareness among the youth regarding the consequences of drugs through extra curricular activities. Foundation recently launched International Essay Competition in which, more than 1200 individuals and 900 institutions participated from all over Pakistan. The first winner received cash prize, while all the top position holder received awards and International Certificates.

The first position was bagged by Sadaf Nawaz Khan of Garrison School for Women, Lahore Cantt; Second by Syeda Alvina Mehak of Aga Khan Higher School, Chitral; Third by Hajira Ijaz by Zafar Shaheed Army Public School Malakand; Fourth by Lujane Vaqar Pagganwala of The International School, Karachi; Fifth by Tehreem Azhar by Garrison Army School, Peshawar and Sixth by Azhar Nooruddin Pradhan of Beacon House School, Karachi

On this occasion, Pakistan Coordinator, Munir Moosa Sewani said that Foundation for a Drug Free World has taken the responsibility to educate youth about the hazardous consequences of drugs. He said that around 7 million people are engaged in drug addiction in Pakistan and that drugs are now very common among students in the form of cigarette, sheesha and beetle nuts. There is no such law to ban drugs in public places, transportation and parks. He further added that although many NGOs are working in Pakistan to combat drug abuse, but unless we educate our children, we cannot expect a safe future. He further added, print media has played a pivotal role in raising awareness to curb drugs abuse on several occasions which is applauded. thanked President of Pakistan for doing great in raising issues of drug abuse.

Pascal Cottier, Judy Shervill and Tom Pacquitte said that the issue of drug abuse has been raised by Foundation for a Drug Free World in Pakistan from a grass root level because children are prone to drugs. They further explored that productivity and competitiveness of youth can be enhanced through such activities.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

International Letter Writing Competition

Foundation for the Drug Free World, USA, is working for the cause of promoting drug awareness programs worldwide. The main motive of this non-profit organization is to organize events throughout the world for creating a healthy society. Eradicating drug abuse from Pakistan from the grass root level and to aware youth about drugs is the purpose of Drug Free World in Pakistan.

Foundation for a Drug Free World recently organized letter writing competition, in which students and individuals from all parts of Pakistan wrote a letter to President Zardari to ban drugs in public buses and at public parks. More than 850 students and individuals, and 560 institutions participated from Karachi, Islamabad, Kharian Cantt, Faisalabad, Rawalpindi, Murree, Lahore, Multan, Sukkur, Gujranwala, and Peshawar.

The citation for the winners was recently held at a local hotel, where the vision of PPP and Shaheed Benazir Bhutto was addressed by Pakistan coordinator, Munir Moosa Sewani. He said,

“Shaheed Benzair Bhutto always wanted to see youth living a happy and peaceful life. By arranging such competitions for the youth, we have joined our hands with Government of Pakistan to eradicate drug abuse and to create healthy environment for the coming generation.” Mr. Munir Moosa later assured the gathering to work closer with the Government of Pakistan in the upcoming years and shared his hope to contribute in formulating drug eradication programs and policies.

The selected letters were sent at Aiwan-e-Sadar to Mr. Zardari by Pakistan Coordinator for Drug Free World, Mr. Munir Moosa Sewani, in the presence of the winners. Later on, Miss Judy, Mr. Tom Pacquitte, Mr. Pascal Cottier, Mr. Munir Moosa Sewani and Miss Salima Moosa Sewani witnessed the declaration of the winners through telephonic conversation.

The names of the winners are: Sanam Shaheen from Garrison Academy, Kharian Cantt, Madiha Salman, Kausar Taighoon Shah from Aga Khan College, Serena Virani from Beacon School System, Kiran Reimoo from Aga Khan Higher Secondary School, Nimira Noorani from Aga Khan University, Institute for Educational Development and Adeel Jawed from BVS Parsi School. Cash prizes and exclusive gift hampers from Sweet Hills Company were distributed along with an International Certificate to the winners and 20 runners up by Pakistan Coordinator Munir Moosa and Regional Director, Ministry of Human Rights, Government of Pakistan, Ali Nawaz Katiar.

Assistant Coordinator, Miss Salima said that the youth being aware of the drastic consequences of drugs still they engage in such activities, which is a point to ponder.