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Saturday, April 28, 2012

Rtn Nasreen Masood highlights Rotary’s objectives in Radio interview

The President-Elect of the Rotary Club of Karachi Airport (RCKA), Rtn Nasreen Masood, was interviewed by Bushra Noor Khawaja in the popular ‘Prime Time Hour’ by Radio Pakistan on April 27. It was broadcast live on FM 93 as well.

It was a lively one-hour informative session, conducted by a seasoned campaigner, which was made even more entertaining by punctuating it with quite a few popular songs.

Excerpts from the interview:

Q: Would you like to share with our listeners when did you start your career as a social worker?
A: It was more than a decade ago when I got engaged in social work. I am one of the founding members of Rotary Club of Karachi Airport (RCKA) which was chartered in 2008. I was elected unopposed as its President last year.

Q: Rotary motto of ‘Service Above Self’ is truly inspirational. How do you meet the challenge?
A: Rotary International is one of the top voluntary organizations of the world. We have a proper system in place. We act in accordance with our bye-laws. We hold weekly meetings of our club which help considerably in letting us accomplish our goals.

Q: How do you work on your projects?
A: In our weekly meetings we deliberate on the various aspects of the projects to be undertaken. Every member is provided the opportunity and encouraged to play his or her part. It can be in terms of cash or kind. All of us are volunteers. We devote our time and energies. Our Board finalizes the finer details and then the members are assigned tasks in light of commitments they make. The progress of the projects is monitored in our meetings. We work on short-term as well as long-term projects.

Q: How do you motivate your members?
A: Mostly the Rotarians are committed people. We, the resourceful ones, understand our responsibilities to the community and we try to contribute as much as we could to help those who deserve it.

Q: How do you reach the needy people?
A: We just need to keep our eyes and ears open while commuting. Day in and day out we come across people who need our support. We are flooded with requests for help at times. After proper verification we extend them as much support as we could by pooling our resources.

Q: What are the responsibilities of Rotary President?
A: Every Rotarian has a responsibility. The President is just the captain of the team for a term of one year. Our elections are held every year. The President tries to lead by example to let the others take the cue and perform more actively. In my opinion election to the post of the President its an incentive to work harder and create more resources.

Q: Which project has given you the highest satisfaction?
A: It was setting up a dispensary in Sector 11-D of North Karachi. While driving there, I had noticed an elderly man standing between lots of kids in front of a gate. As I drew closer it was discovered that the gentleman was Rahmat Bhai who was providing education free of cost to the area children at his own house.

We sent our club officials there to extract more details and then our meeting was arranged with him. He desired operating a dispensary in the portion of his house and sought our assistance to facilitate free medicine and consultation to the area people, who couldn’t afford costs. We readily agreed. We collected medicines and then persuaded a qualified doctor to work two hours daily on voluntary basis. The dispensary is still running and it gives me enormous satisfaction.

Q: What are your cherished goals now?
A: The eradication of polio is on top of the list of our priorities at the moment. Rotary’s National Polio Plus Committee, headed by our dynamic former Governor Aziz Memon, has been trying its level best to eradicate this deadly disease from Pakistan. On our part we are convincing the mothers to take the responsibility of saving their children. No mother wants her kid to be affected by polio. She has to be explained and made responsible. They have to be taught that it would be a criminal negligence to deprive their children of the polio drops that are being provided at their doorstep.  

Q: Who inspired you to take to social work?
A: I have been thoroughly impressed with the spirit and passion of Abdul Sattar Edhi. I always wondered how he worked so selflessly and so effectively round the clock. He was been there everywhere. He takes care of the elderly parents who are deserted by their own children. Similarly he adopts the kids who are abandoned by their parents. It’s quite astonishing how he manages to do so much of work. I am a greater admirer of his. I know that I can’t be like him but I derive inspiration from his acts and try to contribute my bit.

Q: Do you get any time for recreation?
A: To be honest I don’t get much spare but I listen to music whenever possible.

Q: Who are your favourite singers?
A: Noor Jahan and Mohammad Rafi.

Q: What kind of songs you prefer to listen?
A: I am fond of ghazals. I have liked slow songs from beginning.

Q: Tell us about your family.
A: My husband is a mechanical engineer, who secured gold medal at the NED University. He has been working abroad a multinational for the last few years. Both my sons are also engineers, with the elder one having got married just recently.

Q: What kind of mother you have turned out to be?
A: Well I have never compromised on discipline. I didn’t allow my sons to go out once they were back from school with the focus being on studies. I taught them to ignore the mistakes of others and not to get provoked. Both my sons are greatly indebted to me now for having being strict when they were not in a position to find out themselves what was good for them and what was not.

Q: What’s your message to our listeners? A: I will urge the people not to lose hope. You must remain positive and your face should be glowing. Nobody leads an ideal life. The hardships are to be faced with courage. Don’t lose heart when things don’t go your way. Continue working hard because there are no short-cuts to success. If you wish to bring about a change in your lives you must work hard.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Rotary recognition brings smiles

By Syed Khalid Mahmood 

It was quite a big day for me on August 21 as I was presented a Certificate of Excellence by two of the leading Rotary personalities of the country, Aziz Memon and Syed Shahab Balkhi. It was deemed as a great honour for our Rotary Club of Karachi Airport as well.

Obviously every award as a significance of its own but the Rotary recognition is something that’s dearer to the heart because of the noble causes being pursued by this leading international voluntary organization of which I have been a member for the past six years now.

There was even greater pleasure to have received the award from a man called Aziz Memon, who has been one of my role models for the last many years. He was not only responsible for motivating me to join Rotary in 2004 but he has remained an inspiration all along with his deeds and words.

Different people have different reasons to know Aziz Memon because he has been blessed with such a versatile personality and for whom the sun never sets. He starts his day at office before 9 each morning and trust me he has the same energy level when we meet him late at night in various ceremonies.

His time management, besides quite a few other outstanding qualities, is truly incredible and I am sure we need to learn from him. He has set very high standards for himself but most importantly he meets the challenge with a smile.

Aziz Memon had rewritten the Rotary history when he was District Governor in 2007-2008. Now Shahab Balkhi has also taken over the reigns at a historic time, having become the first Governor of the newly founded District 3271, covering Sindh and Balochistan.

The visit of Aziz Memon and Shahab Balkhi to Rangoonwala Community Centre, where Rotary Club of Airports convenes its weekly meetings on Saturdays, on August 21 was a Red Letter Day in the history of our club.

The Club President, Anwar Jabeen Qureshi, was both happy and relieved. So was the Club Secretary, Shah Mohammad Anwar. Both these gentlemen had worked extremely hard to put the acts together in making the necessary arrangements for the visit of the two dignitaries at a rather short notice.

The other members of the club present on the occasion were Abdul Hamid, Mohammad Nazakat Ali, Shamim Khan, Wasim Yousuf, Sameer Baig and Mahmood Nawaz.

Besides the award presentation by Aziz Memon, there was a full board meeting chaired by Shahab Balkhi as it was also the Governor’s Official Visit to the club.

The Governor, who was generous enough to recognize our project of Mobile Library & Resource Centre in his speech in the installation ceremony on July 10, had a lively interactive session and he was thoroughly impressed by the efforts being made by the club.

He agreed that once the pilot project of Mobile Library & Resource Centre became ready our club will be in much better position to seek partner corporate organizations to spread it further.

He was informed that our club will be actively participating in community service by providing equipments to needy schools and colleges, donating books to educational institutions and public libraries, donating sewing machines to needy women, donating equipments to charity hospitals, holding free eye camps and medical clinic and holding career development seminars for youth.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Rotary Airport launches Obaidullah Baig’s documentaries on Pakistan

Rotary Club of Karachi Airport with the collaboration with Defence Central Library, DHA, launched the latest documentaries of veteran scholar Mr Obaidullah Baig in their programme ‘Hamara Watan’ here at DA Degree College for Women on Thursday.

Mr Mohammad Faiz Kidwai, Chairman, Rotary Foundation, was the chief guest in the ceremony presided over by Mr Aziz Memon, Chairman, Rotary National Polio Committee, and Mr Obaidullah Baig was the guest of honour.

In his welcome address, Anwar Jabeen Qureshi, President, Rotary Club of Karachi Airport, observed that the screening of the new documentaries on Pakistan for the first time, produced and directed by the popular figure of Mr Obaidulla Baig, will go a long way in inspiring the youth and helping them become more responsible citizens.

“Rotary Club of Karachi Airport has taken the initiative of spreading the message among the students who hold the key to the future of Pakistan. These documentaries tell us how much resourceful and blessed country Pakistan is and we need to be more patriotic at all times,” he added.

Brig (R) Ifikhar Arshad Khan, Director Education, DHA, paid rich tribute to Mr Obaidullah Baig describing him as an iconic figure in the literary and scholastic circles whose words and deeds are a source of inspiration to the country.

He lauded the efforts of Rotary Club of Karachi Airport particularly the Humara Watan programme having been specially developed to bring about awareness and importance of our country Pakistan.

Mr Obaidullah Baig was accorded a standing ovation by the students and the dignitaries when he arrived at the podium to deliver his speech that itself was laden with golden words.

He complimented Rotary Club of Karachi Airport for screening his documentaries that convey the message that the country is blessed with numerous resources ranging from agriculture, minerals, historical sites and above all the country has five seasons.

“These documentaries are basically meant to project Pakistan’s image and convince the younger generation that Pakistan has its own tremendous worth and there be no dearth of talent provided we value our country and own it to be recognized as Pakistanis in the true sprite,” he added.

Mr Aziz Memon, who presided over the ceremony, did not mince words in stating that an under-developed country like Pakistan needed to enhance literacy rate to make significant progress and be counted as a front-runner in an era of stiff competitions.

He praised Mr Obaidullah Baig for doing such a wonderful project that highlighted the glorious traditions of country, urging the youngsters to work hard and lead from the front to accomplish their cherished goals.
The chief guest of the function, Mr Faiz Kidwai, showered Mr Obaidullah Baig for taking the time out to develop such fascinating documentaries that are informative, inspirational and recreational.

He hoped that such efforts will be immensely helpful in boosting the image of Pakistan that had been tarnished by the people with vested interests in the past.

The ceremony was held at the auditorium of the DA Degree College for Women in which a large number of teachers and students were in attendance besides the Rotarians.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Pakistan Hamara Watan to be organised by Rotary club of Karachi Airport on Thursday

Rotary Club of Karachi Airport in collaboration with Defence Central Library, DHA has organised a program for the students of A and O level, on Thursday, March 11 2010 from 9 a.m. to 12 noon at DA Degree College for women Auditorium. The program is specially developed to bring about awareness and importance of our country Pakistan. The country is blessed with numerous resources ranging from agriculture, minerals, historical sites and above all the country has five seasons. This education is to be imparted at the root level from a different prospective, syllabus education on Pakistan is limited to just preparing them for the exams and nothing else.

We have custom designed the program by mixing it with screening of a series of new documentary on Pakistan and direct interaction with the personalities who have contributed for the building of Pakistan and reached to such a height which they could not have imagined without an independent and sovereign state, this is a creative and informative activity for the students.

The program is basically to project Pakistan Image and to give the message to the younger generation that Pakistan has its own worth and there be no dearth of talent provided we value our country and own it to be recognized as Pakistanis in the true sprite.

The Special feature of the Program is the Screening of the new documentaries on Pakistan or the first time, produce and directed by Mr. Obaidulla Baig, the expert TV producer of documentaries.

The Chief Guest on the occasion is PDG Rtn. Mr. Mohammad Faiz Kidwai, other speakers are Mr. Aziz Memon, PDG & Chairman, Kings Group, Mr. Shahab Balkhi, Rotary Present District Governor and Brig (R) Ifikhar Arshad Khan, Director Education.