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Friday, January 22, 2016

Celebrities make sports gala memorable

By Abdul Qadir Qureshi
(Pakistan News & Features Services)

Pakistan’s leading cricket star Kamran Akmal has exhorted the young students to work hard not only for academic achievements but also in their extracurricular activities including sports like cricket, hockey, football etc. to come in their practical future as great academicians and sportsmen.

“It is time for them to focus on their studies as well as sports activities to achieve their cherished objectives which otherwise would not be possible without hard work”, he said while briefly speaking at the Annual Sports Gala of The Educators, Renaissance Campus, held at Pakistan Sports Board’s Karachi Centre on January 21. 

Celebrities from the various walks of life were the focus of attention of a big gathering of parents and kids and youth at their Annual Sports Day. 

They included Pakistan’s former High Commissioner to UK, Abdul Kader Jaffer, noted lawyer and former Justice of Sindh High Court, Barrister Khawaja Naveed Ahmed, former Karachi Commissioner, Shoaib Ahmad Siddiqui, besides sporting legends like Kamran Akmal, Wasim Bari, Islahuddin, Iqbal Qasim, Shoaib Mohammad, Jan Mohammad and Tanvir Ahmed. The ceremony was conducted by the famous sports journalist and analyst, Ehsan Qureshi.

Their presence made a hay day for parents and their children who unabatedly took selfies with the star sportsmen besides seeking their autographs. 

On the occasion they presented medals to schools children who achieved 1st, 2nd and 3rd positions in various sports including cricket, hockey and athletics events. 

Kamran Akmal laid more emphasis on achieving physical fitness and said that only then the grooming children could think about becoming stars in various sports. 

Pakistan’s former High Commissioner to UK and Chairman of Jaffer Foundation, Abdul Kader Jaffer, observed that Pakistan needs a strong leadership which could lead the country towards progress and prosperity and bring the country to join the world’s most developed comity of nations.

He described the occasion a hay day for both parents and students and recalled that he, when he was of their age, used to take part in the same way in sports and their parents used to show delight like parents of today. 

He advised that besides taking part in sports, they should take greater interest in their academic activities as Pakistan would need to have good leaders in the coming future and it is the right time they should plan for the same. 

Through another advice he exhorted them that when they grow up and enter their practical life they will be expected to take care of their parents same way their parents are taking their care. 

“You have to make a strong, progressive and prosperous Pakistan and for this they need to focus on their education for which this is the right time,” he emphasized.

Earlier on arrival Abbdul Kader Jaffer was warmly greeted by a huge crowds of parents and their children besides students taking part in various sports. 

Eminent lawyer and former Justice of Sindh High Court, Barrister Khawaja Naveed Ahmed, called upon the students not to waste their precious time in uncalled for activities and rather focus more on their education so as to achieve the goals which might have been set for them by their parents. 

He delivered a typically inspirational little speech on the occasion which enlightened the students as well as their parents present on the occasion.

“You can achieve their objectives provided they maintain their physical fitness as well as achieve excellence in their educational life. Nothing is impossible to achieve, provided there is dedication and commitment to the cause. If we have achieved big name in our field, it is solely because of dedication and commitment without which every effort will prove futile,” he remarked 

“Today reminds me of my own childhood and that of my kids, who are grown up now. I still vividly recall such ceremonies in which I had participated as a student and then watched my children pass through this phase. Isn’t it quite extraordinary that parents, particularly mothers, appear more sentimental about the success of their children than the children themselves,” he added.