Saturday, January 10, 2009

Patients diagnosed at last stages of cancers

Cancer Patients in Pakistan are mostly diagnosed at last stages thus minimizing recovery chances as there are more than 200 different kinds of cancer, each with its own name and treatment. Most of the cancers can be cured and controlled at the expense of bitter side effects.

Studies are already underway that examine the use of immunotherapy in conjunction with radiation and chemotherapy to increase the effectiveness of patient responses. Let us hope that these therapies leads into a new dawn that is full of promise.

These views were expressed by Professors and Doctors of Ziauddin University and AKU in a seminar on “Current Developments in Management of Cancer”, held at Dr. Ziauddin University and Hospitals, North Nazimabad Campus.

The Seminar was organized and conducted by Dr. Imtiaz Khalid Assist. Prof., Dept of Medicine. It was very informative and followed by an interactive session. It was well attended by renowned consultants like Professor Dr. Zaidi, Naeem Jaffery, Sadiqua Jaffery and Postgraduates.

Dr. Ejaz Ahmed Vohra, Dean Postgraduate, Head of Dept. of Medicine, Ziauddin University said Cancer is an additional scourge for 3rd world downtrodden masses who are already suffering from poverty, malnutrition and poor sanitation. However, there is a great potential to prevent cancer in Pakistan, provided strong will is there. Use of tobacco and beetle nut should be discouraged.

Talking on “Cancer Immunology” Dr. Mohiuddin Alamgir, Associate Prof. Dept. of Pathology, Ziauddin University told that every cancer starts with a single cell that has been unleashed from the growth restraints placed on all normal cells. He spoke on the Immunosurveillance of cancer, immunosuppressant, and Immunotherapy and Therapeutic cancer vaccines. In the future, cancer immunotherapies are expected to become a treatment option for cancer alongside the traditional methods such as surgery, radiation and chemotherapy. Used in combination with these three traditional methods, immunotherapies may increase the likelihood of long-term remissions for cancer patient.