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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Firing in Karachi Dance Party: Six Killed including Nawab Akbar Bugti's grandson

The death toll from the shootout as a result of a scuffle during a party at a bungalow in Defence area of the metropolis has climbed to six while 8 others sustained injuries, Geo News reported Sunday.

According to police, workers of a political party had arranged a program at a rented bungalow at street-7, Khayaban-e-Rahat. The party was on late at night where female artists were also performing when some men from Balochistan tried to crash the party by inviting their uninvited friends.

This led to a fight at the entrance of the party venue. During the brawl one of the men opened fire which resulted in an exchange of fire between the two sides, leading to a situation of total chaos. People began to run in all directions while four people Kamran Shafi, Dr. Iqbal, Mark Josef and Kamran Gil were killed on the spot.

One of Akbar Bugti’s grandsons Talay Bugti who received serious bullet wounds expired during treatment at a private hospital. He sustained two bullet injuries on his chest.

Later, the bodies were handed over their respective families after post-mortem.

Three of the injured were discharged from a hospital after providing medical aid while six were admitted to Jinnah Hospital where Ziauddin succumbed to his injuries.

SP Clifton, Tariq Dharejo said the bungalow was owned by a man named Nasir who often rented it out for this kind of night parties.

The police have recorded the statements of the eye witnesses while 10 people have been arrested.

According to TPO Clifton Town, raids were being carried out to nab the people involved in the incident while the parties were yet to file its FIR. If nobody approached for FIR, then it will be lodged by the government.

Police has taken into custody two cars and as many motor cycles besides two pistols and sound system from the site of the incident. (The News)

Friday, January 14, 2011

Wali Khan Babar killed in Liaquatabad

Wali Khan Babar, Geo News reporter has been shot dead in a terrorist attack in Liaquatabad Karachi, Geo News reported Thursday.

According to Geo News, the reporter was on his way back home from Geo News office, when he was attacked by terrorists.

According to initial report, he was intercepted by unidentified saboteurs, who on recognizing him, opened gunshots at him point blank, leaving him dead on the spot. His body was recovered from a car.

Geo News said it was an incident of target killing, as Wali Khan received at least five bullets—two in forehead, one in jaw and two gunshots hit his neck.

According to hospital sources, Wali Khan received at least five bullets.

It should be mentioned here that Wali Khan Babar was covering operation against drug-traffickers in Pehalwan Goth. He filed his report at Geo News office and was on way back home, when he was gunned down.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Karachi gang rape shocks Karachiites

It took the gang rape survivor less than 24 hours to realise that she was better off withdrawing her statement, so badly did the government and police manage the case.
Twenty-something K and her acquaintance S, in her mid-30s, were driving in a blue Suzuki Alto on Khayaban-e-Qasim in DHA Karachi when three to four men in a car rammed into them from the back. The small car dived into a ditch, the women were dragged from the car, abducted and K was gang raped while S was beaten. They were then dumped back at the spot. M, one of K’s friends, took them to hospital from where the case was taken up.
DIG South Iqbal Mehmood confirmed that the medico-legal report stated that rape had indeed taken place. “The report has been reserved for now and will only be released on Tuesday,” he said. S was beaten and needed 17 stitches, added Citizens-Police Liaison Committee chief Ahmed Chinoy. He told The Express Tribune, “Since there was no medico-legal officer (MLO) at Jinnah hospital they were then taken to Services hospital where the MLO examined the girl and also took samples for DNA testing. The initial report does say that she was raped.” Police Surgeon Dr Hamid Parhiyar said K’s clothes have been handed over to the police. DNA samples have been dispatched as well. Dr Sumayan, who carried out the chemical examination, has declined to comment.
K’s friend M registered the First Information Report (FIR) No. 585/10 under Sections 365-A (kidnapping) and 375/34 (gang rape) of the Pakistan Penal Code at Darakshan police station. It states that there were three to four unidentified men who committed the crime. The complaint was, however, withdrawn late Monday night.
At the Darakhshan police station, where the statements were recorded, a veritable media circus had broken out. Not one to be left out, information adviser Sharmila Farooqui arrived and after attempting to speak to K, met the media at about 7:30 pm. Against all internationally adopted procedures, the adviser not only named the rape survivor but went on to express scepticism and describe K as extremely “hyper” and “rude” as she did not want to speak to anyone. “She’ll beat you with a stick if you go meet her!” Farooqui exclaimed.
The adviser told the media that K had said that she would think about giving names and addresses after mulling over them through the night. Amid a rash of questions, Farooqui discussed M’s statement that led to the FIR. M’s statement was automatically assumed to be K’s version of the events, that she went to a “party” and was raped after she emerged from it. “But this is her version,” said Farooqui. She went on to make the judgement that K’s statements had been “contradictory” because her friends had given different statements and locations.
“You will understand it later [after investigations are through],” Farooqui answered to further badgering from the media. “We’ve understood it a little… Uss [her statements] mein jaan nahi he. Thora sa he.”
Farooqui said that K was blaming the police and politicians for inviting the media. “A perfectly normal person would panic with so much media around,” the adviser admitted.
K was not willing to share details of where she lived, the address of the supposed party she had attended and other information. S was also not keen on divulging any details.
Adviser Farooqui and the CPLC’s Chinoy went on to stress that the rumours of a gang operating in DHA were not true. “There is no such thing. It is an individual, isolated case,” Farooqui said. She expressed sympathy for the police. “The bechara DIG has been sitting here for four hours,” she remarked.
Chinoy, who also spoke to K, said, “She was calm. However given the amount of media present, given what happened, she was disturbed and said that she had not been treated fairly [mere sath insaaf nahi hua he].”
While officials admitted that the medico-legal report showed that K had been raped, the prevailing consensus at the police station was that the women were at fault and were ‘blackmailing’ someone by filing the FIR. When asked about K’s profession, DIG Iqbal Mehmood huffily replied, “She says she is a model.” He then went on to disclose personal biological details about her.
At the police station, there appeared to be an effort to portray that the alleged victims were ‘call girls’ and one of them was involved in ‘trafficking women’. Much was made of the “fact” that the women had reportedly attended a party and that one of their statements did not match.
“The victim is not ready to inform the police about the culprits and she is not even answering when the police ask her from where she was returning home at midnight,” said SHO Rana Amjad. “We did not register the case on the complaint of the victim but we lodged the FIR over media pressure.” The women had not spoken to any media personnel and had left the police station while reporters were amassed outside.
The small car, which had been hit by the alleged perpetrators’ car, stood in the parking lot at the police station. Its front and rear ends had received extensive damage and the windshield was smashed.
Speaking to The Express Tribune on the condition of anonymity, a female police surgeon with 15 years of experience, who works with rape survivors admitted at Jinnah hospital, Civil hospital and Abbasi Shaheed Hospital, said: “We keep asking the (alleged) victim questions and slowly take them into confidence in order to get the whole story. Every now and then we revert to the same questions in order to check for continuity… In some cases the woman may be severely traumatised and when questioned by the police may succumb to pressure.” Dr Mubarak Ali, a medico-legal officer at Civil hospital, also said a victim’s story changes if they get scared of the police.
PPI reported, however, that both women came to the police station on Monday at about midnight and informed the police about the case.
According to this report, the police took them to Civil Hospital Karachi (CHK) for medico-legal formalities. CHK MLO Dr Qarrar told PPI that the initial report suggested that the woman was raped.
Clifton SP Tariq Dharejo told The Express Tribune that the DIG was forming a special investigation team to investigate the matter. The mobile phone records are being pulled as well.
with additional input by mahnoor sherazee
Published in The Express Tribune, December 21st, 2010.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Crackdown in Karachi: More than 300 including Taliban leaders arrested

Rangers have arrested more than 300 terrorists, including Taliban leaders after conducting a search operation in Manghopir, Karachi.

Rangers sources said that they had arrested a terrorist, Zain-ul-Abedin, a few days ago and initiated the search operation on information provided by him in Manghopir and its surroundings areas, early Tuesday morning.

Sources say that the Sindh government had received information from secret agencies that terrorists have planned terror activities in Karachi during Muharram-ul-Haram. (SAMAA)

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Man arrested by Quaidabad Police for killing wife

A man was booked for stabbing his wife to death over suspicion of illicit relations at Rehri Road, Muzaffarabad Colony in the limits of Quaidabad police station on Friday night.

Police said the incident occurred at a slum locality where victim Aneela, 22, used to live with her husband Asad.

Station House Officer (SHO) Irfan Meo said the deceased got married to Asad two years ago and had no children, adding that her husband with the help of relatives killed the victim. Police found the body after the local residents of the area informed them, he added. Her body was shifted to Jinnah Postgraduate Medical Centre (JPMC) for legal formalities.

Police said that the victim may be killed over suspicion of illicit relations however, a case 253/10 was registered under section 302/34 against Asad and his relatives.

The victim hailed form Hazara while Asad is from Mardan. Further investigations are underway.

Separately, police found a body of a person from the bushes who had died by an overdose of heroin at Ghareeb colony in the limits of Malir City police station. The body was shifted to JPMC for legal formalities after which it was shifted to Edhi Morgue for identification. (DT Report)

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

FIA arrests forgery expert, fake documents seized

Federal Investigation Agency's (FIA) Corporate Crime Circle claimed to have arrested an alleged forgery expert and seized a cache of fake documents and currency from his possession.
According to FIA officials, the accused identified as Farid Anwar Khan was apprehended outside the Saddar passport office.
They said during the initial course of investigation, a huge recovery of forged, counterfeit documents, Pakistan passports, visa stickers, Pakistan and foreign currency, security, revenue papers, adhesive, printing machines and other items were seized on the pointation of the accused from this house, located in Sector 7-D, Surjani Town. Further investigations are underway. (NC Report)

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Karachi’s crime world

Amazingly, people in the funeral procession of Rehman Dakait, Karachi’s most well known gangster, began firing on people they identified as enemies. As a result, eight died in the first flush of revenge, some of them pointing to the old political rivalries in the mega-city.

The “police encounter” is already enveloped in doubt, as most encounters tend to be. Rehman, with Rs 50 million on his head, was not in hiding and not returning from Hyderabad but had gone to Gadap Town to try and sell the 50 acres he “owned” there. The gangster was in the habit of travelling openly in the city because of his political “connections”, which included “many ministers”. But somebody at the political apex had made a decision; and Rehman Dakait finally met his comeuppance.

What the TV channels showed during his funeral at Lyari was mind-boggling. The crowd was mammoth and all of them were in tears for “Sardar Abdur Rehman Baloch” and talked of the good that he had done in the vast but officially neglected Lyari They talked of the free dispensaries and training schools that he had opened for them. Women in particular were greatly upset over his death, pointing once again to his involvement in social work in the area. Abdus Sattar Edhi, who was present in the midst of his devotees, called him “mujahid”.

Rehman spread around a lot of unspecified wealth. He could kidnap for ransom and come into a lot of money whenever he wanted. He hitched his power to the politics of the PPP and legitimised himself. Lyari, with its majority Baloch population, has been a PPP stronghold; and politicians have added to their muscle power by protecting his gang. Not much was hidden because the legend of the drug gangs of Lyari is public property; and Rehman Dakait was doing what his father used to do, only with more sophistication.

Rehman was aware of the changing trend in PPP politics. It was becoming apologetic about him, signalling to him to mend his ways. In response, he had begun financing marriages of the poor girls of Lyari and started social service in real earnest. But vendettas kept snapping at his heels; he had killed too many people. He was also not completely free of the new gang wars erupting in the city. A conflict between the Baloch and the Katchi community was fomented in Lyari.

Rehman had escaped from custody a number of times, clearly because of his political connections. He soon developed his network of informers within the administration and was able to terrorise the police too by killing their officers. Only last year a Karachi police officer had recommended “peace talks” — sounds familiar? — rather than arrest and trial of the great dacoit. He was the Veerappan of Pakistan.

But he was not the only one. His death nearly synchronised with the death of Baitullah Mehsud whose funds too came from drugs and kidnapping for ransom and who had a “syndicate” of criminal activities based in Karachi. The chain of madrassas that supported him also did a lot of social service by offering boarding and lodging to the children of the poor. Before his death, it was feared that he could take over Karachi any time he wished.

There is the “international” figure of an Indian don allegedly luking in the backdrop of Karachi, owning properties the same way as Rehman Dakait and disposing of killers he can activate at will. Stories about the gang war that killed some of his close associates have been published in Pakistan to the embarrassment of the government which denies — not very credibly — allegations from India that the gent is in Pakistan. In the case of all the gangsters of Karachi, some direct or indirect linkage with the state has always come to light.

Let’s be frank. So dominant is the trend of patronising gangsters in Karachi that it is no longer possible to do politics in the city without an army of killers on your leash. People in Karachi need protection as they do in Swat and Waziristan and Quetta. Their allegiance will go to the person — it no longer matters if he is a gangster or a terrorist — who gives them protection or spares them when killing others. Karachi votes along these patterns; and these days the only mode of political communication there is “target-killing”. (Daily Times)

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

7 killed as Karachi echoes with gunshots

Tension grip the City as the funeral of Rehman Dakait and three of his accomplices including Waja Aqeel, Nazeer Baloch and Aurangzeb Baba was held at Kalakot in Lyari Town on Monday.
Seven people lost their lives in separate incidents of firing, including those who were killed after unknown armed men targeted the funeral participants at different neighbourhoods.
It is important to mention that Abdul Sattar Edhi has also reportedly attended the funeral.
According to details, after offering final prayers at Nawalain, Rehman Dakait’s body was being taken to Mawach Goth cemetery, when miscreants started firing injuring Khair Bux, Naushad and Qadir, who were shifted to the Civil Hospital.
In another incident, two young men Naeem Baloch and Salman Baloch were killed by aerial firing at Old Golimar Manghopir Road within the precincts of Pak Colony Police Station.
The duty officer of the police station say the victims were on their way to attend the funeral of Rehman Dakait when some unidentified men opened fire on them, while some sources in police say that the assailants might belong to the Dakait’s rival group.
Another man lost his live and his friend was injured seriously when armed men resorted to indiscriminate firing at the procession within the jurisdiction of Baghdadi Police Station. Noman (30) and Majeed were rushed to the Civil Hospital where Noman succumbed to his injuries while Majeed’s condition is said to be critical.
One more death has been reported in firing incidents at the participants in different areas. Similarly, an activist of MQM was shot dead within the limits of Baldia Town Police Station along the route of Rehman’s funeral procession.
Police said the MQM activists were sitting near a graveyard when the funeral procession of Rehman Dakait was heading towards Mawach Goth. Some unknown assailants resorted to firing and injured Rafiullah alias Raju, Anwar Hussain and Muhammad Shehzad, who were taken to local hospital in a critical condition where doctors pronounced Raju as dead.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Over a dozen killed in last 24 hours, Political murders continue in city

KARACHI: Killing of political activist goes unabated in the city and over fifteen political activists were gunned down in the last 36 hours in the city. About a dozen were killed in the last 24 hours and city remained under the grip of uncertainty, fear and panic.
Activists belonging to Mohajir Qaumi Movement (H) and Muttahida Qaumi Movement were the main targets while one each of Jamat-e-Islami, Awami National Party and Pakistan Peoples Party were also killed in the recent wave of target killing incidents reported in the city.
According to yesterday’s details, one Saleemuddin 47 was shot dead, while his daughter Sehrish and wife Fareeda were injured, by the firing of unidentified armed men in Jamshed Quarters police limits. Police sources said that the deceased was the resident of H-25, Jehangir Road, Martin Quarters. Jameel 40 was shot dead in Khokharapar police limits. The deceased was resident of Saudia Colony, an activist of MQM-H.

A tortured and bullet riddle body was found from Gillaniabad, Khokharapar. The police said that the deceased was still unidentified.
Amir Khan’s chief security officer Zeeshan along with his mother Naseema were injured, while his brother Noman was killed who was also an activist of MQM-H, in Malir City police limits.
In another incident unidentified assailants shot dead MQM-H Buzurg committee member Abdul Jabbar in Korangi Police limits.
In Landhi police limits, an activist belonging to MQM-H was shot dead by armed men. The police said that, deceased was identified as Shahzad alias Manoo.
In Saudabad police limits, Naseem Ahmed an activist of MQM-H was shot dead by armed men when he was traveling with his wife Saeema in his car, in the incident his wife was wounded critically.
An activist of MQM-H, Imran lost his life while, Shakeel was injured in outskirts of Bilal Colony Police limits.
Moreover two more political activist were reportedly gunned down in jurisdiction of Alfalah and Shahfaisal Police limits. However their names could not be known till the filing of this report. Unidentified armed men shot dead Nadeem an activist of MQM in the outskirts of Awami Colony police limits. According to police the deceased was the resident of Zamanabad, Landhi-36B.
Faqeer Mohammed and Razaullah were shot dead by armed men in Eidgah police limits on late Saturday night. Faqeer Mohammed was a transporter by profession and an activist of MQM. (NC Report)

Monday, June 1, 2009

Man arrested for beguiling young girls

KARACHI: A man was arrested for beguiling young girls into eloping with him to his hometown in Punjab. The culprit, named Zia Mohammad, son of M Ramzan, was arrested during snap checking and later, during interrogation, he confessed to the crime. Station Investigation Officer (SIO) Iqbal Hashmi said that the man got married to his cousin, S, with whom he had a six-year-old son, however, he divorced her and came to the city from his hometown and started work in a towel factory located within the limits of New Karachi Industrial Area (NKIA) police station. Four years ago, he beguiled the lady helper, M, when she was fourteen-years-old and eloped with her to his hometown. Now, M is eight-months pregnant and has a one-year-old child too.

The culprit divorced M while she was pregnant, came back to Karachi and started working in the same factory where he beguiled a 15-year-old girl, N, and eloped with her to his hometown. The officer further said that the mother of N registered an FIR no 193/08 in NKIA police station against the culprit, saying that he kidnapped her daughter. The officer revealed that the culprit has been residing with two of the said women in Sector 11-F, New Karachi for the past five months. He was taken into custody during checking on suspicion and later during the course of interrogation, he confessed to his crime, upon which, the police conducted a raid at his house and recovered the women and handed them over to the NKIA police.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Caller to prayer gunned down in Karachi

KARACHI: Unknown armed militants have shot dead a caller to prayer of a local mosque while his son sustained critical injuries here in the locality of Gulshan-e-Iqbal on Tuesday, Geo news reported.

According to police officials, the Amanullah Awan, a Mu'adhdhin (caller to prayer) of a local Jama Siddique Akbar mosque located in Gulshan-e-Iqbal block 19, was on his way home with his three sons when unidentified armed militants opened fire at them near Bait-ul-Mukarram mosque, killing Amanullah on the spot and injuring his son while two other sons were luckily had a narrow escape.

Police termed the assassination as target killing incident. Later, the dead body and injured child were shifted to local hospital where their kits and kin stormed and staged protest against the brutality.

On contacting police, SSP Gulshan-e-Iqbal told Geo news that the ambush seemed a target killing endeavor but police is probing into incident.

Friday, May 22, 2009

2 ‘terrorists’ belonging to the Lashkar-e-Jhangvi held in Karachi

KARACHI: The Crime Investigation Department (CID) of the Sindh Police has claimed to arrest two alleged terrorists – belonging to the Lashkar-e-Jhangvi and Harkatul Jihad-e-Islami in Karachi.

SSP Operations Fayyaz Khan said police also seized a suicide jacket containing 12 kilogrammes of explosives, two detonators, two hand grenades and two pistols along with five bullets from them.

Three other suspects managed to flee. During interrogation, the detained suspects confessed they were planning to carry out attacks on leaders of a political party, officials of CID police, imambargahs, places of worship of Ismailis and Ahmedis in the city, as well as targeting officials of the intelligence agencies.

Monday, May 18, 2009


Local al-Qaeda activists arrested in city

KARACHI: The CID police arrested a local al-Qaeda leader and his three accomplices here yesterday. The police also seized a large cache of arms and ammunition from their possession.
According to the details gathered from police sources said that four of their associates succeeded to flee from the scene.
According to CID officials, the police, on receiving a tip-off, raided a house in Model Colony where a meeting of the banned religious organizations was underway.
The police detained four accused, Muhammad Anwar, Rehan, Azeem and Ghulam Haider. While their four accomplices, Jehangir, Saifullah, Azam and Misbahuddin, managed to escape.
The police recovered 50-kg explosive material, 22kg sulphur powder, 35 gallon nitric acid, 100 meter detonating role, two Kalashnikovs, 2 TT pistols, 25 timer devices and more than 1000 capacitors.
The CID officials told that the accused Muhammad Anwar is a local commander of al-Qaeda and also an incharge of a banned religious outfit.
The accused is believed to be the mastermind of Marriot blast. (National Courier Report)

Friday, May 15, 2009

Federal Government orders crackdown against land mafia in Karachi

ISLAMABAD: Federal Government has constituted a high level committee to launch crackdown against land mafia in Karachi.

Federal Interior Minister Abdul Rehman Malik informed Private TV Channel the committee has been constituted after consultation with Governor Sindh Ishrat-ul-Ibad and Chief Minister Sindh Syed Qaim Ali Shah.

The committee would be headed by interior secretary Syed Kamal Shah and DG Ranger Sindh, IG Sindh, DCO, Secretary Local Government and Member Revenue Board are included in it.

The committee would submit its report within 7 days before the Government and in the light of committee report action would be taken against the responsible.

The committee has been asked to determine those officials of Revenue department and Police officials who are assisting land mafia.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Two alleged bandits killed in Police encounter at Karachi

KARACHI: Three persons were killed in different incidents in the city on Wednesday.

Two unknown dacoits were killed during a 'police encounter' in the jurisdiction of Gulistan-e-Jauhar police station.

Gulshan-e-Iqbal town SSP, Arib Mehr told Geo news that the incident occurred near the police station where a police party was busy in snap checking. He said two young men tried to escape when police signaled them to stop. He said the bandits were killed when the police retaliated the fire. He said the police recovered two TT pistols.

In another incident, a 24-year-old unknown motorcyclist was crushed to death when a hit-and-run vehicle knocked him at the ICI Bridge near Tower.

The body was shifted to Civil Hospital Karachi for autopsy.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Cyber crime accused’s remand extended

KARACHI: South Judicial Magistrate Asif Ahmad extended the physical remand of an accused held in a case of cyber crime till February 14.

Police presented the accused and requested for his physical remand in police custody, maintaining that this would help in the inquiry about his accomplices and the instruments used in the crime. A FIR, no 01/2009, was registered against the accused, Syed Asif Ali Shah son of Mubarak Ali Shah. The state, through Inspector Zafar Iqbal of the FIA Karachi Cyber Crime Circle, is the complainant in the case.

The complainant informed the court that they had received a written complaint from the Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) Deputy General Manager Electronic Solutions. The PIA official had said that PIA was finding it difficult to maintain transactions and was suffering from huge financial loses at the hands of fraudsters who were involved in the issuance of electronic tickets. “Unknown people were issuing e-tickets through the website for domestic and international sectors with different passengers names against stolen credit cards,” the complainant quoted the PIA official.

He maintained that the payments of such transactions made on stolen credit cards were declined by the issuing banks and resulted in PIA incurring financial loses. The crime is punishable under section 7,8 and 9 of the Prevention of Electronic Crime Ordinance (PECO) 2007.

Meanwhile, District and Sessions Judge South Abdul Naeem Memon issued non-bailable warrants of 3 police officials of Frere Town for not complying with the orders of the court. The court had earlier served several notices to DSP Asghar Ali Shah, TPO Azad Khan and Inspector Nasiruddin for appearance before court but they failed to abide by the orders.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Ali Mohammed Hajyano’s statement startles investigators

White Corolla car case seems to have been worse than feared

The statements of Ali Mohammed Hajyano, accused in 32 FIRs of various crimes including murder, dacoity, burglary and sexual abuse, have left police officials startled over the viciousness of his crimes.

Policemen investigating what is known as the White Corolla car case, because this was the automobile that was used in most of the crimes, are startled by the manner and brazenness with which these crimes were committed allegedly by Hajyano, officials said.

Hajyano not only robbed several families and couples but in many instances abused the women present at the scene of the crime.

Investigators probing Mohammed Ali Hajyano said that there were about a total of 32 FIRs registered against the accused persons at various police stations of Clifton Town. Twelve cases were registered against them after their arrest.

Murder case: They have also been arrested in a murder case committed in the jurisdiction of the Boat Basin police station. Hajyano has been identified in more than 10 cases so far. In many other cases, victims are afraid to come forward owing to the brutality of the crimes.

In a statement given to investigators, Hajyano said that he was a resident of Defense, was born in Karachi and had studied till Intermediate. He is married and his wife is a doctor, and he has one son.

Moreover, he further disclosed that about two years before he had had an affair with a woman to whom he claimed he was an army officer. He was arrested by the Darakhshan police at the time while wearing an army uniform but was later bailed out. Following this incident, Hajyano went to Saudi Arabia but returned within a year. On his return, he decided to turn to robberies and crime. He met with a man called Umair Khan, a mechanic by profession.

For their crimes, they selected a white Corolla car which Umair hired from a shop in Defense. According to the statement, in March 2008, the men were roaming in Defense and hijacked a couple in a Baleno car and at gunpoint robbed cash and jewelry and assaulted the man and threatened him.

After three days, Hajyano and his accomplice again rented a Corolla and this time robbed a girl along with her mother but did not assault them. In this crime, they adopted the idea of wearing wigs and hats to protect their identity. This disguise continued.

Soon after, however, the crimes turned vicious when the duo trapped a couple outside a foreign fast food chain in Defense and robbed them. This time, Hajyano sexually abused the man’s wife, according to the statement that he gave investigators.

Moreover, using the same white car, they hijacked two girls along with their car in Phase 2, DHA and snatched their purses and jewellery and fled.

Two days later he again used his white Corolla, changed its original number plate, and robbed three cars with couples and looted cash and jewellery.

In the third incident, they robbed a young woman who was driving alone in her car at Khayaban-e-Ittehad. The two men forced their way into the girl’s car, looted cash and jewellery and then Hajyano sexually abused her, according to the statement.

Two days after this offence, they went to the Sea View area and forced a woman driving a Cultus car to stop and kidnapped her. They then sexually abused this woman, investigators quoted Hajyano as saying.

Robbery spree: After a few days, he, along with Umair, went to Defense after changing the car’s number plate again. They then moved towards the Marina Club. Here they saw a couple sitting in a car. They snatched the couple’s purses, jewellery and cellphones. On the same day, they also robbed another couple at Sea View and also snatched their laptop computer and a gold chain.

On the same day, in the Sea View area they stopped a car in which three women were sitting and looted gold bangles and chains and fled. Later that night, they had robbed a couple with children sitting in their jeep behind the Misri Shah Shrine in Defence.

Three days after this offence, the duo again went to Sea View, where they saw a couple sitting inside a car. In this instance, they forced the man into the Corolla at gunpoint and then proceeded to abuse the woman. Not content with this act, they then committed another robbery soon after, investigators said.

Hajyano’s detailed statements make chilling reading. A couple of days after their night of repeated crimes, they went to Defense and while driving saw a couple along with their children in a car. The two criminals stopped the car and looted the family.

On the same night, a short distance from the place, they robbed two aged women sitting in their car. They then saw two men and a girl in a Mercedes car, and robbed them too.

In his detailed statement, Hajyano said that two days later, he along with Umair went to Defense after changing the number plate of the car and stopped a car in DHA, Phase-VII and robbed a couple and fled.

On the same night, they went to Phase-II and looted two girls returning from their tuition center and also snatched two laptop computers before fleeing. On the next day, in the same area, he stopped a car in which a girl was sitting and sexually abused her.

Two days later, in Darakhshan area, Hajyano signaled a car to stop. When the driver did not comply, Hajyano shot at the car. He then robbed the occupants. Nearby he saw a white Corolla car in which a woman was sitting. Hajyano forcibly entered the car and assaulted the woman.

Murder of Eunuch: In September 2008, the duo shot a eunuch. Mistaking him for a girl, they approached and pointed a pistol at him. On seeing the pistol, the eunuch fled but Hajyano opened fire, which led to the eunuch’s death.

In a statement given to investigators, Hajyano said that in every sexual abuse case, he committed the offence and his accomplice, Umair, had no interest. Umair’s duty was to change the number plate of the car. He would do this by removing the number plates of cars in parking lots and affixing them to his car.

The robbed jewellery was sold by Hajyano when he went to Sarafa Bazaar, Saddar, in a Mercedes car.

Hajyano’s luck finally ran out, however, when he was robbing a girl in front of the Nisar Shaheed Park, when a police mobile van caught him after an encounter.

Women rights groups have called for exemplary punishment for Hajyano while his father contends that Hajyano is innocent and is being tortured by the police.

Monday, February 2, 2009

3 women ‘dupe, kidnap, rape’ man in Karachi

* Case registered, police looking for alleged rapists
* Police say man sexually assaulted over four days

KARACHI: Karachi police have registered a case against three unidentified women who allegedly kidnapped a man and raped him over four consecutive days and then threw him near Qayyumabad River in an unconscious state. The case has been registered on a complaint by the victim, identified only as Khalil (23) – who recently arrived in Karachi from Rahimyar Khan and works as a waiter at a restaurant in Neelum Colony, Clifton.

On the night of January 27, an identified man ordered Khalil to deliver food to women sitting in a car parked outside the restaurant where he works. “After giving me the order, the man went towards the car. I took the order to the car where the women – two of whom were young and the third was middle-aged – told me that they had recently shifted to the area,” said Khalil. He said the women asked him to deliver food to their house every day, and he agreed. “They asked me to go along with them in the car ... they said they wanted to show me where their house was.” Khalil said the women gave him a ‘glazed sweet’ and once they got to the house, “they gave me milk that had some drug mixed in it ... I fell unconscious after drinking it”. Khalil said when he gained consciousness, he found that the women had undressed him, “and they were forcing themselves onto me”.

ASP Asad Raza said the women assaulted Khalil sexually for the next four days, and then threw him near Qayyumabad River. Khalil managed to stop a passing motorist – who took him to Civil Hospital. “His condition is really bad ... his genitals are bleeding and he cannot walk properly,” said Raza. Raza said the women belonged to rich families of Karachi’s Clifton area. “It’s a complicated case ... but we are hoping that we will solve it soon,” he added. (faraz khan)

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Three young men held for cyber crime

KARACHI: The Cyber Crime Unit (CCU) of the Crime Investigation Department has arrested three young men for stealing pay orders through a courier service. Noman Azeem, Muhammad Amir Qayyum and Salaam Adil Sheikh were caught red handed by CCU after investigation revealed that the men were involved in swindling. CCU Chief DSP Usman Asghar Qureshi said that the three men made away with almost Rs 7 million before they were caught.

Qureshi said that the management of a private bank registered an FIR No 26/09 and requested for a thorough investigation. The DSP said that Azeem, working at a courier service, would steal the bank-stamped envelopes from the outgoing mail and with his accomplices, Qayyum and Sheikh, who work as finance consultants, had been committing the crimes for the past six months. Qureshi said that pay orders worth Rs 6.7 million were recovered from the culprits while revealing that Azeem was previously arrested by the local police and has a criminal record. The three men have been given into police remand for five days by the city court judicial magistrate. “We are investigating the case and are now checking for the involvement of other suspects. During the initial investigation, they have given us a lot of information. We are trying to locate all accomplices involved in this racket,” Qureshi added.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

194 Girls Raped in Karachi Last Year 2008

Karachi being the biggest city of Pakistan also desere to be the city of opportunities. It was Karachi who was commercialized far before any other city of Pakistan. This all comes with its special geographical location.

But this all not makes a this free from the odd ends, although obcure to many eyes but yet they should be recognized by every citizen of this mega city. One of such thing is the problems. Karachi is no longer a safe city. Safety is what Karachi lack the most. This is where we find many roots of nationwide crimes.

Such a crime is associate with the diginity of girls. Rape. Every girl is afraid of this word, and its spreading and strengthening its roots day by day not only in Karachi as well in many cities of the country.

Last year whole nation mourned over many things, but the lives of these 194 girls are no more to be categorized as life. These girls not only were raped but they lost their meaning of living. Out of 194 girls 146 ones commited suicide.

Many NGO’s are working against the sourced behing the women crimes one of such is Aurat Foundation working effectively for their cause. This NGO presented the whole report to the media about the crimes to be highlighted by the media and then some work can be expected from the Government.

According to Dawn:

Over 1,885 incidents of violence against women — in which more than 480 women had been killed — were reported in the province during 2008, says a report.