Monday, January 19, 2009

Mustafa Kamal to meet political leaders for removal of wall chalking

Nazim Karachi Syed Mustafa Kamal has decided to hold meetings with leaders of political parties for removal of wall chalking and posters by political parties and appeal them to ask their workers to remove chalking and posters from walls, bridges and under-passes so that the city looked clean to visitors.
He stated this while addressing a meeting on the night of Saturday-Sunday. In the meeting steps were considered for cleaning of chalking and posters and to check them in future.
Nazim said that on the occasion that if we are civilized nation then we have to give a proof of this as well while our religion also teaches us the lesson of cleanliness.
He pointed out that all the walls of Karachi are full with commercial ads of hakims, fake healers and similar other elements which has given a bad look to the city.
Mustafa Kamal said that under section 144 all First Class Magistrates of City Government have been authorized to arrest all those people and send them to jail while decision has been taken to seal the business of such organizations.
He directed all the Magistrates to take stringent measures in this respect and take action without discrimination.
He said all citizens will have to cooperate with the city government in this regard and only then Karachi would join the world’s beautiful cities. He pointed out that city government is showing no lacking in this regard and it has planted 1.80 lac trees throughout the city for environmental improvement and increasing the population.
He said that wide and beautiful roads, flyovers, underpasses and beautiful bus stops have been constructed and if culture of wall chalking is done away with, it will add to the city’s beauty and visitors coming from outside Karachi will see Karachi very beautiful.
He said by meeting leaders of political parties he will make them personal appeal to direct their workers in the city’s greater interest to removal chalking and posters voluntarily and avoid the same in future.