Saturday, January 24, 2009

First 7-storey parking plaza to open next month

City Nazim Mustafa Kamal has announced that the first ever seven-storey parking plaza, which can accommodate more than 1,200 vehicles, would be operational next month. He said this during his visit to the parking site in Saddar Town. The City District Government Karachi (CDGK) has constructed the seven-storey parking plaza at a cost of Rs 700 million, said Kamal.

While being briefed on the occasion, Kamal was informed that the parking plaza will not only serve parking purposes but, in fact, will also comprise offices and a shopping centre. It would be a state-of-the-art parking plaza, equipped with the latest scanning machines, close-circuit cameras, a standby generator and a heavy lift for vehicles would also be available.

After being briefed about the salient aspects of the parking plaza, Kamal directed Transport EDO Iftikhar Ali Qaim Khani to make separate arrangements for a car wash area at each storey and conduct a comprehensive survey of the entire area in the vicinity of the parking plaza prior to the inauguration, so that the busy Empress Market area and other streets in Saddar could be declared a parking-free zone.

Kamal further directed that the parking plaza’s plans be shown to the Traffic DIG before the formal inauguration.

Meanwhile, the shopkeepers of Shahabuddin Market told the city nazim about their problems, on which Kamal assured them that the CDGK would soon start development work on the second parking plaza in Saddar.

Kanupp power supply to Karachi suspended

Kanupp power supply to the city has been suspended, which has given rise to the fear that of load shedding duration further widening.

Geo TV said that Kanupp supplies 85 megawatt of electricity to the city, which after suspension would mount the shortfall in power supply to Karachi to 300MW and lengthen the existing duration of load shedding for 3/4 hours to 6/7 hours.