Saturday, September 18, 2010

Make Noise

“Make noise” is an event organized by AWAZ CDS (GCAP PAKISTAN NATIONAL SECRETARIAT) all around the country from 17-19th September. The call for action against poverty should be given in these events. In Karachi, the event has been organized by Nauman Adil, member GCAP PAKISTAN,at Karachi press club and Karachi college(the camp of idp’s from Sindh) .The protest has been launched with different slogans in which they ask the government to eliminate poverty by 2015 as stated by the United Nation millennium development goals. Many people from different walk of lives attended the event.The protest should be launched with noise from different musical instruments but due to 10 days mourn announced by the local political party because of the murder of their leader , the protest has only been launched with slogans.