Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Teenage boy murders father

KARACHI: The Special Investigation Unit (SIU) arrested a teenage boy and his two companions accused of killing his own father, who was a police inspector.

Waqas, 17, was arrested from his hometown Vihari while with his cousin, Sarfaraz, and childhood friend, Arshad, were arrested Karachi for assisting Waqas in murdering his father. The culprit confessed to committing the crime, stating that his father neglected him and his mother and remarried again in 2007. A TT pistol that Waqas used to kill his father was also recovered from his possession.

The bullet-riddled body of Assistant Sub-Inspector (ASI) Ghulam Yasin was found from his house within the jurisdiction of Artillery Maidan police station on January 27. At first, the investigation division of the police station concerned investigated the case but was unable to probe the case upon which, it was transferred to SIU. The deceased had three children including the accused Waqas from his first wife who died a natural death in 2002 and a minor baby from his second wife.

In the initial investigation, the police suspected the deceased’s second wife and a hairdresser, who resided with the deceased at his house, of committing the murder. SIU Chief SSP Raja Omer Khattab told Daily Times that the deceased owned property worth more than 110 million rupees in his hometown. The police suspected the deceased’s second wife for committing the crime as it was revealed that the deceased was in an argument with his second wife regarding the matter that he should transfer the property to her name. While they also suspected the hairdresser as he was missing for a week before the incident took place, however, after questioning them and investigating the matter, the police found the two to be innocent.

Interestingly, the hairdresser was forced to confess that he had committed the crime, though he could not produce a murder weapon. SSP Khattab further said that the accused, Waqas, tried to make the incident look like a robbery while giving the impression that his stepmother was involved in the crime. The hairdresser went missing because he had borrowed cash from various people and could not repay the amount to them, SSP Khattab explained. The accused Waqas and his siblings lived with their grandparents. “I took advantage of the dispute going on between my father and Sarfaraz’s family and convinced him to assist me,” Waqas confessed. “I also wanted to get marriage to Sarfaraz’s sister.” “My father always considered me a step-son and never looked after my mother. Therefore, I decided to take revenge,” said Waqas. “We went there, had dinner and then I shot my father when he went to sleep.” (Daily Times Report)