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Thursday, March 9, 2017

Operation Raddul Fasad hailed

By Rashid Zia Qureshi
(Pakistan News & Features Services)

While hailing the decision of initiating Operation Raddul Fasad throughout the country, the representatives of the Pakhtun community in Nawabshah have complained about maltreatment by the area police.

In order to highlight the issue, a demonstration under the auspices of the Pakhtun Welfare Society was held in which it was demanded to stop police excesses against their community. 

The demonstrators, led by Jan Muhammad Khan, Nazar Pathan and Shafi-ur-Rahman Jadoon, were carrying national flags and banners inscribed with slogans of portraying love with Pakistan and criticism of the police department. 

The leaders of the Shehri Tajir Ittehad also took part in the protests. Addressing the demonstrators and later talking to media at the office of Union of Journalists, President Jan Muhammad Khan, Nazar Pathan and Shafi-ur-Rahman condemned the raids at their houses and shops in search of foreigners and described it contravention of the laws, alleging that police was booking them under Foreigners Act.

They regretted that on one hand the Pakhtuns are being killed in the incidents of terrorism while on the other innocents were being arrested on the same count. 

They said that their community has fully supported the National Action Plan and the Zarb-e-Azb operation which produced positive results and now they are shoulder to shoulder with the Pakistan Army in the Radul-Fasad operation. 

They alleged that police intruded into their houses and harass women and children which in turn created a sense of insecurity. They further accused the police of demanding bribe for the release of those arrested. 

They appealed to the Prime Minister, the Sindh Chief Minister and the IGP Sindh to release the innocent arrested persons within three days and withdraw false cases registered against them or they would be constrained to pull shutters down to spread protest country wide.