Tuesday, April 28, 2009

ANP expresses reservations over joint investigation cell

The Awami National Party (ANP) has expressed reservations over the establishment of the joint investigation cell to curb terrorism in the city.

On Sunday, Sindh Home Minster Dr Zulfiqar Mirza announced the establishment of a joint investigation cell, comprising of officials from the police and intelligence agencies. In a statement issued on Monday, ANP Spokesman Qadir Khan said that the cell’s creation meant that the provincial government did not trust its police.

“The law and order situation in the city can be improved by the mutual collaboration by the public and the police force,” he said. He stated that his party did not trust the role of the investigation cell. “If the Sindh police cannot extract information from culprits in custody, how can people trust them then?” he asked.

Stating that the police should now look for criminals in its ranks and kick them out, Khan regarded the establishment of the joint investigation cell as a slap across the face of the police. He went on to say that if the police hand people over to the joint investigation cell just on suspicion it should be considered a violation of human rights.