Sunday, July 29, 2012

Aftab Memon appointed Managing Director of PRACS

By Abdul Qadir Qureshi
 Aftab Memon, a Grade 20 Officer of Pakistan Railways Service, has been appointed as Managing Director of the Pakistan Railway Advisory and Consultancy Services (PRACS) upon the completion of National Management Course at Staff College, Lahore.
 He has served Pakistan Railway at various senior positions including Office of Divisional Superintendent Lahore and Karachi besides holding various positions at the Railway Headquarters.
 He has a vast experience in railway operations particularly in freight operations at Karachi besides administration and management. He has also served in Sindh Government as Director General Local Government.
 As DS Railway Lahore and Karachi, he was instrumental in curbing the menace of black marketing of tickets and ticketless travelling, mismanagement of reservations of seats besides achieving highest revenue earning records.
 Soon after taking charge as MD of the PRACS he revealed that his priorities will be to acquire more projects for the PRACS in Pakistan and also outside besides improving the service of trains being run by his organization.
 His appointment as the helmsman of the PRACS has been hailed and it’s being expected that the organization will benefit immensely from his expertise.
 It may be recalled that the Pakistan Railway Advisory & Consultancy Services Limited (PRACS) was incorporated in 1976 as a private limited company under the repealed companies Act, 1913. In the year 2002, it was converted to a public limited company under the Companies Ordinance, 1984. 
The Chief Executive of the company is the Managing Director who has full autonomy, subject to the control of Board of Directors, of running and operating day to day business affairs.
The PRACS provides a wide range of services in the fields of civil Engineering, commercial management of passenger trains as well as passenger reservation and ticketing, Rail Cuisine, Mechanical engineering and Electrical engineering.
Since its inception, the PRACS has successfully completed over 200 assignments pertaining to the said disciplines, including feasibility studies, projects management, providing services, coordination, field surveys and consultancy at national as well as international level.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

SSUET starts preparations for admissions 2013

By Abdul Qadir Qureshi
 On the directive of Chancellor Z.A. Nizami, the Sir Syed University of Engineering and Te Technology has started preparations for admission process for 2013.
 The University offers admissions to various engineering disciplines which include Computer, Electronics, Civil, Bio-Medical and Telecommunication Engineering and Computer Science.
 According to Pre-Admission notice for BS 2013, Aptitude Test will be held on November 18 for admission to a 4 year programme.
 According to the University notice, the students securing minimum 60 percent marks will be eligible for admission and with combination of Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics for all programmes.
 With combination of Physics, Mathematics and Computer Science the admission seekers will be eligible for Computer Engineering and Computer Science only and for Bio-Medical Engineering with combination of Physics, Chemistry and Biology.
 Registrar Shah Mahmood H. Syed said that admissions will be strictly on merit giving weightage to the marks obtained in Matric (SSC), Intermediate (HSC), Aptitude Test and Interview.
 He said the Aptitude Test will be in English, General Knowledge, Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry/Computer Science/Biology. The University has prepared model test papers of the last 5 years.
 It may be pointed out here that Charter Inspection and Evaluation Committee of Sindh Government while HEC has granted it highest W4 category. The University is ISO 9001:2008 certified.
 The University is a member of Association of Commonwealth Universities (ACU) and International Association of Universities (IAU), UNESCO, Paris. It has collaboration with leading UK and US Universities and provides facility of credit transfer.
 The university provides scholarships and financial assistance of more than Rs 50 million for deserving and needy students.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Aligarhian vows to establish a university in BD on the pattern of SSUET

By Abdul Qadir Qureshi

The General Secretary of the Aligarh Muslim University Old Boys Association (AMOUBA), Bangladesh, Prof Dr Shah Kausar Mustafa has vowed to establish a university in Bangladesh on the pattern of the Sir Syed University of Engineering and Technology (SSUET), having been founded and managed in Karachi by the Pakistan chapter of AMOUBA.

The Dhaka-based educationist expressed the commitment in this regard while addressing the Aligarhians and faculty members in a reception hosted in his honor during a recent visit to the SSUET.

He described the establishment of the SSUET a virtual fulfillment of the mission of great reformer and educationist, Sir Syed Ahmed Khan.

Hailing the SSUET as a model institution, he lauded the services rendered by Chancellor Z A Nizami and the late Zakir Ali Khan.

“Their name will remain alive all along with the mission of Sir Syed. They have set an example by setting up such a great institution,” Prof Kausar Mustafa observed.

“I am keenly working along with my compatriots for the establishment of a university on SSUET’s pattern in Bangladesh,” he stated and hoped that with the Aligarh spirit he has within him he will succeed in his mission.

On the occasion Absar Mustafa, another guest from Aligarh described Sir Syed University an ideal educational institution and said the quality of its laboratories are impressive.

Noting that merit was strictly observed while granting admissions Absar Mustafa called for efforts to grant greater admissions to foreign students so as to spread SSUET’s identity world over.

He informed that all possible facilities were being provided to students at Aligarh Muslm University where students were charged only Rs 9 as hostel fee along with water and electricity.

Welcoming the distinguished visitors, the Convenor Aligarh Institute of Technology (AIT) Engr Mohammed Adil Usman (Alig) said that the Aligarh spirit is imbibed in our souls and is our real guide. He said every success can be achieved, if it is followed in letter and spirit.

Speaking on the occasion, the SSUET Vice-Chancellor, Prof Dr Jawed Husain Rizvi, welcomed the mission of Prof Dr Shah Kausar Mustafa for establishment of the SSUET-like institution in Dhaka and assured him of all support and cooperation in this regard.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Sir Syed University appreciated by CIEC for quick action

By Abdul Qadir Qureshi
The Charter Inspection and Evaluation Committee (CIEC) of the Sindh Government have appreciated the efforts of the Sir Syed University of Engineering and Technology (SSUET), Karachi, for implementation of its recommendations after its last visit.
The CIEC made this observation in its Fifth Inspection Report of June 2012 following its visit to the University in October last year.
The 6-member Committee, headed BY Dr S M Qureshi, had carried out inspection of the University on October 20, 2011. The committee was assisted by members of Experts Sub-Committees for the Departments of Bio-Medical, Electronic, Telecommunication, Computer and Civil Engineering and Computer Science.
The Chairman CIEC expressed the Committee’s satisfaction with regard to the compliance of its recommendations and stated that the interaction during visits by CIEC gad built-up more and more confidence between CIEC  and the University as  a result of which the University had progressed further and acquired “5 stars” rating  of the CIEC.
The members of Experts Sub-Committees in their overview expressed general satisfaction on the overall performance of the University and in this regard mentioned positive improvements in general in case of all the departments.
In its report the CIEC Chairman also appreciated the elaborate presentation given by the Registrar while Acting Vice-Chancellor explained queries made by CIEC members with regard to functioning of the University to their satisfaction.
He, however, suggested creating a greater feeling of ownership among the teachers and employees of the university while the teachers to be encouraged to go locally or abroad for training and acquiring of Ph.D. degrees to end the blockage of their further promotion.
During its inspection the Committee made major observations with regard to the establishment of the University, physical facilities, academic programs, enrolment, admission eligibility etc ., admission criteria, Bachelor, Masters and Ph.D  programs, scholarships/free-ship, research and development, quality assurance.
It was informed that the University has acquired membership of International Association of Universities and had signed MOUs with 11 foreign universities for linkage in various aspects.
It was communicated that about 40 percent of total students were awarded financial assistance/scholarships every year and in this regard Rs 40 million were allocated for scholarships and another Rs 10 million for financial assistance in the year 2011.
The body was also intimated that a total amount of Rs 217.4 million was provided as scholarships and financial assistance to 12,819 students during the last 15 years.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Sir Syed University dedicate chair in name of Brig Qamarussalam Khan

By Abdul Qadir Qureshi
 The Chancellor of the Sir Syed University of Engineering and Technology (SSUET), Karachi, Engr Z A Nizami, has announced the establishment of a chair at the University in the name of Late Brig (Rtd) Qamarussalam Khan.
 “The  decision has been taken in recognition to the services of Brig Qamar for the cause of education,” Engr Z A Nizami announced while speaking at a memorial function organized by the University on the first death anniversary of Late Brig Qamar, who was also a member of the University’s Board of Governors since its inception.
 Chancellor Nizami also announced to attribute the University’s Liteary and Cultural Forum, after name of Brig Qamar who was the founder and head of the Forum and brought a name to the university through the Forum’s activities.
 On the occasion speakers paid glowing tributes to late brigadier for his services for the University as well as Aligarh Muslim University Old Boys Association.
 The entire family members of Brig Qamar including his widow, sons and daughters also attended the memorial meeting.
 Chancellor Nizami recalled the great contribution made by Brig Qamar  for the causes of SSUT and AUOBA and said he was so committed that he attended his last meeting of the Board of Governors on wheel chair about a week before his death.
 He recalled that when former President Parvez Musharraf came to this university as chief guest of the annual convocation and when he saw Brig Qamar in the reception line, he addressed as “Sir” saying that he had remained his teacher.
 Chancellor Nizami said that Brig Qamar had a long list of achievements to his credit including the establishment of Aligarh Institute of Technology (AIT) which came into being due to his untiring efforts.
 He said that name of Brig Qamar will remain memorable in the history of SSUT for all times to come.
 In his brief speech, Tabinda Javed, daughter of Brig Qamar, who arrived from Canada, stated that she and all other members of the family will always remain proud of services of his father during her studentship a Aligarh, as a protagonist of Pakistan Movement and finally in the Armed Forces and here in this university.
 Khumar Farooqi, Convenor of the newly named Brig Qamarussalam Khan Literary, Arts and Cultural Forum recalled his 4-year long association with Brig Qamar and said he found him very sympathetic and God-fearing person who loved every one. He said basically his focus all the time remained on propagation of cause of education.
 Saeed Ahmed Siddiqi, a most senior Alaigarhian said that heart and soul of late Brig Qamar always remained imbibed with the spirit of atriotism and Eman.
 He recalled his active participation in the 1945-46 election as a member of Aligarh Muslim Students Federation and recalled that if Muslim League had failed in winning the election, Pakistan would not have come into being.
 Col (Rtd) Yazdani, a close compatriot of Brig (Rtd) Qamarussalam also spoke on the occasion.
 Later Chancellor Nizami, along with the family members of Brig Qamar unveiled the plaque naming Literary, Arts and Cultural Forum after the name of Brig Qamar.

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Dr Mehtab Karim delivers lecture at SSUET

By Abdul Qadir Qureshi

Dr Mehtab S Karim, a distinguished Senior Fellow & Affiliated Professor,  School of Public Policy from George Mason University USA, visited Sir Syed University of Engineering & Technology (SSUET), Karachi, and delivered a lecture on Role of Youth in National Development: Examples from Karachi/Aspirations and Entrepreneurship potential among youth in Karachi”.

 In his lecture and presentation through power-point he explained that the youth plays a most important role in socio-economic development and growth of a country. 

“There is a dilemma that in most of developed countries, futility has declined in the last three or four decades that resulted reduction in proportion of youth population in total population and consequently old age population has increased. Old age population needs social security, health care, etc. that needs resources,” the visiting Professor from George Mason University pointed out. 

In Islamic countries, he continued, fertility has not declined to the extent as in other countries resulting that there is a bulge of youth population in age group of 10-29 years. The group is productive group and can contribute significantly to socio-economic development and political changes in the country. Recent upheaval and revolution in many Islamic countries like Tunisia, Egypt, Jordan, Bahrain, Syria and other countries are reflective of it. 

Talking about Pakistan, he said, this country has sizeable proportion of youth population and if properly guided can be a reservoir for socio-economic development in the country. However, for a number of reasons youth are divided on many considerations and grounds in the county that is not good for the country itself because extremism of any type results in hatred and violence, he observed. 

Dr. Mehtab Kareem also held detailed discussion with Engr Z. A. Nizami, Chancellor, SSUET, talking about the possible collaboration with universities in the country and abroad.   Engr Nizami informed him that the SSUET already has collaboration with any US and UK universities and would like to collaborate with the distinguished George Mason University. Mohammad Yahya Waliullah, Director IT & Statistical Bureau, SSUET will act as coordinator/focal person in collaborative efforts.