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Sunday, August 3, 2014

Zaibunnisa Bukhari remembered

By Abdul Qadir Qureshi
(Pakistan News & Features Services)

The Quran Khawani and Fateha for  Esal-e-sawab of prominent trade unionist and woman activist, Zaibunnisa Shanta Bukhari was held at the residence of her son Munawwar Sultan Bukhari.

It was largely attended by people from various walks of life including trade union leaders, activists, friends, relatives and senior journalists. Zaibunnisa had passed away on 27th Ramazan at local hospital.

She was the wife of Comrade Jamaluddin Bukhari and mother of Dr Muzaffar, Munawwar Sultan, Mukarram Sultan, Moazzam Sultan (APP Correspondent at Larkana) and Hakim Bukhari.

Conspicuous with their presence  on the occasion were  prominent leftist leader Comrade Sobho Gyanchandani, former Ambassador to Libya and UAE Jamil Ahmed Khan, former AG Sindh and Chairman Larkana Old Boys Association, Zulfikar Qadri, Vice-Chancellor Urdu University Dr  Zafar Iqbal, noted poet and critic Taj Baluch, Chairman Taraqqi Pasan Musannafeen, writer and intellectual Muslim Shamim, Executive Director SLIC, Basimul Huq, former Controller SBCA, Mohammed Shafiq, Secretary, Pir Illahi Bux Foundation, Ali Asghar Shah, Human Right activist Engr Indur Auhuja,  Monis Ayaz Shaikh, son of revolutionary poet Ayaz Shaikh,  Pir Abid Siddiqui, Javed Iqbal and others.

On the occasion prominent participants spoke about the life, achievements and contribution of late Zaibunnisa Shanta Bukhari.

Both Munawwar Sultan Bokhari and Mukarram Sultan Bukkhari had worked as correspondent of the Associated Press of Pakistan (APP) at Larkana. Munawwar Bukhari is a former civil servant and Chairman Larkanians while Mukarram Bukhari retired from KDA as Director a couple of years ago.