Sunday, August 23, 2009

City nazim on CNG bus trip with citizens

Passengers of CNG buses have lauded newly plied CNG buses that are being operated on two routes. The passengers have also offered their gratitude to the City Nazim Mustafa Kamal for his efforts to change the repugnant transport culture that has been tormenting millions of passengers, particularly women.

The passengers expressed these views while they found Kamal was travelling with them as a passenger early morning on Saturday.

After attending a ceremony held for distribution of certificates among CNG bus drivers on completion of their training at Surjani CNG Bus terminal on Saturday, he decided to oversee the experience personally. He bought tickets from a local boot and got on the bus. The passengers recognised him and interacted with him liberally. The best part of the new transport system is that there are no bus conductors, while the drivers are educated and behave modestly. There is no violation of traffic rules and regulations and the bus stops only on the prescribed stops throughout the trip, commented a passenger.

We have learned it is useless to ask the drivers for favours such as making a stop, which is not prescribed because it is contrary to the preset guidelines by the City District Government Karachi (CDGK) and Capital City Traffic Police Department, claimed many others.

However, a few of the passengers said that the existing number of CNG buses available to the citizens were less than one percent of the citizens’ needs while there are hundreds of routes in the city where the same operations are required on priority basis. It is also important that the CDGK has assured not to lay burden on citizens by increasing transport tariff once for every quarter. These buses are environment-friendly and comfortable.

Kamal said that he had dreamt of introducing a benevolent and civilised transport culture in the city and he has started it by launching ‘CNG Bus Pilot Project’ with 50 vehicles.

With the induction of further 1,600 CNG buses, the fate of the city would become more promising because the existing rotten transport culture would be entirely replaced because citizens of this mega city deserve facilities as per international standards, he commented.

A handful of notorious elements have tried to terrify the passengers of the CNG bus service as they had attempted to set ablaze and destroy some CNG buses. It is a clear message for such elements that they should not challenge the writ of the government, he warned. This transport service is launched with no u-turn and the fleet would be increased according to the needs of the citizens, he vowed. Kamal said that around 80 citizens can travel at a time.