Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Sarfraz Ali appointed SSUET registrar

By Abdul Qadir Qureshi
(Pakistan News & Features Services)

Commodore (Rtd) Syed Sarfraz Ali SI (M) has been appointed as the Registrar of the Sir Syed University of Engineering and Technology (SSUET), Karachi.

He has joined the institution, having carried out his major assignment, the recently held 19th Convocation-2016 of the SSUET, in which he conducted the proceedings. 

Having graduated in electrical engineering from the NED University of Engineering & Technology, Karachi, he did his MS in electrical engineering from the German Armed Forces University Munich Germany. 

He has vast experience of teaching and training. He was Dean of Electrical Engineering Department of the Pakistan Navy Engineering College (PNEC) affiliated with NUST. He has also served as Vice Principal of the College. 

Commodore (Rtd) Syed Sarfraz Ali also has had extensive exposure to project management, having served 35 years in Pakistan Navy and over 11 years in MTC (NESCOM) as Director. 

He has the unique distinction of undertaking and successfully completing the biggest modernization program of naval ships in the whole region. 

While in MTC (NESCOM) he has set up state of the art research centres for R&D and development of systems related to microwave, underwater detection and simulators for various defence applications. 

His research interest is in the field of Telecommunication and Underwater Acoustics. He has been the coordinator of the Underwater Acoustic Chapter of the International Bhurban Conference on Applied Sciences & Technology (IBCAST), which is held regularly in Islamabad. He is also the President of Navy Housing Scheme (Karsaz).

Over 1,100 graduates awarded degrees at SSUET convocation

By Abdul Qadir Qureshi
(Pakistan News & Features Services)

The Chairman of the Higher Education Commission (HEC), Prof Dr Mukhtar Ahmed, has said that our younger generation was the custodian of our culture and traditions that our nation always rejoiced. 

“Pakistan is going through a critical phase having challenges to face and now it is their responsibility to develop our country and carry nation forward into new era of development and prosperity,” he said while addressing as chief guest the impressive 19th Convocation-2016 of the Sir Syed University of Engineering and Technology (SSUET) at the Karachi Expo Centre on March 19. 

Over 1100 graduates of the university were awarded degrees in engineering disciplines of Computer, Electronics, Civil, Bio-Medical, Telecommunication and Computer Science while top position holders were awarded Gold, Silver and Bronze medals. 

The female graduates clinched most of the top three position with Sadia Ghani Mali, Nimra Khan and Mahrose Fatima bagging gold, silver and bronze medals in Computer engineering; Gul-e-Zahra, Amber Jabeen and Farheen Nasir in electrical engineering; Fiza Burney and Sida Gul having gold and bronze medals in Telecom engineering with Mushtaq Atiq having won Silver medal. 

In Bio-Medical Engineering the Gold went to Rabia Mahmood, Silver to Tehreem Hamid and Bronze to Hira Sohail, while Muhammed Aqeel Ahmed and Kashan Khan won gold and silver in Civil Engineering while Javeria Saleem got silver. 

Mohammed Bilal Waseem and Olas Yaar clinched gold and silver in Computer Science while Syeda Shadab Raza won the silver. 

Dr Mukhtar told the graduates that today we are citizens of an independent country which was achieved with great sacrifices and in this regard a great role was played by the great reformed and educationist Sir Syed Ahmed Khan who highlighted the importance of education for the Muslims of the sub-continent. 

He pointed out that the importance of education cannot be denied and said that big countries considered materialistic development as the source of development, had to acknowledge that real base of human resource which if effectively developed, the nations can carve out their due place in the world. 

The HEC Chairman said that Allah has showered unlimited blessings upon this country which has 60 percent younger population. 

“What was needed is to transform our diamonds (the younger generation) to make them the real assets of the country for tomorrow,” he said adding that the young generation, with their talent, knowledge and devotion can contribute in national development. 

He told the graduates that they have obtained education in an institution which was established after the name of great educationist and reformer Sir Syed Ahmed Khan. 

He said that although there are around 178 universities in Pakistan but still a lot has yet to be done in the education sector, particularly for females and in this regard it is our, your, the society and the country as a whole responsibility to play their due role both in the public and private sectors. He admitted that although the HEC is making efforts towards this end, still a lot is yet to be done. 

Dr Mukhtar was appreciative of the role being played by the SSUET but advised that it is yet to do more. Addressing the faculty member, he called upon them to make greater focus on their students and prepare them for their future responsibilities, with particular focus on their character building keeping in view the dwindling traditions in the society. 

The HEC Chairman called for making greater focus on research and pointed out that there were a lot of big and small problems of the society which needs to be resolved with collective efforts. The research activities should also focus on this aspect so that it had its direct impact on the society. He also touched upon the need for not compromising on quality and for this purpose we will have to come out of game numbers. 

He congratulated the graduates and said that they are a drop in a population of 200 million who reached at this stage of knowledge acquisition. He particularly felicitated the girls and boys who won medals for their outstanding performance. 

He told them that they are future of the nation and they must have a clear vision about the future. "You have to deliver and this would surely bring Pakistan on sound footing,” he said and advised the graduates that when they go home they should kiss the foot of their parents whose sacrifices for them enable them to reach this level and also show gratitude to their teachers because of whom they were here today. 

Earlier in his eloquent address, the SSUET Chancellor, Jawaid Anwer, while extending his warmest congratulations to the graduates, their parents and families laid greater stress on the importance of education and pointed out that because of its importance attached in Islam, the Muslims made matchless achievements. 

Jawaid Anwer, who is also the President of the Aligarh Muslim University Old Boys Association (AMUOBA), while highlighting the significance of education said that it’s the only way to achieve economic and social development besides infusing required discipline in the society. 

The Chancellor said our country is faced with multifarious challenges and our graduates have to prepare themselves to meet these challenges. He said that it was the vision of Sir Syed Ahmed Khan which led to creation of educational consciousness among the Muslims of the sub-continent. 

He said that with reference to education, the convocation played an important role. He told the graduates that they would be joining the elite family of their seniors and hoped that they will not treat graduation ceremony as their departure from university. 

“In fact we look forward for your continued participation in University as alumni. As alumni your feedback would be of high value to us”. 

The Chancellor wished the graduates enormous success in future career assuring that their success will also be our success. While you enter practical life his blessings and best wishes will always follow them. 

The Chancellor said he felt honoured to mention that Sir Syed University of Engineering and Technology followed the philosophy of Sir Syed Ahmed Khan the great visionary, great social reformer and educationist. Sir Syed Ahmed Khan contributed immensely for the emancipation of Muslims and renaissance of Islam in the sub-continent. 

In the backdrop of Sir Syed Ahmed Khan’s spirit the AMUOBA sponsored Sir Syed University which is the first engineering university that has been established in the private sector in Pakistan. 

The university has provided adequate environment for learning and doing research work, as well as ample facilities have been provided for co-curricular activities. 

The Sir Syed University is not only imparting knowledge about science, engineering and technology, but it is responsive to advancement in these important fields. In quantitative terms the university started with only 200 students and now it has more than 5,000 students and over 300 highly qualified faculty members. It started with only two technologies and today offering ten technologies. 

He informed that the university has been allotted 200 acres land in Education City where it planned to establish new technologies with facilities for academic and recreational activities. He said that he has formed a Master Plan Committee to prepare master plan for the new Campus. 

Pointing out that the university was fully committed towards education in the field of engineering and sciences, Chancellor Jawaid Anwer said our vision is to transform the university into world-class university and our mission is to turnout world class engineers. 

Earlier in his address and report, the Vice-Chancellor SSUET, Prof Dr Jawaid H, Rizvi said convocation was an academic milestone being a junction of happiness and looking ahead for next phase of life. 

He extended his warm congratulations to the graduates on their arduous but successful accomplishment of this journey of four years at university and also facilitated the parents and faculty for their full support that is indispensable, meaningful to the graduates in their career development. 

He shared an indepth information about this institution of learning and the transformation it went through over two decades during which the university has grown from an enrollment of 200 students in 1994 to over 6,043 students in 2016. 

“We started with just a couple of technologies but now we expanded the programme to 10 new departments. We have plans in hand to further expand University keeping in view the national, international demand and market trend”. 

The Vice-Chancellor informed that university has turned out more than 14,000 graduates so far and with the progress made we do not aim to become the best University but we always endeavour to offer best educational facilities for learning and research we undertake concerted efforts and provide adequate knowledge and skills to students. 

The aim is to turn out true professionals who can face competitive world of today and tomorrow with full confidence when they enter practical life, he added. He said the university is following the philosophy of Sir Syed Ahmed Khan. 

Sir Syed Ahmed Khan’s efforts for promotion of science, engineering and technology would go down us history and remain everlasting and we are proud to be his legacy. The ultimate test of our institution lies in successfully achieving job placements for its graduating students. The situation is encouraging and our graduates are well placed, either pursuing higher education doing MS or Ph.D or doing jobs abroad or in Pakistan. There are a large number of graduates who are in business. 

Recently to further reinforce career planning and placement function of university graduates University has upgraded this function and renamed the department as Center of Guidance and Career Planning and Placement Bureau (CGCPPB). A senior and internationally experienced Adviser heads in CGCPPB. The Bureau is taking number initiatives to facilitate students in internship programmes in industry and also helping senior students and graduates in their career development. 

Prof Dr Jawaid Rizvi stated that in accordance with the HEC guidelines they have established Quality Enhancement (QEC) headed by a very senior level professor doctor as its Director. (QEC) regularly organizes trainings. Some of our faculty members were sent to Thailand for advanced training in quality education. 

At the end of each semester QEC carries out a student feedback survey to incorporate suggestions and comments of students in our educational system We regularly update the curriculum through university’s’ Statutory Bodies in conformity with the Higher Education Commission (HEC) and Pakistan Engineering Council (PEC) standards and remain at par with the contemporary and future requirements in the fields of engineering, science, and technology. 

He described the university’s admission policy straight forward with merit-based admission while strictly observing the guidelines of the HEC, and the PEC

He said the university generously offered scholarships to students based on merit and also offers financial assistance to deserving needy students to ensure students are not deprived of studies due to any genuine financial constraint. 

He hoped the graduates will prove their worthiness in the country or elsewhere making our university take new strides in academic field. On the occasion, Gold, Silver and Bronze medals were awarded to position holders by renowned scientists and a member of SSUET's Board of Governors, Dr Abdul Qadeer Khan, amidst thunderous applause whenever name of a position holder was announced. 

The impressive ceremony was largely attended by the members of the SSUET’s Board of Governors including Dr Abdul Qadeer Khan, Lt Gen (Rtd) Moinuddin Haider, a former Sindh Governor and an ex-Federal Minister, Justice Sadiq Hussain Bhatti, Commodore (Rtd) Saleem AA Siddiqui, Prof M D Shami, Sardar Yasin Malik besides the office-bearers of Executive Committee of the AMUOBA, senior Aligarhians and prominent figures from various walks of life including education, business, industry, sports and social sector.