Thursday, January 22, 2009

Karachi fears Mumbai-like attack

Pakistan’s biggest city and commercial centre, Karachi, fears a terrorist attack like the Mumbai attacks, and the authorities have initiated moves to be prepared to minimise any potential damage, official sources disclosed here Monday.

Senior government and corporate sector officials con cede that the law enforcers are conducting an exercise to take stock of building plans of structures built mainly in Zone South of the police organisational set-up, which can emerge as potential targets for terrorist activities not too different than the Mumbai attacks.

“One should learn from mistakes before it’s too late and we did so from the Mumbai attacks,” admits Waseem Ahmed, the Capital City Police Officer. “We observed that there is a strong need for such an exercise that can equip our police with all the necessary information regarding major and important structures in the city that we can use (in a timely fashion).”

Source ::: Internews

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