Thursday, November 5, 2009

Health Minister warns KESC to deliver ‘before it is too late’

Sindh Health Minister Dr Sagheer Ahmed Wednesday said that KESC should immediately improve its power generation capacity to ensure uninterrupted power supply to the citizens.
In a meeting with Chief Operating Officer KESC Jan Abbas Zaidi and other members of management, a delegation of MQM comprising of Dr Sagheer Ahmed, IT Minister Raza Haroon and MPA Khalid Iftikhar urged KESC to improve its performance to facilitate Karachiites.
Dr Sagheer said that it is a general perception among citizens that KESC management was not making efforts to ensure uninterrupted power supply and that it had failed to fulfill its commitment towards power generation, replacement of outdated system and installation of new grid station.
Dr Sagheer, who also head the Governor and Chief Minister’s committee on KESC, further said that due to power outages, the routine of majority of citizens have been disturbed badly. “People are becoming patients of hypertension and other related diseases,” he added.
He mentioned that over and excessive billing is also an issue affecting the people and said that the amount of bill is ever increasing despite low consumption, which is very irritating.
“KESC should deliver before it is too late. Opinion against the company is gathering pace and can amount to a mass protest or rally against KESC,” he warned.
The minister urged federal government to take notice of worsening situation of power supply and that it should realize the consequences of long hours of power outages in country’s economic hub.—APP

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