Friday, July 30, 2010

Fungus Found in K&N Products

By Munir Moosa

My name is Munir Moosa Sewani, and I am a veteran teacher, educator and writer for different newspapers, including Dawn and Business Recorder.

You can check my status current status by reading my letter in Business Recorder newspaper at the following link: http://www.brecorder.com/index.php?id=1085316&currPageNo=1&query=&search=&term=&supDate=2010-07-29

We liked K&N products and are the regular consumer.I am shocked to inform you that the product of K&N has fungus (which can even cause death). The Nuggets are liked by my nephew and niece,but we were shocked to see 4 nuggets having visible fungus on the sides. It was all discovered when my niece had a food poison after consuming few nuggets on the first day. When checked, we were shocked to find fungus on 4.

How dare K&N plays with our lives. It was either a stale product or K&N strategies to sell stale products in the market. Whatever the reason may be will be in Media in August because such act is a henious crime to play with our lives for the sake of earning profits.

I was the one who raised the issue of deadly fungus in Nestle Nectar, in Dawn a year back.
People cannot raise their voice , if find such stale products because of no medium, but I will surely become the voice of many people,who might be facing the same issue.

Waiting for an urgent reply in a day or two.I want answer before proceeding my step towards media to inform the public regarding such an ill act by K&N.

Munir Moosa Sewani
Teacher, Writer, Education Counselor
Social Activist,
Pakistan Coordinator
Foundation for a Drug Free World, USA